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Speed up maps downloading for the photos pages

Community and ForumWebsite news and updatesSpeed up maps downloading for the photos pages

Peter Khramov, 18.07.2017 21:48

There were some troubles with maps markers download speed, now they are solved. The image pages maps will work considerably faster thanks to Ihor Kyryliuk.


02.08.2017 10:21, Vladimir Bryukhov

It's weird. I don't see markers at all now.

02.08.2017 14:12, Peter Khramov

Vladimir, send me a link to the page with the problem.

02.08.2017 18:01, Vladimir Bryukhov

Any of my photos. For example:

02.08.2017 19:09, Peter Khramov

The photo is not linked to any map marker. Is there a marker with this photo at the main map page?

02.08.2017 20:55, Fedor Ovechkin

I've got similar problem. I can add new marker but I can't link any photo and one of the old markders.

03.08.2017 10:18, Vladimir Bryukhov

The photo is not linked to any map marker. Is there a marker with this photo at the main map page?

I've added a marker but where are all other markers? And markers from other users? I've got only blank map on my photos pages.

07.09.2017 0:41, Peter Khramov

We'll fix it in within days.

09.09.2017 21:10, Peter Khramov

We've fixed it. You can see your map points on the photo page if you are the author of the photo. So it'll be easier to link your photo to your earlier markers.

09.09.2017 21:28, Fedor Ovechkin

It's not working! I can't see my markers.

09.09.2017 21:39, Peter Khramov

Fyodor, I've checked it up, it's working all right. There is some lag between base map info and markers downloading (maybe several seconds — depends on markers quantity and your Internet speed).

09.09.2017 22:44, Evgeny Komarov

Peter, I can't see the markers and it's not just some lag or Internet speed.

10.09.2017 5:53, Peter Khramov

If you can't see your markers, please, send me link and screenshot, I'll see what's the problem.

10.09.2017 8:11, Vladimir Bryukhov

It's working but so slowly...((( And the website at large is working slowly too.

10.09.2017 9:00, Fedor Ovechkin

Peter, I see the markers at Edge browser but I can't see them at Chrome.

10.09.2017 9:56, Evgeny Komarov

Peter, I've sent you the screenshot via email.

10.09.2017 21:04, Peter Khramov

I've tried it at Opera and Chrome. It's working. Don't understand what's matter...

11.09.2017 8:49, Evgeny Komarov

It's working with Chrome! But delay is 30—40 seconds.

11.09.2017 8:53, Evgeny Komarov

And with Yandex Browser situation is still the same. I can't see any markers.

11.09.2017 13:11, Peter Khramov

We'll see into it one more time today.

11.09.2017 18:56, Ivan Tislenko

My markers are perfectly visible in Yandex Browser among other browsers.

11.09.2017 19:01, Peter Khramov

Evgeny, try to refresh page with Ctrl+F5.

11.09.2017 19:43, Evgeny Komarov

Yeah! It's Ok after browser's cash cleaning.

11.09.2017 22:00, Fedor Ovechkin

My markers are online again! After Ctrl+F5.

11.09.2017 22:42, Peter Khramov

Me and Ihor have fixed a couple of minor bugs and now maps speed is sufficiently increased, especially on event if the photo page with map is visited by the author of the photo. For authors: you can click checkbox "Show your markers" to show/hide them.
Thanks to Ihor Kyryliuk one more time for the maps improvements.
PS. To photographers: please, confirm speed increasing.
PPS. And yes, just clear the browser cash or press Ctrl+F5 if you don't see the markers on your photo page.

12.09.2017 12:08, Ivan Tislenko

Yeah, markers' speed is very good now.

12.09.2017 13:05, Evgeny Komarov

I confirm it too. The speed is perfect!

12.09.2017 16:59, Vladimir Bryukhov

Hum... I can't see the markers. Opera 47.0.2631.71.

12.09.2017 17:22, Peter Khramov

Vladimir, send me the link to the photo with this problem.

12.09.2017 18:13, Vladimir Bryukhov

12.09.2017 18:25, Peter Khramov

Vladimir, I've checked it up under your account, at Opera among other browsers and I can see the markers. Try Ctrl+F5 and if nothing will change, send me screenshot of the page.

15.09.2017 23:47, Peter Khramov

Продолжаем работать над ускорением карт. Сейчас обновили страницу редактирования точки, теперь данные на ней (и карта, и характеристики точки для редактирования) будут грузиться гораздо быстрее. Кто сталкивался с торможением в этом разделе — проверьте, если будет тормозить, почистите кэш или нажмите Ctrl+F5.
З.Ы. Есть ли еще у кого-то проблема, как у Владимира Брюхова? Не отловили пока причину...

20.09.2017 23:26, Peter Khramov

На общей карте скорость загрузки пока не изменилась (ибо грузятся сразу все точки, зато потом при работе нет догрузки), но чтобы было хотя бы очевидно, что идет эта самая загрузка, сейчас будет выводиться соответствующая крутилка.
На будущее будем делать, чтобы точки на общей карте подгружались постепенно.

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