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Marcelo Maimoni

I'm Artist and artwork in defense of the environment and have a studio in a farm in the rain forest. As an artist I was very interested by the colors and forms of these insects, and every time I go there take pictures of the great diversity of insects that encounter, but know nothing about them, so I ask for help to identify each species. The location where the photos are taken is in the rain forest, at over 1000 meters height, humid climate, the mountain top and that is influenced by winds coming from the Atlantic Ocean. The average temperature between 13-25 celsius. If anyone wants to know more about the site, photos of the area coordinates on google, etc, please contact us by email or by site

City and Country: Brazil, São Paulo, Ubatuba City

Фотографий автора в галерее: 15, таксонов на фото: 12

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Rothschildia jacobaeae Lepidoptera Rothschildia hesperus Polygrammodes runicalis Eacles imperialis Lepidoptera Adhemarius gannascus Lepidoptera Arsenura orbignyana Eacles ducalis Lepidoptera Pantherodes pardalaria Tolypida amaryllis Adelowalkeria tristygma Trosia nigropunctigera international entomological community. Terms of use and publishing policy.

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