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07.05.2009 14:23, Peter Khramov: comment on Replenishing the photo gallery of Schaefer Vladimir and Yevgeny Komarov

Eugene and Vladimir supplemented collection of images Inachis io , Zegris eupheme , Euchloe ausonia , Macdunnoughia confusa and Proterebia afra .

04.05.2009 13:25, Peter Khramov: comment on I propose to improve the design of the site

Sergei briefly replied to the forum tomorrow you accomplish your goal even more.

01.05.2009 22:56, Peter Khramov: comment on The site appeared guestbook

If you have any feedback, comments, and other cries of the soul - they are happy to be heard (and, if necessary, and commented) in guest book .

26.04.2009 18:45, Peter Khramov: comment on Another two dozen shots, new types in the website base

Photo unseasoned exotics, including the pupal stage. Links to the updated types: Archaeoprepona demophon Graphium agamemnon Morpho peleides Papilio memnon Papilio rumnzovia Papilio thoas Parthenos sylvia ornithopter Elena (Troides helena)

23.04.2009 20:11, Peter Khramov: comment on Two dozen new images of exotic dried

Continue to spread the dried butterflies ... Links to the updated page views: Attacus atlas Danaus plexippus Delias eucharis Dismorphia amphione Doxocopa laurentia Dryas iulia < / a> Eueides aliphera Eueides isabella Helicunius telesiphe Hyles euphorbiae (Hyles euphorbiae) Limenitis arthemis Mechanitis lysimnia Morpho ...

19.04.2009 14:31, Peter Khramov: comment on Choice sorting Gallery butterflies

Now, sort photos in the gallery is possible not only by the time of publication, but also the title of a butterfly.

16.04.2009 23:01, Peter Khramov: comment on New species of butterflies in the directory of the site and new images

The database site added new species to the gallery - 60 new photos from Sergei Novitsky, Tumanov and Peter Denis Khramov. Links to the updated page views: Hyles Totenkopf (Acherontia atropos) Adela croesella Amphipyra berbera Perelivnitsa Schrenk (Apatura schrenckii) Cameraria ohridella Cauchas rufifrontella Chazara bischoffi Colias aurorina ...

11.04.2009 2:33, Peter Khramov: comment on 30 new pictures of butterflies

Authors photos - Denis Tumanov Sergey Novitskiy and Vladimir Shaver. Links to the updated page views: Aporodes floralis Archon apollinus < / a> plusiinae gamma (Autographa gamma) Chrysocrambus craterella lasiocampidae fluffy (Eriogaster lanestris) Evergestis extimalis Evergestis forficalis Evergestis frumentalis Evergestis politalis lasiocampidae ...

09.04.2009 3:45, Peter Khramov: comment on Update photo gallery after a short break

Photo - Yevgeny Komarov, Sergey Novitsky and Denis Tumanov. Links to the updated types: Agrotis crassa Agrotis exclamationis < / a> Colocasia coryli Colocasia coryli Euxoa nigricans Lacanobia oleracea Marumba quercus Melitaea aurelia Melitaea aurelia < a href = "/ species / mythimna-albipuncta /"> Scoop striped belopyatnistaya (Mythimna albipuncta) ...

31.03.2009 1:40, Peter Khramov: comment on Photo Denis Tumanov and Yevgeny Komarov, Dmitry and Alexander Shpaneva Pozhogin

Photo Denis Tumanov and Yevgeny Komarov,Dmitry and Alexander Shpaneva Pozhogin Links to the updated page views: Emmelia trabealis lasiocampidae fluffy < em> (Eriogaster lanestris) lasiocampidae clover (Lasiocampa trifolii) lasiocampidae clover (Lasiocampa trifolii) lasiocampidae clover (Lasiocampa trifolii) lasiocampidae clover (Lasiocampa trifolii) ...

29.03.2009 22:29, Peter Khramov: comment on Fixed a technical error in the gallery

Last night, in some cases, when moving between pages in the gallery could cause errors. Now there is no.

29.03.2009 8:41, Peter Khramov: comment on New features for the gallery

Now you can select a photo gallery of butterflies photo by the author (photographer) and the stage of development depicted in the photo butterfly. Furthermore, there is a choice of the number of images displayed on a page. Thus, for example, it becomes possible selection of this kind: caterpillar shot Vlad Proklova, with the withdrawal of 25 images per page .

