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Attracting butterflies to light

Community and ForumEntomological collectionsAttracting butterflies to light

Peter Khramov, 02.09.2014 0:34

I stand here a discussion of entomological lantern of the topic of special offers.


28.08.2014 16:48, Peter Khramov

Batteries are complemented by: charging a long time, I repeat, it is not Li-Ion, it's the usual one. In the memory area in half a day is recommended. It would be nice to lithium would be more concise and easier but may at the same time, but such nifiga do. Lamps to 8 watts maximum spectral power in the range 365--370 Nm.This is their afigitelno Unlike many other UV lamps, which for our purposes, never as effective because A) the peak they are in other bands and B) that the peak is much lower than those here.

28.08.2014 16:58, Shamil Murtazin

Probably not lead, and nickel-metal hydride? .. Or nickel-cadmium Lead ... - that means splashing acid in not gud for mobile equipment. Charges may be due to non-powerful power supply.
Lanterns will almost certainly alter for other batteries, larger capacity. Review will, I hope.=)
Spare parts: yes, breakage and guarantee cases where just takes and is not included. There whether bad soldering, or Accum defective and so on.

28.08.2014 20:07, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Most, this lead to a dense electrolyte (such as Vaseline). These are still bespereboynik. Only bespereboynik 12 volts and a lamp that 6 volts 4 amps / hour. I am now testing this lamp because I know. And in an acidic condition of Ni Mh battery to distinguish.NiMH battery is essentially the same alkaline electrolyte with a thick :)

28.08.2014 20:27, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Batteries are commercially available as accessories for the PC and bespereboynik etc.
Here is a link for an example:

28.08.2014 21:16, Shamil Murtazin

Basil, understood, thank you!
A little surprised by this decision, but the price is not biting :)
Can you measure the space in the lantern under the Accum? Already there are a couple of ideas to extend the life of up to 6-7 hours. It should be on the knee posobirat))) By weight is 100-200 grams per harder (if I understand you correctly, and is used here such Accum - the price - plus another lamp =)

28.08.2014 21:45, Vasiliy Feoktistov

I was lying in the household waste is exactly the same acc., Which is in the lantern. It is better to measure the size here and write sizes when the come home from work (now with the phone write and difficult to walk on the links).

28.08.2014 22:58, Peter Khramov

If the weight is not very important - and take just another flashlight. If strongly - to use the lamp in a mode of one lamp instead of two (the effect is not reduced by 2 times and less).
ZY Yes, and if the same lamp will be needed as a replacement in case of break / lose, etc. - Yes, there is a replacement.But again, it is only in the event of porazbivat and that burn out, should not be afraid.

30.08.2014 9:41, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Shamil, the dimensions of the battery:
Junk can not find: tossed likely a lantern disassemble already too busy. Therefore, given the link.

30.08.2014 17:56, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Something made me to show the world plans to establish additional lighting that will be used in conjunction with this flashlight. The benefit of the farm found all the components for this. The Soviet Union to learn to be economic :)
I have three 12-volt fluorescent lamp, which by default are in the minibus "Bull":

They set about to such a lamp "cool white" light to 9 watts:

To nourish all this economy plan from this battery:

TX battery:
The entire structure is placed on two sheets of A4 paper:

It remains the case for connection into a whole, but it is the task 30 minutes in the presence of the wires and it is solvable average fifth grader Soviet high school. On buduyuschey week I will have to try this system. As you are the "bricks"? :)

30.08.2014 19:32, Peter Khramov

Just a second lamp with a standard lamp. Get 3 UV plus 1 normal for illumination and zero gimor. This is when absolutely nothing to illuminate others.

30.08.2014 19:54, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Peter, you would not believe, but it is ready to test mode :)

And consumes just 3 lamps is relatively small current of 9 amp battery:

And it will be the case convertible.That is, it will be possible to connect as anything: if you want a lamp, you want two, and you want all three at once :)
It remains only to terminals prisobachit and forth :) All my butterfly .....
I train with a soldering iron to 12 years old make friends :)
And I have the radio engineering education, and the case and all the basic parts on hand :)

30.08.2014 20:18, Peter Khramov

Basil, without question, if these do Kaifu, so why not do it?

30.08.2014 20:23, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Yes, there are sometimes inspiration ... And agree: 3h9 = 27 watts. And yet +16 watts of ultraviolet radiation, which is in the lantern. This is a fairly "surezno" without generator and XRD catch ....... 43 watt light, however :)

30.08.2014 20:28, Alex Dumchus

By the way, Peter. Every day I turn on the lamp. Lamp UV light is very dim, in contrast to the picture that I gave you in the email. And the lamp appeared at one end of the large gray bezel size 4-5cm. Can a marriage? The second lamp was immediately with the rim. I can give the photo.

30.08.2014 20:34, Vasiliy Feoktistov

The rim is normal for such lamps included under the scheme, which is used in such lamps (all similar). The fact that there works a heating spiral, and operates simply as a second electrode. From this non-uniformity, and the rim of my mind. And the light is dim: means acc. it is necessary to charge for longer :)

30.08.2014 20:42, Vasiliy Feoktistov

I should add, in my opinion: this circuit from a bulb is a plus. If you burn the spiral, you can simply turn the lamp sockets changing places and it should work again. Thus, the lamp life is extended by half. But he did not try: this is purely theoretical.

