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Nikolai Vladimirov, 13.02.2011 20:13

It would be nice to send a notice of the determination of an unknown species or inaccurate opredelnie mail the author ...
At the same time, once we went pro notice :) - I would like to be notified of and responses to the guest ...

All the rest posts on: новое на сайте


13.02.2011 20:49, Peter Khramov

Nicholas, in the foreseeable future - a special section in the Community, where messages are displayed on the user - in his comments fotam, themes and the like. Newsletter, too plans, but more distant.

18.01.2014 23:58, Shamil Murtazin

I do not open a new topic, for the same offer.
Maybe it makes sense to modify the "picture from another site"
To be "kosher": the picture is always displayed, for example in the amount of 400h300 pixels, and the click increases or shifts to the picture itself ...
Otherwise, after the insertion of links you can get a huge picture in the post. Do not gud.

19.01.2014 0:22, Vasiliy Feoktistov

And to reduce your picture unless it is impossible in any way? From 800x600 and below normal already goes :)

19.01.2014 1:20, Peter Khramov

Vasily, there will always be people who are unable or too lazy. The proposal, in general, correct, or do so at all on the site Fota goods, not just another site appeared.

19.01.2014 11:39, Vasiliy Feoktistov

A space on a server is enough, "Parties" foty? There is a possibility? If so then do it, of course: much easier to be.

19.01.2014 13:56, Shamil Murtazin

Peter, I propose to make two resizing in any case, one "small", for example 500 on the long side and the "big", 1024 or so on the long side. Small on the preview, and clicking on the big "horse-size".
Basil, here and so a gallery of photos. It seems that Peter already had long been foreseen: the size of the disk, and computational abilities.All proposals try to give to facilitate the process. That is to say, the concept of a single click or a single tap.

21.01.2014 10:35, Shamil Murtazin

More I offer the opportunity to make a direct link to the image file. Now the script does not allow do it (although the link still be caught).
Pros: possible expansion of the audience at the expense of "advertising" in the caption to the picture.Cons: the probability of load on the server when placing images on vysokoposeschaemom resource until "habraeffektov."

17.02.2014 5:34, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Well I matured and I have the actual offer at the moment. Responsible for driving a species to the database should be one person, but not all together, someone wants both. Then I think the quality and increase the likelihood of such a present situation with bastilla / dysgonia will be minimized. Can I take on this responsibility.

17.02.2014 5:53, Vasiliy Feoktistov

P.S. Too bad there can not edit the comments: I could not collect my thoughts (tired of banal). Accordingly, this matter should be moderator capabilities only one moderator, who does it and the administrator. Well, the decision to add the form to be taken collectively to avoid disputes, grievances, etc. All of this is self-obsuzhdaemo.

18.02.2014 2:33, Peter Khramov

Basil, on the new types of institutions have discussed over the phone, do this will be more than one person, as it was before.
Shamil about the pictures, and they are now quite a used, I think, to facilitate the task of those who do so, not worth it, even for advertising through the signature image.Efficiency is not the -)
With regard to upload pictures to the site - as said before, I'll do it. Although regular moronic amendments to the law on copyright does not know whether to load images in general, not to mention their storage on the site. It's time to get a new nationality, and crawl out from under the jurisdiction of our legislators, that they were empty.

17.03.2014 15:33, Shamil Murtazin

Make the opportunity to insert a link to a photo from the gallery, such as phone number, which is clearly visible in the address of the photo.
It can be done according to the "double dog."

18.03.2014 18:36, Peter Khramov

I will make it to be automatic without any dogs in the list of such problem is. But this is after at least the first version of the program will be ready for collection, ie, After this week.

22.03.2014 22:17, Shamil Murtazin

1. Following the publication of the post, the screen is moved so that you can see the added post.
Pros: On long threads have to scroll down to check the correctness of his position.
Cons: some disorientation when "unexpected" hopping screen.
2. Offer to do something like Tutorials for "newcomers" on the site.That is, in principle, and now everything is painted a lot of text. However, there are dark areas that sort of discussion, but there are not secured - only in the discussions. For example, framing and lighting on straightened photos.
Probably, the first phase is to start with the FAQ ...

