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«Maps» section: Photos and taxa linking to the maps markers

Community and ForumWebsite news and updates«Maps» section: Photos and taxa linking to the maps markers

Peter Khramov, 05.03.2016 4:14

The site runs a mechanism by which the maps on Google Maps, you can put points (markers) and bind to them arbitrary text, photos, and other types of taxa, etc.
Because thing for the non-standard site, you first will be trimmed dough on functionality, and then run the full.In the "Maps" main menu now you can only watch already dotted. When you click on a point - its name and description (if any left the author) and a preview of the photograph with a link to which is attached a point. In addition to the actual points on the map you can see the so-called Clusters - visual association blizkostoyaschih points (markers).When clicking on a cluster, you can see a list of its constituent pixels and the zoom in button to see all cluster points. Available conventional functional Google Maps - map / satellite, object names, search for the name of the object, etc.
Tying the point now we can only photographs. Add to this are the author's photo.To put a new point and attach to it Fautua - go to the pictures page, look below the map, click on the right place at the right mouse button, fill in the fields (if you have something to fill), and confirm the installation. In addition to the name and description of the point (optional) to choose, the point is your personal or shared.If total, the pictures will knit and other objects and other users (not just you) to this point in the future. Especially popular, if you were not the only ones hunting or if the place is so popular that it is not necessary to enclose a bunch of points there.
Let potestit this matter and will express his impressions.


1.Now you can not only bind to one point one photo, but several different photos. Therefore. One point set, Fautua tied. If in the same place photographed still images 100,500, do not need to fence the same number of points on each other , bind more photos to the same point.In addition, tie foty possible not only to their points, but also points to other users that are marked as "shared".
2. Now the only point put by clicking on the map.If you have photos of the exact coordinates (eg, GPS), for these photons do not need to put a point on the map is now , later they can be much faster and more accurately bind through numeric values. What, then, is necessary? A select a number of his photographs, for which no precise GPS-data and deliver them to a point on the map to each point of tying one or several photons.
UP 6 March 2016: The test must now bind multiple photos to a single point.


05.03.2016 4:16, Peter Khramov

Card Forum -
Example foty tied with a point -

05.03.2016 8:55, Vasiliy Feoktistov

It is good and right)))
I put down somewhere without thinking:
You just need to provide the authors with the ability to edit the description of the point and change the conditions of access to it (private or shared).

05.03.2016 10:01, Ivan Pristrem

Wow Well! And you can make photos tied automatically, according to the information in the "shoot the place / fishing"?

05.03.2016 10:55, Peter Khramov

It is only necessary to give authors the ability to edit the description of the point and change the conditions of access to it (personal or general).
Yes, it is a matter of the full version of the interface after potestit everything. And it is possible to make pictures tied automatically, "the place of the shooting / fishing" for information in the graph?
The full version will be field when you upload a photo, which you can enter the coordinates for the auto binding, the ability to bind foty to the existing point is not in the map interface, but also on the number of (useful if you need to bind a lot ph) plus try to seal the automatic extraction of information about the coordinates of the EXIF.

05.03.2016 10:58, Peter Khramov

Yet, apparently, it will need to add a sign of precision. For example, the radius of 100 meters or more. Because people do not always remember exactly where, for example, I took off, but it can point to an accuracy of plus / minus 500 meters.

05.03.2016 11:26, Shamil Murtazin

And you can even OSM to be? Well, or Yandex. And it does not find it on the map. Google is not a local, not a detailed map, and via satellite even that task.

05.03.2016 13:06, Alexander Belousov

For high altitude of 500 meters radius - it could be two or even three-different biotope. And this means that animals can be quite different. 100 m +/- think most times.

05.03.2016 22:58, Peter Khramov

Shamil, Google selected as the basis, as is a versatile option globally - both on the habits of users (and multi-language interface), and by detailed maps (the average for the globe). In Yandex full seams in foreign cards.Alexander, I just meant to share points on the relatively accurate (no more than 100 meters radius) and imprecise (radius greater than 100 meters). Digital obsuzhdaemo yes.

05.03.2016 23:14, Peter Khramov

A couple of comments on the cards:
1. Lord! The fields "Name" and "Description" point - optional. You can both of them simply left blank.
2. The meaning of these fields - especially to you, and in the second - to other users, it was clear what it is. Those. the most striking moment, you remember this place quickly.If you find there a single Apollo in his life - please call "Apollo", if you have a villa there - for God's sake, "Hut", etc. If you are willing to sacrifice a bit of their own interests in favor of the public, then call on geography, for example, "The stream not far from Osinok" etc.
Description - similarly.You can clarify or reveal the features of this place. But still. Call and sign points the way it is you see fit (or do not sign at all), at the moment there are no rules on this subject.
2.1. Call for taxa is necessary only in case if it is the case with both the aforesaid Apollo.The list of types will be displayed in an ordered through binding to the point photo and taxa - automatically.
3. Now you can not edit the properties of the point, but this patch for the test, a little later, you can change the names and descriptions of their points.So do not worry if you fill something wrong or come up with a better name - CHANGE you have it, just not right now. Same thing with the coordinates of the point, and with reference to its facilities.

06.03.2016 11:24, Vasiliy Feoktistov

It does not have thoughts tie top Google release card information layer with Wikimapia:Викимапия ???
Link to the very Wikimapia:
How did the developers of the famous Russian customer "SAS.Planeta":
Then the need to write descriptions of the geography in the points will disappear by itself.

06.03.2016 13:46, Peter Khramov

The sequence of actions in this area is as follows:
First, the entire working on the clean version of Google (assuming that there will be 2 or 3 stages), because we think the need for additional chips (including layers, etc.) and, if necessary and possible, fasten them.This already established point we is not going away, and operate at all stages.
One more thing. I remind you that we have a map in any form still can not start for several years, although attempts were not one and not two. That's me to the fact that citizens do not drive horses, is not so simple.

06.03.2016 14:56, Vasiliy Feoktistov

No, I do not drive. Just Wikimapia has all the necessary geographical infa. Until the numbers of houses in the settlements, wells, ditches, mountains, streams, and so on. :)
Simply it would be great :)

06.03.2016 16:20, Peter Khramov

Duc I Gauvreau will. Only after everything will be worked out at the default map guglovoy: -)

06.03.2016 19:54, Peter Khramov

The first stage of the test is normal, therefore, we proceed to the second: working with less reduced functionality.

Now, at one point, you can attach multiple photos

If the photo is removed away from the already affixed points set as before the new point and automatically fastened to her photo.If the photo is at a point that is already installed, then click on this point to the photo page and click the button "Snap a photo to this point." Preview photos immediately appear next to the previously attached.I draw your attention, you can not only tie so your picture, but also to the common points (those points, to which other authors have put a sign of "total").
To make it easier to find their own or general terms, they are now highlighted. Legend cm. On the common cards on the page, and a photo page.Please potestit this functionality in the living examples and speak out, whether all OK.

06.03.2016 20:13, Vasiliy Feoktistov

All OK )
Tied pair of photons to one of its points and one photo to someone else. Everything is clear and functioning properly)

06.03.2016 23:16, Peter Khramov

Basil, thanks for the feedback.

06.03.2016 23:19, Shamil Murtazin

A great way to see the geography of coverage. Even clearer it becomes to expand much =)
Watching colorful markers added. Only when combined can cost different size range of paint, depending on the number of "eaten" the points, not the color change?
I look forward to how it will develop the theme with his / common points. It is not very clear.
P.S.I add all your main points. This helps the site search of Yandex.