30.08.2014 20:43, Alex Dumchus

What does the ACC., When it is on the network? Just my previous (I gave Peter a photo) shone brightly. Although butterflies are flying on one and the other. But it might still Peter checks if new lamps on the rim. In conventional fluorescent ring means. that soon there will be a black square of Malevich, the test of time - I have a bunch of tanks is

30.08.2014 20:56, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Probably was just the battery is well seated and now he gains while consuming a larger than normal current. Try to hold the charge longer and then turn on the lamp. The thing is that in this Lamps and battery powered by a single transformer, which is just not enough to eat all at once.

31.08.2014 0:12, Peter Khramov

Headbands seen and new lamps. Transformer enough, you can simultaneously charge and light. Light has a right less bright (for a man) than other UV lamps, as at this, as I wrote earlier, the peak of the desired range is much higher, respectively, in the wrong (what we see), less light.But if the first light shone brighter and then (it is) - dimmer, that's when one must understand what could be wrong.

31.08.2014 4:15, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Peter, if you are interested in my opinion. That was at the very history of this practice in the use of this equipment. Then he stood still plugged in a couple of days and everything fell back to normal.The lamp is still on one power supply, assembled according to the classic, low-frequency circuit as a so-acid batteries to charge more than anything else made 50 hertz transformaor + rectifier, and pulse not BP, which under the same dimensions of the circuit gives high currents.And any battery pack in the irritable state has a lower internal resistance than in the charged and poreblyaet correspondingly larger current charge (except for Ohm's law is nothing new is discovered). Standard charging current of the battery is acidic 1:10 containers, and for that it was he 0.4A and charge them in a shock within 14 hours.Built-in low-power transformer there, because powerful is simply not fit in the envelope of the lamp. and to charge the battery he needs more time .... and the battery itself takes the lion's share of the PSU power. Therefore, the lamps should be to fully charge the battery light is dim because they simply do not have enough food.Lamps consume too well (on average: the battery capacity divided by the time the work lamps and obtain current, which consume lamps). Eau vkraitse I sketched :)
You can certainly present here more and more deployed, but why? After all, the site is dedicated to butterflies :)

31.08.2014 21:52, Peter Khramov

I put the two together and tested lantern. I admit that there is a difference, but at the level of "have you got nervous," ie, at least I knew where some - hardly would guess.

01.09.2014 1:21, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Peter, and you try to discharge the battery "to snipe", then slide into the socket and turn after a short time, and I think you see the essence. I repeat: the dim glow of lamps during the beginning of charging it is normal in such a luminaire design. By the way, my design turned weighing about three kilograms. (12c. 9a / h.+3 × 9 W) It is acceptable to drag the backpack + This UV lamp. I plan to try this thing all together in the field, on the night of 3 to 4 day if I feel that will be the flight of perspective and have to go :)

02.09.2014 0:40, Peter Khramov

Basil, I did so, and the results of previous wills comments.

02.09.2014 4:54, Vasiliy Feoktistov

I did the right thing in a separate topic. Frankly he wanted to do it but somehow nekuzyavo there it was to start.
According to the subject matter. Come with me to Omutischi 3 September weather permitting (call each other if that) and see how, in practice, in the fields of this business works. Places there are good and should be something to fly, even in spite of the time.Light should now be enough until the first train to Moscow in abundance. And exposure outside in the woods no ...... I must you from theory to practice sum up :)

02.09.2014 23:28, Peter Khramov

Translate Especially me nowhere, but technical and medical reasons I was not allowed to leave until at least mid-September, as well as grill you on the phone ...

02.09.2014 23:33, Shamil Murtazin

I am pleased at the weekend can go :)))

03.09.2014 0:50, Peter Khramov

Shamil, and you're in any numbers at all in capitals? With some of that?

03.09.2014 17:52, Vasiliy Feoktistov

All right, gentlemen, I jumped on the train after one. Only, would it did not rain, as well: I hope to collect someone :)

03.09.2014 18:05, Peter Khramov

Come on, good hunting!

03.09.2014 19:48, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Thank you. And I have an Internet everywhere, so do not be surprised that I write :)

04.09.2014 14:27, Vasiliy Feoktistov

I went very unfortunate: insects are not flying. Already cold fog and dew that even the mosquitoes were not ...... But he chilled "how tsutsik" (
We'll have to probably wait until next season.Combined installation of the Entomological lamp and three white lamps 9 watts powered by battery vyshepokazannogo showed himself well: the lantern itself worked about 3 hours and added. lights worked much the same.Of course, I came to the conclusion that the lamp 3 is oily and can be easily limited to one or two (in this case, and while the increase).
Photo adapt (drag with only the light sheet and rope: it is necessary to save space in a backpack):

And to prove that it is not personal photo night flying platform "Omutische" Gorky direction MOR, which is densely "seated" comfortable, with low lights DRL and apart from them there is no backlight. Not on lamps or close to them I saw no insects at all, while waiting for the train on the platform and a half hours. Here such here pies:

15.05.2017 13:18, kirsanova Evgenia

Is anyone tried to attract moths on flavours? For example, (E)-alpha-bergamotene for Manduca sexta.

15.05.2017 16:52, Alex Dumchus

I'll try and use some bergamot tea in the Mexico or the Dominican Republic. You know, I'll just spread it through a hotel's balcony :-)

13.09.2017 9:48, Dmitriy Pozhogin

Evgenia, are you kidding?)

13.09.2017 11:38, Peter Khramov

Dmitry, there is "Quote" button above comment field)

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