24.03.2014 2:45, Peter Khramov

According to para. 1 think the negative outweighs the positive. To quickly jump down the page to the commentaries, you can use the End button on your keyboard (not help if a lot of comments, because the latter will be much higher than the basement of the page).
According to para. 2 will write a new version of a help.

11.09.2014 11:12, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Peter, I recommend to put on the agenda of the following 2 questions (overdue)
1) Editing your comments by users during a certain time (at least 1 hour. in LC), or until such time as the post will not answer (it's forumnye so in dreams). Just there are times when there is a need to post something to add.Accordingly, it is necessary that at the end of the post is automatically set the time when it was edited. There is nothing criminal in it do not see, so it is accepted everywhere and it is not know-how.
Now you have to start a new post, and as you can see: how much overgrown site-nothing "holivar" from one person. 2) Enter your search to the numbers in the pictures where LK something needs to be corrected in the editable fields.
From my own experience: is quite difficult to find the right picture when I got at the moment is already more than a thousand photos and 64 pages, respectively, in the LC.
Attended to, please.

11.09.2014 16:37, Peter Khramov

Yes, we like it already discussed at the meeting. I have all recorded.

11.09.2014 18:46, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Duc I "on paper" fixed :) For discussion: do not think anyone is against not :)

12.09.2014 0:13, Peter Khramov

Search is ready. Now the editing section loaded on truck can enter the number of the picture and print it only, not the entire tape for editing photos.

12.09.2014 0:17, Irina Nikulina

That's just great !! Thank you. A lot of time was spent on a quest here have already mentioned.

12.09.2014 17:41, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Thank you, Peter. Now remains the first task. For how long? And what is the difficulty?

12.09.2014 19:31, Peter Khramov

For a complete happiness now the authors of photos on a page image below the image there is a button "Edit data of the photo." Click on it - just get in the edit section to search by number for this image. In many cases, so edit Fautua will be even easier than to look at a number manually.Adding a number of other photons from the same individual are now also going through this button.
ZY Basil, the complexity that is not only the first of these problems, but a few. A dozen: -) But editing - one of the closest to implement / priority.

13.09.2014 3:14, Vasiliy Feoktistov

I hope that the task of editing positions than the year postponed. After all, you can quickly. This is evidenced operaivnost the task of finding the right photos in LC)

20.09.2014 19:46, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Thank you, Peter :)

06.10.2014 18:35, Irina Nikulina

Peter, and what had happened to the button "Edit Data Picture", the one "full of happiness"), about which you wrote above in 2 post? It was very convenient! It would be her return)

06.10.2014 18:56, Vasiliy Feoktistov

A similar problem.
The button is present in only relatively recently uploaded photos. There is a search for the number in the LC. In these cases, and I use them.
Here's a photo from which I have this button: order that loaded before it is not.

06.10.2014 19:06, Irina Nikulina

Well, I probably was not so lucky) - I have the button, or not at all under one photo, even the most recently downloaded.

07.10.2014 7:54, Alexander Belousov

I looked through your downloads with the first, under any of the two buttons - editing and "to the collection." No problem.

07.10.2014 12:35, Peter Khramov

The button is at the photos in which the property is stamped "Dried / collector's item." Foty from nature to the copies not transferred.

07.10.2014 16:01, Irina Nikulina

Do not quite understand, Peter, about the transfer to instances ... Some time ago the "Edit" I was under each photo, and they are all of my nature. And this innovation very much, especially once it was convenient to combine several. photos to the group, but all the other amendments are made, if necessary. Then the button is gone. The return is not expected?

07.10.2014 18:47, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Irina is apparently another button. Which carries the photo in the test section is now: It is only where there is a photo from the collection. By The above link now there are two buttons. Yesterday was not.
Here's how it looks at the moment:

Like all fine :)

07.10.2014 18:55, Peter Khramov

And, all I understood. There was a glitch with the edit button for natural specimens. Who is corrected, all the buttons are displayed.