27.03.2009 22:10, Peter Khramov: comment on Photo Denis Tumanov, Irina and Vladimir Marakovoy Schaefer

Links to the updated types: Lentochnitsa red (Catocala nupta) lasiocampidae oak (Lasiocampa quercus) Silkworm oakleaf (Gastropacha quercifolia) Lemonia taraxaci Arctia tigrina Watsonarctia casta Hives (Aglais urticae)

25.03.2009 21:02, Peter Khramov: comment on Photo by Sergey Novitsky and Denis Tumanov

Links to the updated types: Aglossa pinguinalis Agonopterix alstromeriana Ceratuncus danubiella Tupokrylka White (Cilix glaucata) Clepsis pallidana Cydia compositella Cydia internana Female shuttle willow (Earias clorana) Earias vernana Earias vernana Epicallima formosella Nyctegretis lineana ...

23.03.2009 0:38, Peter Khramov: comment on Adding photos

Authors of new photos - Dmitry Pozhogin Denis Tumanov Andrey Sazykin, Evgeny Komarov and Sergey Didenko. Agriopis marginaria moth-moth poplar (Biston strataria) Brachionycha nubeculosa Chiasmia clathrata Conistra rubiginea Cynaeda dentalis checkered avriniya (Euphydryas aurinia) Ognyevka nettle (Eurrhypara hortulata) satyrinae buharnikovaya ...

21.03.2009 16:30, Peter Khramov: comment on Supplement to snapshots Yevgeny Komarov

Updated gallery types: Aedophron rhodites Bear Hebe (Arctia festiva) Bear village (Arctia villica) Calamia tridens Bear-beggar (Diaphora mendica) Bear brown-yellow (Hyphoraia aulica) Bear brown-yellow (Hyphoraia aulica) Lycaena thersamon Lishaynitsa pink (Miltochrista miniata) Copper-butterfly Argus (Plebeius argus) Proterebia ...

21.03.2009 14:11, Peter Khramov: comment on New pictures of Eugene Komarov and Sergey Novitsky

New pictures for the following: Perlamutrovka most (Argynnis paphia) Catocala neonympha Small red ribbon (Catocala promissa) Chrysoestia sexguttella Costaconvexa polygrammata Euchloe ausonia checkered maturna (Euphydryas maturna) Godonella aestimaria Heliomata glarearia Lithostege griseata Krupnoglazka (Lopinga achine) Silkworm ...

19.03.2009 12:02, Peter Khramov: comment on Adding pictures

Today published new pictures.Links to the updated page with descriptions of species: Lzhepestryanka common (Amata phegea) Apocheima pilosaria Bear village (Arctia villica) Carterocephalus silvicola Chamaesphecia astatiformis Podalirius (Iphiclides podalirius) Muschampia tessellum copper-butterfly rimn (Neolycaena rhymnus) winter moth ...

17.03.2009 1:34, Peter Khramov: comment on New photos online

Gallery enlarged photos Eugene Komarov and Boris Loboda, Sergei Novitsky Igor Didenko and Sergey Rokachevskogo: Apocheima pilosaria Apocheima hispidaria Cucullia artemisiae Silkworm oakleaf Eugnosta magnificana Eye Flower Pestrokrylnitsa volatile Silkworm plum cabbage common blue Parahypopta caestrum Eupsilia transversa ...

15.03.2009 12:30, Peter Khramov: comment on New user registration system and upload photos

On the site the opportunity to self-loading photos and drawings of butterflies authors to track the status of uploaded images. The authors have already published their photos on the site are sent passwords. New users can create it , then they have an opportunity to self-uploading photos to the site. At the moment, you can upload the pictures only those species of butterfly that is in the ...

10.03.2009 15:11, Peter Khramov: comment on Format News

Change the format of the issuance of the news. Now, by default, each piece of news is issued on a separate page and not as part of a list of all the news for that date. Accordingly, changed addresses news.

07.02.2009 22:41, Peter Khramov: comment on Small update descriptions

Nymphalis antiopa - additions to the description NYMPHALIS ANTIOPA. Nymphalis polychloros - and large tortoiseshell. Colias croceus - and post horn. Nymphalis xanthomelas - and a new description of a black and yellow Vanessa.

