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Education: University of Nebraska—Lincoln distance entomology courses

Community and ForumBlogEducation: University of Nebraska—Lincoln distance entomology courses

Lev Bely, 27.03.2012 17:58

The University of Nebraska—Lincoln, NE, chartered in 1869, today is an educational institution of international stature. UNL is listed by the Carnegie Foundation within the “Research Universities (very high research activity)” category. On Feb. 15, 2012 UNL celebrated the 143rd anniversary of its founding.

The University of Nebraska—Lincoln was one of the first institutions west of the Mississippi River to award doctoral degrees since 1896; UNL established the world's first undergraduate psychology laboratory; the discipline of ecology was born here, and the campuses reflect that tradition, being recognized as botanical gardens and arboreta.

In Fall 2011, for the eighth-straight year, the University of Nebraska—Lincoln was among the top 50 public universities listed in U.S. News and World Report's annual evaluation of America's Best Colleges.

The Department of Entomology at the University of Nebraska—Lincoln offers distance entomology courses for self-improvement or even getting a master's degree. Entomology instructors provide students a complete syllabus meeting all UNL standards. Classes are based on current science and follow published schedules and descriptions; instructors are timely in returning grades and in responding to students. Courses overview: Entomology and Pest Management, Insect ID & Natural History, Medical Entomology, Insect Ecology, Forensic Entomology and a few more.

Application information, courses and programs, contact info are at the UNL website

The University of Nebraska—Lincoln,,

Photo: The University of Nebraska—Lincoln,

Stephen Spomer, a UNL research technologist's master class on how to spread a butterfly

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28.03.2012 19:55, Vasiliy Feoktistov

I couldn't watch the video until the end cause it's horrifying indeed. How can he neglect dissecting pins and pin a butterfly through the very wings fixing it to the spreading board? This is rather a master class how one should not spread a butterfly ever.

01.04.2012 8:59, Artem Branshteyn

Totally agree. Sometimes, rarely, it might be spread like this, but never as an example of the right doing.

01.04.2012 10:21, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Seems to be Eurytides marcellus? Much pity. Isn't it protected in USA (I read it somewhere)? No words, just paradox!

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