07.10.2014 18:58, Irina Nikulina

Who has two, and someone - no ..) But I'm trying to understand what had happened to the button "Pedaktirovat data photo" at all my photos from nature, because it was the same and I use it more than once! Or, now she will not be a natural?

07.10.2014 19:00, Irina Nikulina

Thank you, Peter! Finally agreed) While Basil replies, everything returned to normal)

21.10.2014 11:12, Vasiliy Feoktistov

! Important! If you know the subspecies or shape, or even any deviation from the nominative, shown in the photo butterfly, I want to ask, but what to write the name in the comments, and even write it directly in the field : "Clarification of classification (subspecies, shape, age).For example, the light shape or third instar larvae: " (in the form of so called boot). Or, at least, would put an end to this field to moderators might then this subspecies or edit the form as it should be :)

21.10.2014 15:22, Peter Khramov

Duc in the comments, it is not necessary. Just only in the specification and it ought to unsubscribe ...

21.10.2014 20:25, Vasiliy Feoktistov

It must be, then must ..... But the trouble is that people do not always do ..... or make law, append it to myself.

22.09.2015 1:37, Shamil Murtazin

An interesting realization of line - program. You can add a check mark in the profile settings, or leave the switch next to the photo.

01.10.2015 8:59, Shamil Murtazin

I have a question: how to view the tape changes in the pages of the form? ..

01.10.2015 11:30, Peter Khramov

As for the line:
If you do not know the size of the insect on the photo, then draw a line fail.
If you know the size of an insect, what line?
As for the tape changes:
What do you mean? Hyphenation or taxa?

01.10.2015 12:40, Shamil Murtazin

In the right column at the bottom is the "Latest updates" extreme and three modified species. Here I would like to see more of these kinds of "novoizmenёnnyh"

07.10.2015 6:58, Anatoliy Kuzmin

It would be nice to be able to subscribe (mail messages) to comments to your photos and to override. I did not find this here.

07.10.2015 19:52, Peter Khramov

Shamil, simply choose in the Catalog order by Last Update, and here you are: All updates feed:
Anatoly, yes, there are such plans. In the meantime, you can use a compromise — the section "My Subscriptions" in the community:

11.10.2015 22:50, Shamil Murtazin

I see no point to the time of the update, but I still needed a simple tool. Thank you for the clarification! )

Addition: we can somehow change the order of withdrawal? Two columns with a zigzag output = breaking eye when viewing a large number of species in order.Options: first conclusion from the top down in the first column, and then follow-up with the top of the second column is also top down. Option 2 - just one very long column.

11.10.2015 23:48, Peter Khramov

Shamil, later made configurable output.

14.10.2015 5:07, Yuri Semejkin

I have a question about a personal message - inbound and outbound!. Something I have not seen the ability to delete messages or data is not provided?
While incoming and outgoing bit, there is no problem. In the case of accumulation, it becomes uncomfortable, have to use the sliders to spend time searching for the right.Peter! Could you envisage the possibility of users do not need to remove, leaving only what they see fit for the correspondences?

23.10.2015 14:49, Evgeny Komarov

Georgia started the pictures of the collection of material and immediately felt "dry" a copy of the eye / ear "cuts". I propose to substitute "collector's item", or "a copy of the collection." And what if there is dry, then reported to be still wet :)

23.10.2015 15:27, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Eugene, like: has long been the most eye cuts.
The question has been raised:

23.10.2015 16:35, Alexandr Zhakov

I have no ears, no eyes does not hurt :) dry it is dry. Is it worth it in the collection, or sfotografiran on the windowsill or on the roadside. Seriously though, the name suggests suitable for all occasions.
You can certainly say that not everything in the photo zhivie deystviteno live there, what exactly is wet inside.If you have dry, that is, the wet - alive or not alive, but still wet. Alternatively, the dry specimens at all that does not write. Photo living insect (in nature) and a photo of all other states.