06.03.2016 23:26, Peter Khramov

Exactly. On the map, it is very clear.
Circles clusters vary in color and size depending on the number of points included therein. However, the first two - only in color. Changes in the amount of start from the third (from hundreds starting points, if I remember correctly).
But the general point that to understand? At the point is, the author (who had her put down).If he put a flag that his personal point, then no one else for her to tie their foty and nothing can not only view. If, however, he pointed out that a common point, then to the same point can snap objects and other users. Conveniently, if you were in the same place.
ZYWho bear in geography coordinates with GPS in a fractional form - try to close up for these photons to the point (the floor) machine.

06.03.2016 23:28, Shamil Murtazin

Incidentally, I once again rekvestiruyu creating FAQ. Soon already own begin to forget that and how it works ...

06.03.2016 23:42, Peter Khramov

Yes, in the nearest plans of creating a detailed section on the site / Help / FAQ Scroll to the / instructions, etc. But after a point, the exchanger and, most of all, improvements to the text editors and curators of information. Those. somewhere at the end of the month.

07.03.2016 0:14, Peter Khramov

To treat small bug, when the total card points, affixed you could appear in the same color as the point of other users.
Seen a bug due to which during the evening could not correctly affixed properties Total points / non-generic. Now I corrected.If someone urgently need to change this setting in their markers - email me, I will change a screwdriver. If there is no urgency - like ottestim this option, lay out the interface for self-editing data points, and then be able to change everything by yourself.

07.03.2016 7:58, Shamil Murtazin

In general, as long as it works. I do not quite understand why it was difficult to do so, but a man who is still done - thank you very much for the solution of "long-playing" issues. =)

07.03.2016 11:53, Peter Khramov

It was hard to do, mainly because I could not do it myself. A hired people who were taken for it, never brought the matter not so much to the end, but at least to some initial, but a fully working version. And now, at last, I was a man who did (Alexander, thank you again!)
ZYSurely it was possible to solve the problem in the past, just her money Bay (offer ten times more money, wishing probably would have found), but ten times more money is not: -))

07.03.2016 13:26, Evgeny Komarov

Well then, is the general and personal points: Point "Dosang" Basil personal, nobody sootvetstvetstvenno her nothing of his not tie A photo of the village of Dosang many different authors.Get if you do is one common point, it is necessary to mold at least 5-10 pieces on Dosang? This is to ensure that if we put an end to the popular site, it is better to make it general. The idea arose when he wanted to snap a photo of the light Dosanga.

07.03.2016 13:37, Vasiliy Feoktistov

So like a common set) It is necessary to quickly change the attributes of a general / personal edition and describe the points to enter.
P.S. Here is the default time of the creation of the point:

Check box in most cases I do not rearrange.

07.03.2016 14:37, Peter Khramov

Again, yesterday evening was a glitch, and general could bear both uncommon. For Dosanga corrected. If some other need to be corrected in one direction or in the opposite direction - say. Editing will open later.

07.03.2016 16:10, Yuri Semejkin I tried. He created a common marker, and remained brown (your point). What did not?. And yet here the name of the cross painted above. On it is necessary to click? The first time I clicked and I became a token from purple to green. Then even I tried, but it's just a window was closed.
And further.: Is it possible to set a marker to drag to a new location, so it was a little more precisely?

07.03.2016 17:26, Peter Khramov

Yuri, you have done everything correctly. At the point that you have set up, there is a combination of two properties: 1. What did she put Tobo (your) 2. What is the total in terms of rights attaching thereto photos. Those. it is both "brown" and "violet". For you important is that it's yours, so you will see it "brown."But other users will see it, "violet", because for them it is important that it can be fixed foty, although it does not belong to the marker.
The cross - a standard sign of closing the window. Accordingly, at the touch of a marker installation will close the window (and canceled, this is the default).Drag the marker can be, but now this feature is covered. I will tell you later, together with the editing points.

Speaking of editing. Very interesting question: which one should be right in terms of the edit points in common? With its clear, there is the author terms the king and god, but in general already like as not.After all, people were tying it to a point, and the author, for example, took it and even moved.

07.03.2016 17:44, Peter Khramov

Lord about the language. Now until the dough, work is normal only in the Russian version of the site. In the future it will be possible for English to ask the English versions of names and descriptions of points (optional). Accordingly, do them now is not universal. Call on the Russian, then, if there is a desire, and an English version of the pile.

07.03.2016 17:46, Vasiliy Feoktistov

And why is the very point of drag? Create a new one and all.
The truth is not worth point of the city "at every bush in the territory of the court"))
But the ability to "flip" their own photos from one point to another does not prevent

07.03.2016 19:13, Peter Khramov

Well, people missed, I placed wrong. Then he picked up, moved. Normal matter, why not?

07.03.2016 21:28, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Simply need a photo to a new point to move than the old point completely, with all its contents to drag to a new location. Especially if you point it to the public and anyone stranger has pinned photos of the author okromya point.Here is "a very interesting question," then he will disappear-a :)
"It is an interesting question: what one rights should be in terms of editing General points With its clear, there is the author terms the king and god, but in general is sort of like no Because people were tying it to such a point?. and the author, for example, took it and even moved."

In short:
If a personal point - the right to have a drag.
And if the public - no such rights.
Everything is easy)))

08.03.2016 2:10, Yuri Semejkin

Let's start from the social point of another. While at one point the author, it can be moved if necessary. (Or may move for example for an hour). And from the moment of accession by another author, -one becomes movable.

08.03.2016 2:35, Peter Khramov

In general, yes. Although it public, but is it no one else clave, why the author does not have full rights to edit it? ..

08.03.2016 2:55, Vasiliy Feoktistov

That same would suggest)) This is the best option)

08.03.2016 17:40, Yuri Semejkin

A question. And whether or not the author of the pictures, if more than one-fitted to the point of all your images.? Grassroots kind they do not show, but in order to show the presence of at kind enough and multiple files (preferably from egg to adult) same thing, and the rest of the nation does. Attach it considers necessary to confirm the point type. ...Or it is necessary to strengthen the shots, including and bad?

08.03.2016 17:51, Vasiliy Feoktistov

My opinion.
It should be tied to a specific point in a photo each instance. Restrictions should not be here and the photo quality is not important.
Only here the group, which shows a photo of one individual should attach one photo.

08.03.2016 21:04, Vasiliy Feoktistov

In my opinion it is necessary even in the center of the map to place a cross to coincide with the point where the insect. "Target", not to be confused :)
And then, the card will soon feel dazzled points ....

08.03.2016 21:26, Evgeny Komarov

Peter, and in the future will be such that you open the page, and type on the map (it is on the type of page is not) displays all the point where it is marked on our website? It seems to me, is the most important result and the most interesting result of users and experts.The second point: the size of the map on the page picture is very small, when you skid point, which by Google / by Yandex is not (of a set), so uncomfortable enough to look many times in parallel by opening the same Google Earth with the "Maps of the world" plus something then, and then moving map on the form page. Can not it somehow expand?

08.03.2016 21:30, Evgeny Komarov

Yes, Basil and the rights that it is desirable, when you look at the photo on the card once it was immediately clear what the point refers to it from the map shown in the photo page. Indeed, not clicking the same for each point (and there will be many regions a lot).

08.03.2016 21:52, Evgeny Komarov

Here is an example:! And where there is a search for photos? Which of the points of the heap?

08.03.2016 22:11, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Torbeevo typing in the search. Point it at me while one of the surrounding and I Torbeevsky forest all the animals to dump.
And, of course nekuzyavo (((This village is located geographically in a different area of ​​the field .....

