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Yuri Semejkin, 06.07.2015 6:01

When you click on the Gallery, instead of the usual type is proposed to use the new directory. And yet, when you open a picture with the butterfly climbs inscription - said there is no picture gallery site


06.07.2015 6:43, Vasiliy Feoktistov

The same glitch.
I thought I had one like this (((
Peter, a question Yuri support: it is necessary to correct.

06.07.2015 8:35, Alexander Belousov

Yes, no icons pictures. Hiking path to the gallery lost. The last update of the (01/01/1970). Cool glitch!

06.07.2015 13:36, Peter Khramov

It is not in the gallery, but not the essence. We repaired some time ago.

28.08.2015 4:22, Yuri Semejkin

Not loaded, it gives an error 500 Internal Server Error

28.08.2015 11:01, Shamil Murtazin

Specials ( do not open until the end (no tail correspondence and windows for the answer)

28.08.2015 14:24, Peter Khramov

Yuri that it was not loaded? Shamil see mending.

28.08.2015 14:34, Yuri Semejkin

Peter! During the day, several times tried to upload pictures. And each time after filling in all the fields, after pressing the load climbs inscription .. Internal server error. And of course the pictures are not loaded.
Probably and others. Also because I do not see pictures of replenishment.

28.08.2015 14:36, Yuri Semejkin

And yet I do not see the column authors. Somewhere to go away and to view your images have to go in l / k and there to watch.

28.08.2015 16:06, Peter Khramov

Updating the server could occur because a variety of errors. Now all the rules. Link writers moved to the upper right (experimenting with the main menu). Foty any author can quickly select the gallery, using the appropriate drop-down list.

28.08.2015 20:35, Shamil Murtazin

Search in a row does not work ...

28.08.2015 22:07, Peter Khramov


28.08.2015 22:32, Shamil Murtazin

At first it did not work, and then whether there was a cache, or what. Maybe not the server load has increased ... Search in line now works, thanks.

29.08.2015 1:25, Peter Khramov

No, there was just a mistake that the search was already pumped from insects: -)

29.08.2015 8:54, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Avtopodstaeovka a searching work. But any sense from that since the transition from a autosubstitution turns to the page of the form: "ХХХХ Page Not Found" (((
We must deal with this completely.

29.08.2015 8:58, Nikolay Grebennikov

The same glitch

29.08.2015 11:05, Peter Khramov

I understood completely.

28.02.2016 8:48, Yuri Semejkin

When you upload your file pops inscription successfully uploaded to the gallery site. You can always edit the data files you have uploaded to your personal account (section Downloaded images).
But no image in the gallery or in the A / R So there was already 1 time (long ago)

28.02.2016 11:04, Yuri Semejkin

I tried to load after load of Vladimir, but nothing has changed.

28.02.2016 12:42, Shamil Murtazin

In the "Catalogue" thumbnail image types are all the same ...

28.02.2016 12:57, Peter Khramov

With thumbnail corrected. With loading'll check.

28.02.2016 13:02, Peter Khramov

Yuri, if downloading is now the problem continues, send me a mail photo you loads, I'll check on it specifically (other foty loaded norms).

28.02.2016 16:02, Shamil Murtazin

By thumbnail - I do not see any changes. - all the same pictures ...
The same is true when you view the form - all kinds of thumbnails in the same taxon - one and the same picture.

28.02.2016 17:03, Peter Khramov

Yes, there is a glitch climbed again recently nailed it again.

15.05.2016 13:00, Shamil Murtazin

Looking at the gallery and selecting a stage "adults" - ignored "male", "female", well, etc. In terms of databases all true of course, but logically wrong =)

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