23.10.2015 16:45, Evgeny Komarov

Alexander, and your version is good enough! When shooting a living object - indicate, and the rest do not. It is logical and less poking buttons that :).

23.10.2015 16:57, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Alexander, is that you in fact.
Because the collection is not holding, and does not hurt you.
Dmitry, Eugene and I still like cuts (((
How to imagine how much work and effort is behind this - of the collection ......
So cuts uniquely :)
And your proposal is also supported: it is better not to write anything at all in such cases.

23.10.2015 17:05, Alexander Belousov

A, if the copies. smoothing (dry) but without the labels (many do not recognize such copies. collector) how to write? Or even from a bag. But the picture is! What then?
I think the option "just a photo" just will. A collector, has to write in the comment to the photo.

23.10.2015 17:12, Evgeny Komarov

Well, there has been a consensus seems to be: living (in nature, cage, babochkovom garden and other) point, and other options - do not write. Peter, how are you?

23.10.2015 17:23, Alexandr Zhakov

Basil, I keep a collection like no collection, I do not collect :))
I raspravki quality photos and much more eye cuts than the label underneath. :(

23.10.2015 17:56, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Well then, why there are no photo collection?
I just label in a collection is more important and discussed the inscription under the photo on the website, rather than the quality of raspravki.
In many serious collections of material and does not smoothing and this collection does not lose its value.

23.10.2015 18:18, Alexandr Zhakov

We are moving away from the topic of discussion.

23.10.2015 18:21, Vasiliy Feoktistov

That's it.
And the inscription "Dry instance" ........
It is better to do without any labels, rather than with the :)

24.10.2015 0:44, Peter Khramov

Dry / crude - is not just a sign or a note, it is a sign by which to select the photos. Therefore, both values ​​should be to call. The meaning of this division:

1. Shooting in nature (whether or not in the nature of, and in the barn / apartment) live cockroach or a truptsa but truptsa "estesstvenno origin." Now it is on the website called Living / Alive.
2.Shooting caught for collection / research instance. Although the unfolding, though not. Now it is on the site called Collection / Pinned (previously dry).

And in Russian and in English I do not like these options because they do not clarify the essence of 100%. If you have any suggestions on how to improve - well. And yet - the lesser of two evils.

24.10.2015 8:04, Anatoliy Kuzmin

I would claim 1 divided into two parts, "the wild" and "Captive". A paragraph 2 on the "dead" and "Collection". I think - this will solve the problem of identifying the subject.

24.10.2015 9:27, Evgeny Komarov

Anatoly, to illustrate the taxon is not important, filmed live insect "in the wild or in captivity," and it is important that this insect has a natural color, often - a characteristic pose, etc. With all the love Basil to collector's item :) - many species are in the collections considerably unlike ourselves live.That's why you need to separate the living and the expanded-dried for a collection, or just take pictures.

24.10.2015 10:38, Vasiliy Feoktistov

There is willy-nilly, the question of the jackdaw another "Staged photo" (for "live" insect).
It is no secret that many photographers before-how to make a picture of the pre-podmarivayut object because that live it off is not possible.And in what conditions are placed at the same insect which it is given position - depending on the photographer.
Therefore it is necessary to take into account this point.

24.10.2015 13:23, Peter Khramov

Moments should take into account the comments and notes to the photos. A collector / live - a formal indication that A) is necessary for the selection of ph and B) should be clear to the largest possible number of users.

24.10.2015 16:21, Anatoliy Kuzmin

Peter! The problem then will be, because that staging photo (made in captivity) in the comments indicate no (99%), and the nature of the discrepancy can be huge. For the selection of pictures to be formalized as the attribute. Personally, I, of course, it is, but in science, I think, is important.And as for the dead / collector I think so - I shoot sometimes these items, but do not collect and do not save. So, I think this feature should be formalized for clarity.

24.10.2015 17:12, Evgeny Komarov

Anatoly for photos here, "the drum" How to get a picture with a lively and natural color of the insect. It is important that it is a living without color change. What is the difference in the cage or in the meadow? Appearance is not changing, after drying, etc. We did not photosite where the fault with the staged shots.