03.02.2009 17:50, Peter Khramov: comment on Fotopopolnenie

Sergei Novitsky, Maxim Schwartz and Vladimir Schaefer provided replenishment photo galleries photos of the following types of butterflies: Idaea degeneraria Idaea ochrata Idaea politaria Idaea rufaria Idaea seriata Scopula flaccidaria Heather moth (Scopula immorata) Scopula marginepunctata Perlamutrovka pandora (Argynnis pandora) ...

13.01.2009 12:50, Peter Khramov: comment on Three more ...

NEW: Photo Prodotis stolida Photo Dysgonia algira Photo Drasteria caucasica

12.01.2009 22:04, Peter Khramov: comment on And New

Adding to the ranks of admirals , green-veined white , NYMPHALIS ANTIOPA and Diachrysia chrysitis .

11.01.2009 1:15, Peter Khramov: comment on New photos of butterflies

Authors - Sergei Novitsky (pictures Aegle kaekeritziana , Elaphria venustula , Deltote bankiana , Tarachidia candefacta , Tarachidia candefacta , Mycteroplus puniceago and Eublemma amoena ) and Andrey Sazykin ( day photo Peacock , including in the caterpillar stage and pupa , picture imago and swallowtail caterpillars , large perlamutrovki , including temnuyu form , ...

28.12.2008 1:03, Peter Khramov: comment on Mario Maier gave more than a hundred pictures of butterflies

After that, the number of species of butterflies illustrated on the site has exceeded six hundred, and the total number of photos in the gallery approached fifteen hundred. Separately picturesque disorder select species for which descriptions of new images are used as illustrations: Zerintiya Spanish Zerynthia cerisy copper-butterfly Orion Satyrium spini ...

24.12.2008 23:44, Peter Khramov: comment on Figures Andrew Bratceva

With the help of drawings Andrew illustrated a further 12 species of butterflies on our website: Pyrgus serratulae Pyrgus alveus speckled hen Sappho Oeneis tarpeia speckled hen tavolgovaya Muschampia tessellum Maculinea teleius Maculinea alcon Sennitsa Gero Sennitsa Arkania Carcharodus alceae ...

23.12.2008 2:39, Peter Khramov: comment on New photos

This time, the author pictures - Simon Coombes. His photo - dozens of species of butterflies, including Perlamutrovka Niobe Glaucopsyche paphos Lycaena thersamon Gonepteryx cleopatra Belyanka mountain Cupido alcetas NYMPHALIS ANTIOPA Euchloe ausonia Satyrium esculi Vanessa indica Leptotes pirithous greenish peat ...

21.12.2008 20:21, Peter Khramov: comment on Another addition to the gallery

Several dozen pictures of Vlad Proklova. Among them are pictures Tinagma ocnerostomella , Phyllonorycter comparella , Nycteola revayana < / em> , Macrothylacia rubi , Marasmarcha lunaedactyla , < em> Goniodoma limoniella , Plebeius idas , Lycaena virgaureae , Prays fraxinella , Ypsolopha nemorella , Ypsolopha vittella , Cydia splendana , Coleophora wockeella , ...

18.12.2008 22:39, Peter Khramov: comment on Photographs from Maxim Schwarz

New photos of butterflies in our gallery .

18.12.2008 20:50, Peter Khramov: comment on Improvements in the interface gallery

Enjoy the gallery and the catalog partition with the list of species for which there is a description of the illustration was a little more comfortable.

18.12.2008 17:32, Peter Khramov: comment on Photo Igor Torgachkin on our website

Added 78 photos, including photos Adscita albanica and Zerynthia polyxena , Lasiommata petropolitana and Maculinea arion , Anthocharis cardamines and Brintesia circe , Glaucopsyche alexis < / a>, Rhyparia purpurata , Arethusana arethusa and Proterebia afra , Argynnis pandora , Melitaea diamina , Minois dryas and Satyrus ferula .

15.12.2008 22:50, Peter Khramov: comment on A couple of dozen new photos

New photos of the following butterfly species: Neozephyrus quercus - Zephyr oak Thecla betulae - Zephyr birch Trachea atriplicis - Scoop lebedovaya Hamearis lucina - Lucyna Macroglossum stellatarum - hummingbird hawk-moth Lymantria dispar - Silkworm unpaired Plebeius argyrognomon Libythea celtis - Nosatka leaf- Pyrgus ...