08.03.2016 22:26, Evgeny Komarov

On horseradish has something to gain? You open a photo and must see the point! More "nekuzyavo". Although, of course we want everything at once :)

08.03.2016 22:31, Evgeny Komarov

And, Basil, I still try to point to put in place, not tied to a geographical locality, if he caught-shot. The area is important, certainly, but also the habitat landscape no less. After your Torbeevsky forest localize possible! And that will go through the village Torbeevo look :)

09.03.2016 0:25, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Eugene, if it were I set for each type of specific point - the card has already been-would be whole in them. So much so that the card can not see, would be under them)))
I specify settlements closer to that insect * (as on the label) have been found.
If you put the point even every two hundred meters-will fear (((
Of course for very significant findings make an exception.Just like here:
Even comments yesterday wrote about this)))
A so-called "Torbeevsky Forest" -nazvan so at the nearest town to my village.
In fact it is:
http: //Малаховское-участковое-лесничество-Виноградовского-лесничества-ГКУ-МО-«Мособллес»
An array of large and contiguous with him 4 districts of the Moscow region: Balashikha, Lyubertsy, Ramenskoye, Resurrection + GO Domodedovo.
And who is looking for, he finds.The main area which contains look :)
And if you are interested in precisely the snag under which was found a bug - please in PM :)
Even the tour will spend probably)))

09.03.2016 3:08, Yuri Semejkin

Regarding tochek.A not convenient to be next. We want something to look at where and how widespread mass? Well: Gaining genus, species, and then specify the desired area. For example the neighborhood of Moscow. We click OK. And in front of us a map with all having on it at this time point. Few of Moscow, the Moscow region, let's see.Few ? Let's add the region (s). I would like to see more. - What else is possible? And show us what something like a physical map of the world Somehow. And note that in this case the markers are the same color, for example to adult. Good. Where species are found we looked.
And now I would like to learn, and Flying-pass whether we view the local ali.We do all the same, but instead of writing the imago egg or a larva or pupa. We click OK. And in front of us all the local species.
Total: 1) .For adults markers of the same color (show the distribution). 2) For laying, larvae, pupae, etc. marker. Color. Here we see that kind of uniquely sedentary. Tk. laying -kukolki can not fly.

09.03.2016 7:29, Evgeny Komarov

Yuri, this is exactly the bust will, a kind of fence :) He does presence or absence on the site images immature stages does not help to establish a "terrain" type. TB that absolute majority simply is not on the site (it is not Lepidoptera, and snmkov in lepidopteran eggs, larvae, pupae ....I'm not talking about the fact that such information is given in the description of the species. And on the species distribution by regions, ie separately "for Moscow" ... At least (well for me and maximum) to be able to open the page view the map with points of his instructions on the website.

09.03.2016 8:38, Yuri Semejkin

Eugene! Yes, I do not insist. Just here we are talking about clarity. Let's pokritikuem. Here are your words Vasilyev said: Because your Torbeevsky forest localize possible! And that will go through the village Torbeevo look: Do not go around the village to look for when shooting in a place specified neighborhood of the village such. This is the first.
2).Somehow I do not understand the expression itself try to put points on the site, and not by Geography. binding. What is it like ? What kind of place is it? About Forest? Only about what and where he is. . So you in any way specify the geographic location of the shooting. And approximately + - dozens? hundreds of meters?. After all, your token is not binding tool, all of the hand to the eye.In modern cameras like is the ability to precisely specify the location shooting, but. Not all these cameras there, and insects is not static, but dynamic. . And in the high precision requirements when there is no object moving. Here arises al. Question. And whether the markers are needed everywhere.Yes, in the conditions of the tundra, steppes, deserts, in a flat wooded area they are some Old. And in the mountain? Or mountainous? When fully digital high-rise marks vertices title, rivers, streams., Inflows and no camera, which gives the coordinates of shooting enthusiasts shoot truth too rare.It is enough to indicate the place of shooting, and anyone who wants a place (not up to a meter, which is not required) and find out of it in the villages, if they are close, will not climb.

09.03.2016 9:06, Evgeny Komarov

We assume that both partly right, not always possible in writing to convey what you want to say. Indeed, for sufficiently homogeneous landscape quite dostotchno point on d. Ivanovka :).I mean, about this, as I have on the river Ilovlya: most extensive forest-meadow floodplain with ponds and steep right bank in output and rugged limestone gorges. On google now it's all perfectly clear on satellite, so there has got two points with a distance between them in kilometers - completely different sets of species.And about the exact binding - I'm in unfamiliar places without GPS I do not go and do not go, and within the scope of point shooting location on Google release satellite images will show up to 5-10 m long journeys (Asia, Altai, Primorye, etc. .) Any point of collection-shooting is always tied to GPS, and then transferred to the high-resolution satellite imagery tied prog OziExplorer / Hence, this approach to my own point of shooting, charges :) It is clear that so bother unit.

09.03.2016 10:16, Yuri Semejkin

In our time there were no GPS. Probably handy, I never used.

09.03.2016 12:07, Evgeny Komarov

Yuri, in the our was not there :) This is the last dozen or so, I go skating with him. Before any major trip is pumped maps and satellite imagery for the entire planned route, cables, ship in a netbook. And then in the car on the site of a navigator with the netbook on your lap and running Ozi-com with a connected GPS.Not only do you see the position of the machine and the surrounding landscape for a dozen or more kilometers for orientation and selection of interesting places, but then you can view the entire route by downloading it to the same Google release space image with all the collection points. Here for example last year Kazakhstan (meky scale). But you can see all the details to increase. fbid = 798299653580892 & set = a.798299636914227.1073741853.100002025950541 & type = 3 & theater

09.03.2016 15:30, Vasiliy Feoktistov

I think that should just make a bigger default map scale, output when approaching the photo page.
To display approx. So:

For example, the page took this photo:
In this place, already points to merge into one at a scale that is now.Zoom is the most optimal solution to this problem.
And in order to see the other point, which is located near the scale you can reduce your own))

10.03.2016 1:43, Vasiliy Feoktistov

In addition to the previous post :(
The distance in a straight line from the point to the st. Nameless approx kilometer.
To measure the distances used SAS.Planeta loaded with a Google map in it:

That is in my opinion the idea about the true zoom. It will be painless.And the "extra points will not be visible :)
Unless, of course it is technically possible to implement?

10.03.2016 6:25, Evgeny Komarov

Yes, there is, and I had kind of thought the following: when you open a page with photos attached, we are interested in the place of shooting, fishing.Why see the extra points that do not belong to the photo? If the photo is not bound, then yes - it shows all available points have to choose - to link to an existing or create a new one, and what is already tied to?
As a result, the ideal (in my opinion) the next. Open the photo (tied) - see point.One! Open the page of the form - see all the points where specimens of this species recorded at the site. Is it possible to implement, Peter appears to say.And it seems to me, may not need the window with the map on the type of page? Maybe its just cause "button" and it will be fine to turn even the whole screen? And active "button" only attached photos.

10.03.2016 8:50, Vasiliy Feoktistov

"Open photos (tied) - One can see the point.!"
Eugene, that's what I mean. )
In my example, the distance between the grind to the nearest approx. 650 meters:

In the proposed version of the scale of credit default bdizhayshey point it is no longer visible.This is a huge advantage: it will be possible to put a point on the map much more heap than do it now without the risk that they will be merged into one map to a particular photo.
The solution lies on the surface - you only pick up)))
Peter, please note)

10.03.2016 10:10, Evgeny Komarov

Basil, I was referring to show single point to the photo (the others are not shown), rather than a "game" in the scale window. Moreover, such a large scale in the view window will require a mandatory reduction of its viewing to understand the real location.In your example, because it is not clear exactly where this point, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vladivostok? Until zoom out, you will not understand.
Oh and one more thing. Now and fear, in the long term, the number of points determined by the activity in the case of several participants. A tie pictures only their authors are today.So many pictures (thousands), laid before the given features, without an anchor. And now there is a feature, not enjoyed by all. How is it going to do?