24.10.2015 19:49, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Under staged shots, I mean something that can not, for example, the dung beetle or purely podkornik or beetle living in the trees and feeds on tree sap to sit on flowered not given him this nature.
That's why it is necessary to indicate that the snapshot staging.A painting is a sign of too volatile to make it focus :)

24.10.2015 20:06, Alexandr Zhakov

Basil, well, here it is impossible to come up with 100% foolproof. Well dung will be put on a flower, so what is that ecology, bionics and Etalogiyu studying the photos - no. So what does the background photos? None whatsoever. Do not create problems where none exist.

24.10.2015 20:13, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Alexander, this I mean that the photo in nature, except for color insect must pass more and way of life of this insect by the plot.
Otherwise, should be taking notes.
It is desired.
And "no court no ', as they say;)

24.10.2015 22:52, Peter Khramov

Formalized values ​​characteristic will have two. The rest infa - in a note (you can appropriate recommendations when loading or help add). But the question of how to more successfully to call these values ​​- is relevant. Will thought - necessarily write.

25.10.2015 7:04, Anatoliy Kuzmin

Well, most of the time concerned only the transfer color, and you can simply call - "The natural color of the insect" and "other cases" do not know when or if you know exactly what the color has changed.

25.10.2015 18:17, Peter Khramov

Anatoly, the meaning of attribute values ​​I explained above (10.24.2015 0:44). The product colors are not to blame.

26.10.2015 12:35, Anatoliy Kuzmin

Now I think that with the signs still worse. Symptoms are described (24.10.2015 0:44), but their purpose (10.24.2015 13:23) is not clear. What kind of photos you can take away? When live insects, there because Claim 1 includes the non-living. If the photo in nature, not as Staged in captivity and are also included in item 1. If you need a photo collection, either, because in step 2 enter and collected only for photo copies. Etc.So before you look for the name of the signs, I think, need to articulate objective selection of them, then you can specify them and descriptions will be clear only after the name. So far as I understand from the comments, everyone understands it is ambiguous. Reject, but think.

26.10.2015 15:23, Peter Khramov

You can simply select the gallery foty on this basis now. And the difference will be visible without any further explanation. If there foty that it is unclear where to refer - let references discuss.

26.10.2015 16:31, Anatoliy Kuzmin

Select on the basis of easy, I write about weak goal selection of which constitutes priznaki..Dopustim, you can list the targets of selection: 1. The selection of photos from the collection of the samples 2. Selection of photos of samples with unaltered color photos 3. Selection of samples in a natural environment and position, etc.After approval of the objectives drawn up a set of (1 - 4) signs for the decision goals, is a description of each and give them names. What is now possible to select on the grounds, I noted above - 10/26/2015 12:35

27.10.2015 14:44, Peter Khramov

Anatoli, about the selection, I wrote to the fact that, well, if at all left a man will go to the gallery, and he will not understand what this feature is selected for it, it is intuitively quite a understand (at least in general terms) what it was.
About values.In the gallery of the vast majority of images - a picture straightened copies of entomological collections or shooting live insects under natural conditions. Accordingly, by the discussed feature, we first separate the one from the other. Wherein:
1. In both options crawl and some left foty.Type zamorennyye life setting or dead insects in nature. And God bless them. Their number is very small, and if the person meets this photo, nothing terrible will happen, just skip it and everything.
2. The user may need selection of similar features (such as a live / dead), and then it will be more difficult.
And at the same time:
3.A large number of characteristic values ​​and explanations to it once again confuses and scares foty how to load and view them. Given all this, I believe that values ​​have this feature should be only two, even if they do not fully meet 100% of photos on the site, but only 99.Actually, the name they are unlikely to come up with a good, but if you come up with - good.
ZY About the same sign as such, they regularly use (seen in the statistics), but because he
A) as such need.
B) it is useful in its present form.