14.12.2008 2:05, Peter Khramov: comment on Additives

Additives to Sennitsy Arcania and Sennitsy Pamphylia .

09.12.2008 23:01, Peter Khramov: comment on We describe

Deposit / addition: Tolstogolovka blackish Green Hairstreak Nosatka leaf-

02.12.2008 0:13, Peter Khramov: comment on 2 shot-bears from Elena Horev

Once a bear and two bear . Both - Kaya.

09.11.2008 16:16, Peter Khramov: comment on Minor amendments

Treatment of minor glitches within descriptions butterflies kind of Oligia .

02.11.2008 0:30, Peter Khramov: comment on Descriptions

A bit of new data tolstogolovki dash , tolstogolovki point , copper-butterfly rimn , theclinae Vyazovaya , ornithopters and Helena zheltushki saffron.

08.10.2008 23:50, Peter Khramov: comment on New photos in the amount of 4 pieces

Adding to the gallery butterflies : two shots Lycaena dispar , one - Carterocephalus silvicola and Thymelicus lineola .

04.10.2008 19:10, Peter Khramov: comment on Scoops still not over

Lined microdescriptions the following types: Scoop pine Scoop plevelnaya belopolosaya Scoop turf Hadena bicruris Scoop clove seed Hadena rivularis dull gray moth garden Scoop clover Scoop shirokospinnaya alder Cerastis leucographa moth reddish spring Scoop herbal Scoop cabbage Scoop ...

03.10.2008 20:00, Peter Khramov: comment on New definitions of new scoop

The next regular scoop description: Scoop earthen limbic Scoop rough Scoop el-white Scoop striped pale Mythimna unipuncta Scoop striped belopyatnistaya Scoop striped yellow-brown Scoop belokraynyaya Scoop Wheat Euxoa aquilina Scoop chernopyatnistaya Euxoa recussa Scoop lebedovaya Rusina ...

02.10.2008 23:00, Peter Khramov: comment on A little more than a shovel, good and different

The new party old women: Actinotia polyodon - Scoop brown mammal Cosmia pyralina - Scoop brown Elm Cosmia trapezina - Scoop yellowish Elm Enargia paleacea - Scoop pale hardwood Oligia latruncula Oligia versicolor

01.10.2008 23:00, Peter Khramov: comment on Scoops continues

Adding to the descriptions of the scoop: Scoop light Burano cereal Apamea sordens Apamea crenata Scoop large field Scoop golden plantaginaceae Paradrina clavipalpis Scoop lilac spring Amphipoea fucosa Scoop Tillage Scoop hawthorn kisteusaya Scoop crustal wading Scoop crustal Tenaya gray

30.09.2008 22:50, Peter Khramov: comment on And further. Scoops

New information for dozens of species: Scoop biryuchnaya Female shuttle willow Earias vernana plusiinae gamma Autographa pulchrina plusiinae iota plusiinae gilded winter moth Archiearis notha Vesennitsa ordinary Scoop crustal yellow-brown Hoplodrina octogenaria Scoop ground light gray Scoop ...

29.09.2008 23:55, Peter Khramov: comment on Another moth. And dustpan

Two dozen new definitions ... Scoop pistachio Scoop mi Scoop Greater South Scoop Serpokrylov Scoop galloway Scoop red-green Scoop zubchatokrylaya Scoop gray Goroshkova basket-mouths dlinnoschupikovaya Scoop willow moth trapping black moths moths contrast Larentsiya ordinary moth thyme ...

28.09.2008 23:45, Peter Khramov: comment on New definitions

It added about forty new miniopisany butterflies, mostly mikrocheshuekrylyh and moths: gooseberry moth moth motley celastraceae moths birch Epione repandaria moths limbic blueberry moth planed moths hawthorn moths lunchataya chetyrehpolosaya moths angular alder moths angular birch moths angular ash stripped ...

18.09.2008 19:44, Peter Khramov: comment on New pictures of butterflies from Valerie Maslennikova

The gallery - photo poplar lentochnika , descriptions - blue sash and Rheumaptera undulata .

17.09.2008 21:10, Peter Khramov: comment on Photo of two new travyanok

First travyanka: Titanio normalis . Second travyanka: Evergestis desertalis .

31.08.2008 4:31, Peter Khramov: comment on Added a lot of photos

Reloading images that were not already because of the bug that was just fixed a. Now Gallery 1000 photo butterflies .

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