10.03.2016 10:37, Vasiliy Feoktistov

"Basil, I was referring to a single point to show a photo (the others are not shown), rather than a" game "in the scale of the window."
Eugene, this is certainly the best option. But I think that it can not be done technically.
But zoom by default picture that is already tied is feasible.Regarding the participation in relation to the photo card - a private affair of the authors photo and no one has the right to oblige them to do it.
Moreover, no stranger shall not bind others' photos on geography, which is written to the picture not to themselves.
It is full of pictures with Undetailed, and often with a rather dubious geography.Therefore, in this matter let it be as it is.

10.03.2016 11:08, Evgeny Komarov

We look forward to Peter! But things such as selective screening points are implemented on the same Plantarium. Another question, as far as really here to do, and what it will cost :)

10.03.2016 11:40, Peter Khramov

Selective Display, different scale, etc. - All this is done, will soon open on the site.
Regarding knit to a single point, or still put different - again suggest that we return to the question of accuracy. For example, there are markers with a precision (radius or diameter, obsuzhdaemo) 100 m, 1 km and> 1 km.And, accordingly, the author can put a big point Torbeevo, and her knit a bunch of insects (but then it is a point more than 1 km) or to put a lot of individual, but more accurate.Special restrictions in the number of dots on the maps not in the group they are going (to visually block the entire map), so if you can, why not put more accurate?

10.03.2016 11:54, Yuri Semejkin

Peter! Attached picture is not to the public at. Perhaps al. Also with the same face. Therefore I, at least at first, if possible, provide a picture moving from one point to another. As Basil offered. Or, as an option to be able to detach his own image, then to attach the right place.

10.03.2016 12:41, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Peter, if possible selective screening marker points would be better to do on a minimum radius)

10.03.2016 14:59, Evgeny Komarov

"With regard to bind to a single point, or still put different - once again return to the question of accuracy" .

In my opinion there is no problem here. If the author is aware of the point with an accuracy of up to a dozen, fifty, and even hundreds of meters - one conversation - to put an end, if not the same as existing in the same radii.Such points, with the available resolution satellite imagery of Google, easily put, if you are well familiar with their gathering place even without GPS, and is well More info about the type of habitats. Well, if you have an insect (photo) with the label "Ochre Serpukhov.", Then knit to Serpukhov - other options do not see. Therefore, common sense only.

10.03.2016 19:44, Peter Khramov

Yes, but you need to make it clear that this is not exactly in Serpukhov on Ulyanov street, namely the neighborhood. Those. shall be the property of the point, "they say, is not correct, the radius is greater than 1 km." Or 1 km away and something else.

10.03.2016 19:44, Peter Khramov

Yuri, editing / transfer will be available soon.

10.03.2016 19:56, Evgeny Komarov

It is possible that in this case it is sufficient to describe the picture? There in fact is precisely the vicinity of Serpukhov? Those. You do not need to "fence" the additional complexity?
Something no one but me, and there in the discussion of Basil not active! Or because the two of us started yet actively use it?
Colleagues! Opinions needed! "Fitch" in fact extremely useful and interesting!

10.03.2016 20:06, Evgeny Komarov

And just about the ability to put the geography to others' pictures. Vasili expressed his opinion, but if the moderators, at least, will not be able to snap pictures of others, will lose a lot of information about the distribution of species. Yes, it is not always an exact geography (it is discussed in the post above).Doubtful indications (here you can color label, or something else) is worth discussing. Speak, colleagues.

10.03.2016 22:38, Peter Khramov

"It is possible that in this case it is sufficient to describe the picture?"
Eugene, and need not be limited only oobsuzhdenie fotami. The types will also knit, for example. And there is not enough data in the caption to photographs. There must be a clear point of the property.

11.03.2016 0:25, Peter Khramov

Open to the public access new features and changes:
1. Now in the general map and the map in the photo, you can choose which show the point, and which are not.
eleven. In general the default map displays all the points.
12. On the map image:
1.2.1.If the point is not already installed, then (only for photos of the author) displays his point and general terms (so you can quickly decide to set a new point or knit to the already existing).
1.2.2. If the point is already set, it is displayed only.
13.And general, and on the private map using the check boxes, you can instantly change the settings (to withdraw more or less on the type of card points).
2. Reduce the size of marker icons in the legend, so they take up less space.
3. Increased the default scope for a photo card.
4. On the general map shows the number of points of each type.

11.03.2016 7:34, Evgeny Komarov

Everything works fine!

11.03.2016 7:41, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Thank you, Peter.
Much better now looks. Now the point of the heap can be planted on the map :)
It is time to open the edit :)
Offhand seen 4 main options:
1) Change the attribute personal / obshestvennaya
2) Edit the description of the point.
3) Removal from the point of their photos in order to place them in another (more) point.4) Move the most points to another location (for cases when it is initially mistaken).
Deposit is to be available at the point of moving conditions if it is "personal" or other users have not yet adhered to her own photo.

11.03.2016 9:14, Evgeny Komarov

And in terms of the form page! :) Then absolutely super!

11.03.2016 12:00, Peter Khramov

Eugene, Basil, yes, these features are unlocked and a couple more in the foreseeable future.
ZY Something we have almost no points for North / South Americas. A white spot on the map straight ...

11.03.2016 12:12, Evgeny Komarov

Excellent! And America will be, that's just there just have more often the state to put an end. And just about it: at one time a bunch of pictures downloaded from quite a decent indication of geography. This refers to the ph K. Krajewski of Guyana. He was already on the site is not very long ago, and some of their tie? Those. again about the right not to bind their pictures!

11.03.2016 12:18, Peter Khramov

With regard to rights - will do. With regard to Guyana - I'll write to Constantine.

11.03.2016 14:16, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Costa Rica, Peru, French Guiana (not to be confused with Guyana: two different states) already have more points :)
Later will be Argentina, Brazil, and in my opinion something else. Just had not yet reached. Photo is on my site is already full and it is impossible to bind all at once)))

11.03.2016 15:42, Peter Khramov

«link at the very Wikimapia: time and the need to write descriptions of the geography in the points will disappear by itself.»
By the way, I'm not stuck, why is it no longer? Yes, there are more facilities, but it's just easier viewing, snapping, the description, but it does not eliminate the need ...

11.03.2016 16:33, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Do not disappear by neohodimo I saw myself already)))
And Wikimapia screwed anyway. The necessary thing :)

11.03.2016 22:19, Peter Khramov

Citizens, not whether to make the default display mode "Sputnik"? With signatures essno ...

11.03.2016 22:33, Vasiliy Feoktistov

I am for.
Simply navigate to.
And with a layer Wikimapia all the charm :)

12.03.2016 7:50, Evgeny Komarov

Similarly for! I immediately switches - to navigate the card virtually impossible mode.

12.03.2016 8:08, Yuri Semejkin

Yes, actually remove the card mode. There is no sense of it.

12.03.2016 9:29, Evgeny Komarov

Well, quite clean, it is not worth it, people are different, can those who are not accustomed to using satellite images and regime have to leave? It's me, accustomed to the orientation it so well. Not all photographers and travelers still :) Entomologists something on any such.