27.10.2015 16:23, Anatoliy Kuzmin

Peter! Yes, for God's sake, let it be like to be, but to address the specific objectives of the three mentioned by me quite three signs. But if we leave two goals, the two, but the features naturally change slightly. No I do not insist on anything, if there is no desire to make a qualitative selection, then it is not necessary, especially since no one interested in the improvement of selection.

27.10.2015 16:40, Peter Khramov

And what is the third? If the natural color - it will train lightly at all. Or not?

27.10.2015 16:59, Anatoliy Kuzmin

"natural coloring - it is quite serious Well"
10.24.2015 17:12 Evgeny Komarov - It is important that it is a living without color change.
10/24/2015 9:27 Evgeny Komarov - it is important that this insect has a natural color

27.10.2015 18:09, Peter Khramov

Anatoly, Eugene meant that sometimes collectible items can lose / change color. That is, for example, a live cockroach is always blue, and dried - always pale lousy.But in this case it is obvious it is not necessary to mold the excess value of the flag, and simply indicate in the comments to the photos, they say, look, here it is not quite as it should be. In addition, the distortion when shooting has often come and live nasekomyshey, especially with metallic color. Like here: comments in such cases, of course, very desirable.

27.10.2015 19:23, Anatoliy Kuzmin

Peter! I do not choose the target selection. It solved without me, I can make signs on selected targets.

28.10.2015 15:45, Anatoliy Kuzmin

Something complete silence society on the targeting selection of photos. Continue. If to select two objectives: (1 Selecting photos from the collections of samples. 2. Selection of photos of samples in the natural surroundings and pose.) Which, as I understand, Peter almost agree - then such signs "Insect on a photo in the collection" for the selection of targets and the first "Live insect shot in the wild" for the selection of the second goal. The remaining photos are no indication as their selection is not required. If the will be other proposals for the purposes of the selection of photos, signs offer another option for selection.

28.10.2015 20:15, Ivan Tislenko

Anatoly, at the moment that you are offering practically realized, in my opinion is quite enough. I think that is not very good with the collection photos. Unlike natural images can be done with the highest quality and resolution. (See, for example, on the site of ZIN). Limitations on the site would not allow them to put in all its glory.In addition, the traditional "collectible" photo spread in a vertical orientation, which further degrades the quality.

28.10.2015 20:40, Evgeny Komarov

Well, I would add. Anatoly, you are out of my comments on the "dry" instance of this problem was taken ... Just dealt with the unfortunate term, and its replacement by "collection" I am quite satisfied. Why were selected for some more features, I do not really understand.It is important that the live view (absolutely no difference, staging frame or natural catch photos) and a copy of the dried collection look much differently, most especially color. This is significant to illustrate the species.Pose, background and other characteristics of interest, but this is beyond illustrating appearance. Well, excuse me, what difference a good shot beetle (butterfly) on the meadow or in cages in the room? It somehow affects the use of the photo to identify species? So just I do not understand you here a detailed discussion about the purpose of selection.For example, I use only a selection of taxonomic groups, and how (excluding image quality) and where filmed, I was not very important. Therefore, in my understanding, the purpose of the photo screening - to find an image of the form of interest. A listed two parameters (live specimen and dry in the collection) is quite enough.

28.10.2015 20:50, Evgeny Komarov

Ivan, I agree with you that as long as online photo size is not sufficient to demonstrate the capabilities of modern macro example photos from the site of the Zoological undeniably calls "to strive for the heights" (along with pictures Makarova and a number of other authors, where, incidentally, there is a very bad shots , high resolution which does not help), but,as I understand it, is the technical (and financial) capabilities do not allow. Here limits are the same, but the quality of it is due to the selection and placement of photos of high quality. Here, too, there is a dilemma - to illustrate as many species, or, at the expense of quantity, placing only high quality pictures.IMHO, the truth is in the middle.

28.10.2015 20:59, Ivan Tislenko

If these limitations are not artificial, then it is understandable. Maybe then "collectible" photos (high quality especially beetles) ask spread in landscape orientation?

28.10.2015 21:03, Ivan Tislenko

In general, what the policy of the site - you need photo species, and so that bulk? For example, swallowtail? And in this sense means "main gallery" and "General Gallery"?

