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Canadian Museum of Nature released two new web apps

Community and ForumBlogCanadian Museum of Nature released two new web apps

Lev Bely, 17.01.2013 17:43

The Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa, Canada, released two new and free web apps, first of a kind for the museum.

Earlier we covered Jim des Rivières' travelling exhibition Winged Tapestries: Moths at Large that featured large size portrayals of the fabulous Ottawa moths, and now most of them are available to watch in a homonymous web app for iPad users. This application may be downloaded from the Apple store, and what's more, it's the only free Moths app for today. Designed in English, Spanish and French, it shows those amazing moths, art and science combined. Winged Tapestries: Moths at Large is on display at the American Museum of Natural History (New York, US), where it will last until September 29.

The web app enlightens about some curious things of moth life, say, their ability to discern colours in the dark, or what's the difference between butterflies and moths. Spectacular full-size images of each species are added with data on range expansion, Latin and common names, and location. This application reflects the main idea of the exhibit, where moths appear in such unordinary large size with the tiniest details of their body, a real wonder for most of the exhibition visitors, which otherwise may never know of these amazing structures.

The second web app Nature Trek offers a virtual tour through the museum's nature-themed galleries and collections, and its spotlights. Curators Judith Price and Jean-Marc Gagnon demonstrate in short but exciting “show and tell” videos some creepy, rare or just giant specimens, to name cockroaches, turkey vulture, parasites, or even catchy 19-metre blue whale. Sea stars for one, slugs for another, and plenty to know of the unique occupants of the museum. Those who seek for additional fun would get some with a set of bloopers.

Nature Trek is available for most smartphones and tablets. Winged Tapestries is for iPad only. Download the apps on the museum website: Nature Trek can be as well viewed on a desktop computer, follow Get the app link on

The Canadian Museum of Nature, former National Museum of Natural Sciences, is located at 240 McLeod Street, Ottawa. More information on

Canadian Museum of Nature,

Photo: Nature Trek web app,

Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa

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20.01.2013 11:32, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Technical aspect is a sad thing. Why Apple iOS only? All is for Apple users. Bastards....... Android OS is passed by. Not good.

20.01.2013 13:41, Lev Bely

Right, pity moth app is for Applers exclusively. At least you can view Nature Trek even on personal comp, I tried, curious thing.

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