12.03.2016 12:41, Shamil Murtazin

I have a question. How to view the coordinates of a specific point? For example, if you wanted to see it on another card ...

12.03.2016 12:56, Evgeny Komarov

Shamil is to Peter :) And much it is necessary? Opened here in satellite imagery mode, simultaneously opened GoogleEarth, found this point there and got the coordinates. I have this procedure in reverse order constantly did when I put the point.

12.03.2016 13:32, Peter Khramov

Opened display information about the author points (referring) and the coordinates of the point.
Yes. Gentlemen, if you know of any similar services, and interest in them chips, which in this map service is not (and I do not write, they would soon open) - write about it, and indicates a link to a resource where it is implemented. Seeing as gritstsa ...Changed the default display mode of the satellite with the signatures. Note on the general map of signatures (even the names of countries) will start to appear when you zoom in (unlike the previous version, when the main titles were visible at once).

12.03.2016 14:08, Peter Khramov

By following the system sees about binding species and other taxa to the points on the map:
1. If the point tally images, automatic and fit taxon this photo. If the photo is changing taxon (for example, to determine the exact or corrected an error in the definition), then automatically changes the taxon and the point.
2.If the fit-to-point collector's item (in the case of the revival of the system of reference collections on the site, and it we seem to revive soon on a new level), then it fits and his (instance) taxon - similarly as in the case of the photo.
3.If the fit-to-point information about the discovery or that "he had seen 100 pudoff" (but copy or photos can not find), then bind to the point taxon directly indicating that the source of the data - our personal message.
4. If we do not knit its information, and for example, the data from literature from other sites, etc.- Indicate the source of data (as in the case of information about a dobalveniya) plus un-subscribe in a special window comments (where exactly in the source has information about finding the kind here, etc.)
Say what? There is something else that can be useful in this kind of binding?

12.03.2016 15:09, Vasiliy Feoktistov

"was opened by the output of information about the author points (referring) and the coordinates of the point."
"Changed the default display mode for the satellite with the signatures."
Peter, I do not see any changes. Or is there something wrong?

12.03.2016 15:24, Yuri Semejkin

3. If the fit-to-point information about the discovery or that "he saw And what is there, but the place of shooting (fishing)? But some prefer to keep the bugs at certain plants and not only those listed in the literature.Some beetles, wasps are found under the bark of living and (or) the dead (rotten) trees, the larvae of some urostilidov also found under the bark, and the pupae of certain butterflies, etc. Names of woody and herbaceous plants against insects, etc. This infa actually need, Ali nafig?

12.03.2016 16:09, Peter Khramov

Basil, and that there can not do so? Now by default you must crawl satellite, and the scheme by pressing the plus point is given infa about the author and co-ordinates.
Yuri, here we come to the separation properties of the "point" and "discovery". The idea is what you write (and related information) refers to the "discovery" rather than to "point".But, probably, until they can be combined into one unit. And maybe it is not necessary to combine. Obsuzhdaemo.

12.03.2016 16:14, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Now it worked fine)
It bears on the photo page uvlichit default scale of approx. 5 clicks on the plus (subjective opinion).

12.03.2016 20:46, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Peter, it's time to edit the test. With all this it is clear everything :)
At least four options that I have outlined in my post from yesterday. 03.11.2016 7:41
And that is already full ponadelal points and now it is necessary to have someone to move into new, more detailed terms. Fortunately innovations now allow such things to do.

12.03.2016 21:08, Peter Khramov

About the scale - too much. Even as it is now is not always clear where we are all on the map, often have to "waste".
Before editing is likely to be more open setting "Radius" (accuracy) for points.It is, in principle, ready, there ought only dolepit ability to enter different units plus free quantities (not only fixed values).

13.03.2016 19:25, Svetlana Shchavelina

I'm sorry if the topic has already been discussed (read the whole discussion is no power). Personally, I'd be curious to see the map on the form page with all the marked points where items are posted on the site have been found.

13.03.2016 19:33, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Like a planned)

14.03.2016 12:26, Alexander Belousov

I must again misunderstood something! Points put easy, I admit. But I open the photo affixed to the point, and how to see it? After the photo is tied to a certain point, and under it on the map anything, but it is not the point.Or see all point to, for example Colias erate? I now intended that it be so - opened the photo and looked at the bottom on the map all the points where "it" is found :-) Or the card for any other purposes. While neponyal what's the point to put the point? Just not to forget where caught / seen / Fota?

14.03.2016 12:34, Alexander Belousov

Point tied to the photo to see! When a tick off only one visible. Question shot! But not understand how you can see all the points of one kind? Tuplyu!

14.03.2016 16:30, Shamil Murtazin

Alexander! Filter points for one species is no way. But it certainly is planned. The system is only oprobiruetsya and gradually acquires functional.

14.03.2016 16:42, Alexander Belousov

Thank you, Shamil! We wait!

14.03.2016 16:43, Peter Khramov

In the photo page - the point is this image (already).
On the page of the form - it is the point of this kind (to be in the near future).
For supraspecific taxa - similarly.

14.03.2016 20:38, Shamil Murtazin

Of course, I do not really thought about this idea ... They are generally not very correct. Does it make sense to do some kind of a list of points for each user? .. Well, that is so in the "geography" was not only his hands to write, but also choose from a list of a certain point? Or, for example, that there was a list of common points from which to choose.It's a bit to simplify binding big number of pictures to help you quickly add photos from the "standard" places.
P.S. How does the binding of one photo from the group to the point?

14.03.2016 21:36, Evgeny Komarov

Yes, very binding group would not prevent. On Plantarium I occasionally mention these things implemented. Another thing is that related to the geographical location there are very "stiff" - from the bulldozer, without giving a detailed description of everything, you will not put. Here is all one can see, although the details can understand and see the users - members of this resource.

14.03.2016 21:59, Peter Khramov

We are looking for a point - see its number - set binding number for the heap ph (or vice versa, knit number to the point ph). Will?

14.03.2016 23:04, Evgeny Komarov

Rather yes! Let's try :)

15.03.2016 8:07, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Peter, it's necessary. To run, There is a need to send a lot of pictures at once. No one, as their "pick" :)

18.03.2016 20:31, Peter Khramov

1. A new option for points - the radius (accuracy). Writing during the installation of a new point. You can choose from fixed values ​​or write your (in the latter case, do not forget to choose the unit of measurement - meters (default), kilometers or statute miles.
2. When installing a new point card automatically increases in size.
3.The card can be increased or decreased in size and manually - using the button "Open / Close" on the bottom right.
4. Open edit mode points. We are looking for a spot on any map, click on the marker, go to the link "Edit point".There, you can change all the parameters entered earlier (name, description, accuracy / range, common / uncommon), as well as coordinates. Coordinates change in one of three ways (what you prefer):
4.1. You can simply drag the marker on the map (and have dragged)
4.2. You can enter the coordinates in degrees with fractional part
4.4.You can enter the coordinates in degrees, minutes, seconds (including fractional seconds part)
If you drag the marker - immediately change the values ​​of the coordinates in all windows. If we enter the values ​​in the window after leaving the focus to another window, just go to the second conversion system plus shifts the marker.To confirm any changes be sure to click the appropriate button under the map.
ZY With the introduction of the system of coordinates vrunchuyu on the map may be slightly "rounded" values.
Zzy Please go to their points and put down for their range (Now all the old points raised zero).

18.03.2016 21:12, Irina Nikulina

Peter, everything is great, thanks! But I have nothing ((tested more than once. And about an hour ago suddenly disappeared from the map field "Searching for a location" in the upper right corner. I was engaged to the attachment points.