28.10.2015 21:14, Evgeny Komarov

Well, it is a matter of the author's photo. If he believes that the quality of its image suffers from the limitation of 800 pixels. Vertical, who stirs put in horizontal on 1200. Here are just a collection of pictures here is very little.I am very hesitant to spread that spread now from his collection (ancient pictures soap box more than a decade ago, and even initially reduced to its database). But decided that the best is at least something. There are better, it can be removed.Shooting (qualitative) collection specimens - work slow and time-consuming. Even if you do not layered photos using a microscope (it is primarily about small beetles), you still need to degrease beetle (clear), sometimes pereraspravit, put the lights, tripod and other ...This piece-work, requiring huge investment of time even with all the necessary equipment.

28.10.2015 21:20, Evgeny Komarov

What about "politics." I was also somewhat confused by the abundance of pictures of the same species, taken in the same region. I do not see much sense, but no restrictions established. Relying on common sense. I assume that if this type of images on the site do not have, for example, from the XYZ area, I can post a picture, even if they are already there ten.Well, if this region is already published 5-10, why? Possibly, in the future, it is worth some limitations and enter.

28.10.2015 21:21, Ivan Tislenko

Near the collection there, but some idea how difficult it is. Here most of those who already have a high-quality "collectible" picture. On the other hand, not so much, and when they appear, they can be solved individually.

28.10.2015 23:18, Irina Nikulina

Ivan, on the main gallery and more. I can not find out what the topic is discussed in detail (and perhaps it was the news of the site), but this division is just intended Peter to the gallery there was "an abundance of pictures of the same species, taken in the same region "as Eugene wrote.The plan was to leave only the main gallery-quality photos from different angles, the most successful and fully illustrate the characteristics of the type and stage of all. The selection criteria for the main picture gallery is not just discussed. At the same time, users will be able to view photos and more from the gallery.Here it is tested on Swallowtail. Over time, I think it will be done with others. Taxa. A common sense - yes, I agree, should be included in order not to load a low-quality picture for those species where sufficient quality.It only makes sense if there are no photos to view in general, or for a new site to the point, or rare species, a photo which is generally difficult to do in nature. Very occasionally do so (before even explains why :) It also happens that those 5 who are already loaded to the point, obviously inferior quality or smaller.

29.10.2015 0:08, Peter Khramov

Please explain why you need photos of beetles that do not fit on one screen Full-HD monitor / televizoara. If for the sake of the fragments, then please explain why (if the movie really need, for example, to illustrate the distinguishing feature) did not upload individual pictures it as a movie. If anything, I have no banter. Really I do not understand.Technical problems at the same site in order to have foty larger maximum size (compared with the present) I do not watch. What tyrit will often - yes. Well loaded brake on the slow tyrnete ...

29.10.2015 0:38, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Peter, for the collection of beetles are almost always done a vertical shot. It is common practice.
I attribute this to the fact that in the collection boxes, they are usually vertically.
In this case the picture is always greater height than width.Even with my old soap dish picture if a large beetle, it turns out a lot more in pixels in height than the size taken on the site and must be reduced.
A TV set in my drum a photo: vertical or horizontal. Anyway, should engage with the :)

29.10.2015 2:23, Peter Khramov

Basil, and where an explanation of something in your comments?)

29.10.2015 5:33, Vasiliy Feoktistov

So I think that your question is about increasing the size of the adjustment, which is inevitable in a vertical frame)))

29.10.2015 10:06, Ivan Tislenko

Irina, thanks for the reply. In general, as I understand it, it is encouraged to ship high-quality photos in virtually any kind.
Peter, if the site is supposed to "forever" in a few years 4K monitors are no longer exotic. From your answer, I realized that the only disadvantage of high resolution photos have been added - is the speed of loading pages.