18.03.2016 21:39, Peter Khramov

The field will appear again if reload the page. Similarly with the rest. If, suddenly, will not work, restart completely (Ctrl + F5, and not just F5).

18.03.2016 21:48, Evgeny Komarov

Peter, everything seems to be OK! I tried to move to the beginning. BUT! And why delete function points are not implemented (of course their own, not shared). It may be required.

18.03.2016 22:00, Irina Nikulina

Thank you Peter, everything turned out)

19.03.2016 1:48, Yuri Semejkin

With regard to accuracy. and radius. In some cases, the point can be supplied with up to 2 m radius. And is it necessary? And if I take others. Kind or other. Insect outside the radius point -to 3, 5 or 10 meters? Then I do not fit in the specified range.And what to do? Create a new marker? Duck so I whole area "plastered" Perhaps then it is better to specify a minimum radius of 50 or 100 m.? This is sufficient for understanding the place of the shooting.
And further. The site said about the possibility of moving from one point to another community. This kind of is not done, or a bad look?

19.03.2016 3:00, Peter Khramov

We put a point with a radius of 5 meters. They remembered that 10 meters of her rented forty photographs. It extends the range up to 30 meters, strapped new photos. And if not removed forty? And if not expanded, and left 5.In other words, I hope that at least a bit of common sense to the users is still there, and they are not required to drive in very very strict limits, artificially limiting the ability of the site.
Ph movements from point to point, and the like yet. But it will be.

19.03.2016 11:58, Evgeny Komarov

snap shots emergence of very well help in the selection decision on the placement or placement of the form image in the gallery, if it there are already many photos. And now we see immediately whether there is a kind pictures from the area (region) and, accordingly, the appropriateness of the placement.Many photos are not added, when he saw that there is already a half-dozen. Now I add, when I see a large "white spots". And when the points are right on the page of the form !!!

19.03.2016 12:00, Irina Nikulina

Peter, maybe you need to register separately as attached to pin-point photo insects. And then, look, in the middle zone of the exotic has registered) ..For example, where to attach photos and Maak altsinoev bred in Moscow and Kaluga region? - The places where the pupa / tracks are taken, I think? But the tropics - to the places where the pupa arrived, if you know? Photos of the butterflies specially organized Gardens tropical butterflies are attached to the points of location of these gardens in different countries, right?

19.03.2016 12:14, Evgeny Komarov

I have such pictures (pin) are not attached - in describing the species has spread, if you know exactly where the pupae arrived (from the natural area) - this point and indicated. But for many types for many years bred outside their habitat, so there was nothing good will happen.But in the "gardens" to provide information that can be seen there, and can be fastened.

19.03.2016 12:31, Peter Khramov

Points on the type of page, as well as the selection of points on the general map of the parameters that will look.
Of course, Maak bred in Moscow, no relation to the Moscow itself does not have. Knit back where you took immature stages (if these stages butterflies were removed from nature, not from the refrigerator).
Regarding gardens - more difficult.It's one thing if it is more or less natural is for the kind of area, and another thing, if Moscow Butterfly House with morphine. In the latter case, if to knit, then with an appropriate note in big red letters.

19.03.2016 12:56, Irina Nikulina

More or less natural areas for South American and Asian butterflies, whose gardens are exposed, nowhere in Europe is there, not only in Moscow) Call point specifically on the name of the garden and the city - and to strengthen, I think it will be red NOTE) With Maak also understandable, but with the tropics of donated dolls, probably,it is not necessary to experiment, not the fact that they came from where stated.

19.03.2016 13:43, Yuri Semejkin

If there are no natural areas with dwelling insects, why do they show? What website do want to show - SCOPE insects or SCOPE OF HOUSES AND BUTTERFLIES. (Gardens).?
If you want to give to the house of the Old (the garden), then perhaps it is more convenient bude separate place. Like, individually housed units.

19.03.2016 15:59, Yuri Semejkin

When talking about the show, we had in mind the points show rather than insects

19.03.2016 16:23, Evgeny Komarov

Yuri, I strongly would not say, but about the same as writing-not see any reason to put points outside the natural range of the species, only to be confused, especially when the point will be displayed on the page type. To that! Peter, the possibility of remote points of their authors, and it will fall on your shoulders. And it is necessary?

19.03.2016 23:00, Peter Khramov

Eugene, of itself, is provided.

20.03.2016 2:24, Peter Khramov

On the page, edit points, new possibilities:
1. Combining points (transfer of all entities (photos, species) from one point to another, followed by the removal of the one from which transferred).
2. Removal point.
The corresponding buttons are located below the map on the edit page.

ZY As for the gardens of butterflies, etc.- Confusion and the truth may be. Probably you will need to sign sgorodit "artificial locality" and display these points only for additional team, for example. Just get rid of them is not necessary, because on the map to see that in Moscow you can still flip morph if desired - at may also be useful.Oh, and by the way, Yuri, "Maps" section shows the georeferenced point, rather than the spread that whatsoever. The fact that dots of doplyasat can to some extent spread to - useful (but not only) investigation.

ZzyLord, remind the need prostanovki radius (using the page editing point) for the previously added marker.

20.03.2016 5:16, Yuri Semejkin

Peter! Let's go back to the bindings. That is the addition 3/19/2016 3:00 Petr Khramov
We put a point with a radius of 5 meters. They remembered that 10 meters of her rented forty photographs. It extends the range up to 30 meters, strapped new photos. And if not removed forty? And if not expanded, and left 5.
This is not correct.After all, for example, I set the radius of 30, but apart from me and removed others. They see my social point, and theirs shots do not fall within the radius. They are taken at 40, 50, 100 m from the point of my public. And they create a new one? I think it is not necessary to measure the radius of tens of meters, and put not less than 100-250 m Or something I do not understand?
Ps.At the moment, in terms of public author moves its contents, not just with your photos. It has been moved to point 151, and it was my picture on the idea that like only I could move. In this case, do not worry, I am satisfied with the author's allegations point range. But it should not be like ...

20.03.2016 8:51, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Interested removal is not the whole point, and delete a photo from the point of order, to do more to the point is this photo. This provided?

20.03.2016 9:05, Evgeny Komarov

More specifically interested in the transfer of individual images from one point to another, or even delete individual snapshots from the point.
And this is just food for thought: on the author's personal page will be a button "My geographical point." Pressed - got a list of all of its points (number, name, description, range, location, number of attached pictures).Select one from the list and then redaktiruesh all that relates to it. Now editing points is very time-consuming (if there are many), because after editing one and save the changes, again forced to move to the "Map" tab, again look for the next point to be edited, and so with each point. Well, the last sentence: geographical points need to illustrate the landscape images.

20.03.2016 18:58, Peter Khramov

Regarding what rights remain with the author's point after it added a photo of other authors - the issue under discussion. Let's discuss who believes.
Regarding the detachment and / or transport of photons from a point - provided, will soon open.
With regard to the points list - provided (similar to photographs and lots). Soon open.Regarding the images of the landscape - how to run a gallery of landscapes, these images can be secured to the points as well as basic. I assume here that they have to go to the beginning of the bag results point.

20.03.2016 19:19, Evgeny Komarov

On the issue of common points, I think, not so much the problem, if a person puts an end to the properties of the general, so should understand that these properties should be at the point where many are collected (removed) now or in the future.Also here is an example - put an end to the total Anisimovka, Irina immediately wrote to its range covered more because she filmed a lot along the road to Sergei Anisimovka from the base. Well, obviously, there are still many people visited and will visit again.Well, and what rights should be in this case, the author? Yes, the right to own the pictures attached to this point, no more. Radius general point can also be changed, but abuse it is not worth it - resolution satellite images enough to within ten square kilometers instruct more than enough points of their own.Well, just to be a reasonable approach to these points and, above all, to think how to put a point.

20.03.2016 20:06, Peter Khramov

Eugene, here in this case on the reasonableness of the approach, unfortunately, is not enough to hope. When talking about the overall work, so just need to hard-code everything. What the author can not, and who may then, if he does not.

20.03.2016 20:30, Evgeny Komarov

So I wrote that it might - to work with your photos, tied to a common point. Move, delete the point - no. About obsuzhdaemo radius, perhaps for personal communication point, increase the radius. The rest (which can still occur - do not come to mind) - business administrator.And about a reasonable approach, I mean the variety of types of points when installing: first think, and then to set overall.

20.03.2016 21:22, Peter Khramov

On the basis of which the moderator may decide to move, rename, description, change the radius point, and the like?

20.03.2016 21:49, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Strongly disagree. Moderator here can not make any decisions.
The point is purely personal point of the author's case. And to intervene in this area is unacceptable and simply incorrect.
I say immediately get up on its hind legs if someone from the climb in my point with their adjusted (move, rename, etc.) ((
Because I know my point better than anyone else.
Let's leave all responsibility for the created point on the author. I wrote him a letter with the wishes and he decides what to do.

20.03.2016 22:08, Peter Khramov

Basil, what you better know, is important for ne_obschestvennyh points. Once the point of becoming public, the author ceases to be a king and a god in its management.
In general, the more I look at all this, the more it seems to me that the "public" points you need to cancel. Let there be three points three different authors in one place.All the same, it will be clear, transparent and peaceful than coexist different people at one point. Even with control by the moderator. A person who will watch it all, Well Well, look at a few points, not one. But in response, each only for their markers and each of them is only the demand.
Say what?

20.03.2016 22:17, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Peter, by the way.
Do you know where there is a so-called geographically "Pine of comet" near the village of Old Omutischi, Petushki district of Vladimir region?
That's me to the fact that the author is more familiar with the geography of their own points, and no one has the right to climb to adjustments except himself :)
Single cancels the public. It will be quieter.

20.03.2016 22:30, Peter Khramov

This is me to the fact that the author is more familiar with the geography of their own points, and no one has the right to climb to adjustments except himself:)
In social terms, though formally the author and one, in reality they can be considered somewhat (everyone who attaches his foty and other entities to the same point).
With regard to the public - I understand your opinion.I listen to more people. Who is for, who is against, who are thinking.

20.03.2016 23:22, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Peter, and you have no possibility to fasten a map tool to measure the distance from point A to point B?
If possible, the availability of tools will greatly assist in the correct fielding radius point.

20.03.2016 23:36, Irina Nikulina

It is unfortunate that here too there has been some conflict (I thought that the common points is quite possible to come to some reasonable common variant interested authors (both literally 5 minutes we with Eugene turned out) "Let there be three points three different authors in one place "- that's me somehow do not like ..Do not agreed on a radius, for example, and I must at the same point or a little close to create their own, but with a large radius, which immediately absorb the previous one, and then, when I begin to attach photos, confused and increase until they split in two? ( (Have you tried it?Yesterday I edited the common point that was created by me before, and it happened to be close to the point of others. Author (this fact was not visible under a particular picture), and then could not attach anything to it, because in the "Sputnik" they do not share even at the highest magnification. Section only in the "Map" I moved her most.that it is not merged with another point. Honestly, I do not understand why you can be against increasing the range of reasonable ..? Let's say I put the 50 m and SAMA nominated point total, and another author takes exactly the same here, but covers a large area around and asks to increase the radius of, say, up to 200 m? So why can I be against if my area will go down in general? Just because the first designated this point? Like the post of Eugene from 19.19 "...just has to be a reasonable approach to this point, "It would be a reasonable approach for not such too problematic question (here, too, agree with Eugene) and less categorical. Do not really want to see the map overloaded with unnecessary points. This is my personal opinion, probably, remain in the minority ))

21.03.2016 0:04, Peter Khramov

Basil, but with a ruler from Google, unfortunately, there are some strained. In the plans it is, but we have finished yet. Probably the graphical display will appear radius than the line ...
Irina, if at all common points will not, you will need to search only their point among strangers. And it is enough to uncheck the show most of these strangers.With regard to common sense - very much like to, but there is a suspicion that, in the conditions of an unlimited number of users of each point will not be possible to agree: - (

21.03.2016 2:56, Yuri Semejkin

With radii like understood. It should be sufficient and a reasonable specific area. The point must be shared (I also do not like the version of points of different authors). The value of the radius of the authors decide to let the pictures, they can always negotiate and come to a consensus.In case of controversial issues, you can always go to the site and ask for advice, recommendation.
If someone comes to the point radius to another (-s), then do not worry. Over time, if the authors deem it necessary, they will join a point or change the radius, or moved them. There are always options.And do not be afraid that if there is a lot of authors. then there will be problems as dogovoritsya.Ved by points cover a certain area, so all newly emerged authors will only have to choose where to join (for others. Simply attach a picture). You do not have the part (modders and admins) to climb here.Basil Rights saying that only the author of the picture clearer, where he was filming. With a large range of values. This truth is it will not matter. Over time, all calm down, the radii will result in sootvetstvit and everything will be Ok!

21.03.2016 7:22, Evgeny Komarov

1. Peter, I did when I wrote "(which can still occur - do not come to mind) - the administrator dealing" - that, and wrote that comes to mind that has to do with the point, ie, need Edit "from the" have not seen.Well, what changes? The only thing that comes to mind is when creating a common point the author missed cool (it happens very few times nakosyachil) and set the wrong way, noticed immediately, but it is already attached your pictures to other users. Here so, contact the administrator likely. Although, when the possibility of editing points (ie,transfer pictures from one point to another, etc.) will earn in full, and this resolves easier through mutual contacts.
2. As regards the abolition of the common points: in popular mestah.vopros is not quite clear to me.Although nothing terrible can not see that, instead of one common point in the same Anisimovka will be a dozen, but good, I must say - too. We must think. Better to leave the common points, but the rules stipulate approach to their installation. And, Peter, the general point is now placed by default! Here it and is not necessary.Suppose that by default it will be personal! And as the author of the general will decide if he was approached and asked to make it general.

21.03.2016 14:22, Peter Khramov

The value of the radius of the authors decide to let the pictures, they can always negotiate and come to a common opinion.
Nope, can not. Especially, if unfamiliar. Especially if one of them does not speak Russian. that only the author of the picture clearer, where he was filming
And if these five authors at one point, some of them more clearly than others?

and this resolves easier through mutual ContactsAbout resolves this easier through mutual contacts
Between the three men resolves. Sometimes, even among the five.But men do not so much on the site we have bu (I hope).
but the rules stipulate approach to their installation
Here let us and discuss the approach. Here it is what should be the approach?

With defaults - God be with them until the matter is not resolved at all, whether to stay on site shared points or not.

21.03.2016 15:37, Yuri Semejkin

1). And if these five authors at one point, some of them more clearly than others?
Yes, even at one point in 1000, and all of them all is clear, since they are all in the same radius. If someone enters the claimed range, it simply attaches to other pictures point, and in the absence creates a new one.
2). According to strangers. Yes, everything they can.They especially and do not need to negotiate. All that they need, is a simply attach pictures, similar to paragraph 1. In the case of surplus points to some areas of any author or representative of the administration of the site may come up with a proposal of any changes. everything is solved
3). Especially if one of them does not speak Russian ....In neighboring countries, but can not see any problems related to the lack of knowledge of the language. .... As far zarubezhyu._ Duck for them to have the English version of the site. So No problems.