29.10.2015 12:30, Peter Khramov

Basil, so no difference in the same height, not the height. Still in the TV it will not fit.
Ivan, about 4K - it's not exotic. The thing is statistics. That's Full-HD is now already a hundred years if not exotic. Do you know how much goes to the site with a lower resolution than Full-HD? Almost 80%. And, for example, 1280 benefit of the people no less than the same Full-HD.Such is uncomplicated statistics on the site in the last quarter.
In mind, I think, needs just one more to do the size of the future. Ie sculpt large (virtually unlimited) foty not in lieu of the present size, and besides him. Over time, the opportunity to do so.

29.10.2015 12:54, Anatoliy Kuzmin

In this case, it would be good to provide an opportunity to restart and for large photo quality.

29.10.2015 13:23, Peter Khramov

We will make the ability to update foty for better (eg, the same copies peresnyatye with the new camera / light), and at the same time dolepim additional load. size.

29.10.2015 14:14, Fedor Ovechkin

According to the latest remarks Anatoly and Petr think it is important to clarify that there are not talking only about the pictures collection samples, but from nature. For example, there is a qualitative picture of the length of about 3000 pixels, and it is already uploaded to the site, and before it is reduced to, say, 1280 or 900 pixels in length in order to maintain quality.It is important that it was possible to restart the same picture with higher resolution when it would be technically possible.

29.10.2015 14:15, Peter Khramov

Yes, Fyodor, this opportunity will have all the pictures, regardless of the type specimen (collector / in nature).

17.11.2015 21:35, Shamil Murtazin

Something thought to offer this type: make notice that under your photos left a comment. Often See photos and the question arises, who would like to ask the author. Not always a good idea to use drugs.

17.11.2015 21:51, Peter Khramov

Yes, notice and mailing an email - in the priority plans. Without Email this now all you can watch in the section of the Community "your subscription."

12.01.2016 14:49, Evgeny Komarov

That would still be certainly very interesting in the future be able to see statistics on supraspecific taxa to units inclusive. I have in mind the following: open / select the detachment / family / genus and can see the number of available online taxa of lower rank - families / genera / species. And at the same time many of them illustrated.How to implement it visually - a lot of variants, but technically, I hope not too difficult?

12.01.2016 17:36, Peter Khramov

Did. Shows the number of orders, families, genera (including illustrated) plus a link to the list of species to sample this taxon.

12.01.2016 20:48, Evgeny Komarov

And where this is, Peter? Have not found!

12.01.2016 21:30, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Eugene, as seen from above and from the tribe. It's called "The child taxa" and is located below the photo.
For example:
At birth in this place it is just a link "Forms" , which leads to the catalog.

13.01.2016 7:34, Evgeny Komarov

Aha! Excellent!

25.01.2016 8:52, Shamil Murtazin

I propose to redirect on the old link -, do the Russian version

25.01.2016 13:14, Peter Khramov

Shamil, and it was, but in this mode Lepidoptera was not glued all the way to the insects with TZ Yandex and sticking it would like to ...

31.01.2016 13:20, Yuri Semejkin

Peter! And if, in the author's photographs do Hemiptera separation bugs and cicadas? To sample (it will be convenient or not). And when images are not one and not two, and you want to throw for example bug and begin to view their pictures to throw off, and in the eyes dazzled the start guessing SKIDYVAL- not throw off. As a result, formed doubles.Just easier to view your own, to throw shots, thereby -saving time ..

31.01.2016 13:27, Peter Khramov

Yuri, as in the gallery you can select for any taxon, and not only on the force. Or you're not on that?

31.01.2016 14:05, Yuri Semejkin

In general, yes. Question withdrawn.

13.04.2017 8:49, Boris Loboda

А система оповещений по почте на комментарии какая-то есть?

15.04.2017 13:49, Peter Khramov

Сейчас нет.

16.04.2017 10:25, Boris Loboda

> Сейчас нет.
Надо делать. Сейчас, когда крутишься на десятках сайтов, нереально прочесывать их каждые пол-часа в ожидании ответов. Для популярности сайта важен не только основной функционал, но и сервис... Человек должен чувствовать себя комфортно, решать свои задачи при минимальных затратах.

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