21.03.2016 20:17, Evgeny Komarov

Peter! Yuri rights. Members, guests will attach to the existing or create your point, and permanent participants always find a way to solve the problem (if such occurs), either between themselves or with the assistance of the administrator. In my opinion, too much attention to this problem. Stipulate that the total points can not be less than the radius of 1-2 km, and everything on it.And outside of this range can still put. And this does not preclude the formulation of new points within the radius of the existing common. Why? Simply because that is the radius, ie, circle, which includes very different habitats. I'm in the same Anisimovka put his particular point within a radius of total on the creek, becauselive along it quite specific types of ground beetles, not to move away from this creek below a couple of meters. Not all types are distributed as evenly as butterflies, although some of them are local.

21.03.2016 20:44, Peter Khramov

Pressing the point now shows the radius of a circle. Editing accuracy of digital data (latitude and longitude) is increased.

22.03.2016 3:11, Yuri Semejkin

Stipulate that the total points can not be less than the radius of 1-2 km, and everything on it.
And this is how? How to measure up the mileage? Scale and line on no map. Watch footage on the speedometer or Gaugeable steps? As -That's not clear. You can of course go to the Earth, there is a possibility to make measurements. But whether it is necessary.Peter introduced the innovation now range in color, clearly was. Maybe this and sufficient? Personal point in common-I like, but only as a biotope. For a small radius will make it easy to find the locality object.

22.03.2016 5:31, Evgeny Komarov

And this is how? How to measure up the mileage? Scale and line on no map. Watch footage on the speedometer or Gaugeable steps? As -That's not clear.
I do not understand, Yuri? What do you mean, how? And the point of the radius of what we have in its properties? You put a radius of 2000 m and all.
Personal point in common-I like, but only as a biotope.For a small radius will make it easy to find the habitat of the object.
This is what is meant.

22.03.2016 5:38, Evgeny Komarov

Peter! No one has written so far - can I have one like this: when you install a new point, if I just ask her range, it is not stored, it remains 0. Only after re-entering through the editing, the radius is placed correctly.

22.03.2016 5:51, Boris Georgi

By the way, yes. I, too, was that.

22.03.2016 6:40, Yuri Semejkin

Sorry Eugene! Something I was blocked, not to get carried away.

22.03.2016 8:39, Evgeny Komarov

Yeah, it happens :)

22.03.2016 12:49, Peter Khramov

With the common points - it seems that they have to turn off just for technical reasons, as soon as we start to knit them not only photons, but also, for example, species. There generally is no place to bring the Old then, who generally view tied, and will complete nonsense ...
With regard to the radius of the newly established points - Okay, check it out.

22.03.2016 15:09, Evgeny Komarov

So bright memory of him :) - points overall!

23.03.2016 6:16, Evgeny Komarov

Only this: to eliminate common need to start editing the images attached to them - because already have points in common with the images of at least two authors. To be able to move them out to join her. Or he is somehow going to solve?

23.03.2016 7:02, Yuri Semejkin

In short! With the common points - it seems that they have to turn off ........ Peter! And then what is recommended? Temporarily not produce on the map any action to clarify situatsiy.i advice. I would like to hear what you can do now on the map and what is not .....

23.03.2016 14:05, Peter Khramov

All you can do, it is desirable not only to strengthen their foty to others' points before finally poreshat question in one way or another.

23.03.2016 14:11, Evgeny Komarov

Peter, one more wish for the future, lapped with the same Plantarium. There you can view a list of your photos (own gallery) and see the photos, which are not tied to a geographical location. For those who have several hundred or even thousands of images on the site, it would be helpful.

23.03.2016 16:43, Ivan Tislenko

Is it possible to implement a binding photo to the point by entering the existing terms in the special field when editing photos? I have a lot of photos with a single point - it would be easier and faster to insert the point number in the appropriate field.

23.03.2016 17:13, Peter Khramov

Eugene, think about it. Ivan, yes, something like that is planned.

24.03.2016 3:38, Yuri Semejkin

Stipulate that the total points can not be less than the radius of 1-2 km, and all this
Eugene! In most cases, yes, I agree. But what to do in cases where insects are attached to the plants common locally (dot), and the removal does not occur. Now I am talking about the parks and gardens, where there is a lot of people.Putting their biotope point, in this case, it did not seem very suitable? Probably in such cases it is better to put the general biotope point, even if it is incorporated into the overall big, with a radius as you suggest 1-2 km?

24.03.2016 5:42, Evgeny Komarov

Yuri, I wrote about it. I'll be back to the same Anisimovka, where the same type of terrain stretches approximately 4-5 kilometers along the road in from Anisimovka to Gribanovka and general point can just stand in the middle of the road, capturing the landscape with a radius of 2-3 km. But ...there are streams, to the narrow coastal zone which is attached a number of interesting species of ground beetles, and the crests of the hills above Gribanovka all other "fairy tale." At any one point in common is not enough. But, again, this is if Peter will be able to solve problems with them in the further development of this service to the species, etc.In principle, it is possible to dispense with the general and - well, not so much in our active members and, even if in 2-3 years or more, their number will double, the problem will not create these things, and if they will, then the problem will be solved by its admission :)

24.03.2016 6:58, Yuri Semejkin

Well, of course.

30.03.2016 1:21, Yuri Semejkin

point, edit point and radius see the number. But the line to attach a picture to a marker somewhere has got to. Somebody will say it's because of the work on the site?

30.03.2016 1:33, Vasiliy Feoktistov

I have everything in place and not gone anywhere.

30.03.2016 7:25, Evgeny Komarov

Yuri will likely not logged in. Attach a picture only when not bound by a photo call.

30.03.2016 9:02, Yuri Semejkin

Eugene ! Yes, more than once already I tried Here not bound shot with ants. I do not find it at any point of the botanical garden, and I can not attach. This is not only a picture, there is at least 1, and also with ants. The rest do not have pictures attached fad attach.
Squares with my common points and also sometimes buggy.Sometimes it is necessary to see the point of not to put ticks and remove them.

30.03.2016 9:10, Vasiliy Feoktistov

This problem is clearly not the site because I have everything working fine at the moment.
Yuri, I seen here a problem specifically associated with your computer.
As one option: we must try to clean your browser cache to start.

30.03.2016 10:12, Yuri Semejkin

Thank you, Basil! Clean Yandex. Computer has become faster. The ticks is not buggy, but the problem with ant remained. I'll see how things will be.

09.04.2016 14:29, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Actually there was a question concerning the division into regions in Chile.
There unspecified number of bugs with approx. this geography: "Chile, Uico Alto, reg X."
What is a region 10 ihnem understanding?
It is necessary to know for the infinitesimal accurate reference to the map because placename Uico Alto can not find on the map. Looks like it's such a hole that is not on the map and is designated (.In this case, arrange knowledge though, would be the region's center, just his number does not give absolutely nothing Russian man :)

09.04.2016 14:34, Peter Khramov

Basil, infa by regions are in Pedivikii and beyond.

09.04.2016 14:53, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Yeah thanks. Whenever I guess yourself before asking a question (stepped) :)
The answer is:
Question shot :)

05.09.2017 22:18, Peter Khramov

Once again I propose to get rid of joint (only joint!) map markers...

07.09.2017 7:17, Evgeny Komarov

I don't use them. But maybe it's only me.

07.09.2017 14:09, Vasiliy Feoktistov

I have no use for the joint markers too.

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