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25.04.2008 1:55, Peter Khramov: comment on Copper-butterfly rimn

Information this Red a blues from the Red Book.

23.04.2008 13:13, Peter Khramov: comment on Big night peacock eye

He - pear pavlinoglazki .

18.04.2008 21:00, Peter Khramov: comment on Hives and day peacock

Two of the most famous Nymphalidae: Aglais urticae - urticaria and Inachis io - Daily Peacock .

15.04.2008 21:02, Peter Khramov: comment on Set lentochnikov and other Nymphalidae

Namely, added another piece of information for the following: Vanessa cardui - Painted Lady Vanessa atalanta - Admiral Neptis sappho - char Sappho Neptis rivularis - char tavolgovaya Limenitis camilla - lentochnik Camilla Limenitis populi - lentochnik poplar Limenitis reducta - Single row lentochnik

14.04.2008 20:40, Peter Khramov: comment on Two additional perelivnitsy

Adding another species and information about it - perelivnitsa Schrenk (Apatura schrenckii) and additions to the second type - perelivnitsa small (Apatura ilia) .

13.04.2008 17:50, Peter Khramov: comment on Adding to the description of a large perelivnitsy

Description as before, located in the same place

11.04.2008 18:00, Peter Khramov: comment on The site became faster

Performed additional work to optimize your site code is now issuing the pages, especially with descriptions of individual species will become even faster. Even if this site decided to completely deflate a couple of fans with teleports.

10.04.2008 18:00, Peter Khramov: comment on Article Maxim Klepikova

« Rare and protected species of butterflies (Insecta: Lepidoptera) Polovtsian-Kupanskogo bog ».

08.04.2008 20:40, Peter Khramov: comment on Tolstotel Paralebeda femorata

Has laid out a modest description Ussuri tolstotela .

07.04.2008 20:50, Peter Khramov: comment on Continuing the theme shelko- lasiocampidae

Pachypasa otus - tolstotel cypress Dendrolimus segregastes - cedar moth Dendrolimus pini - lasiocampidae pine Odonestis pruni - moth plum

30.03.2008 14:44, Peter Khramov: comment on Silkworms kind of Gastropacha

Today kratenko considered two European (and not only European) species belonging to the genus with the romantic name bellied moth . Outwardly, they both - and Gastropacha quercifolia , and G.populifolia similar, but the differences are still there, both in the adult stage, and caterpillars from the pupae, and in addition, a second species - poplar moth - occurs much less often the first - ...

28.03.2008 20:00, Peter Khramov: comment on More silkworms - good and different

Edited descriptions herbal and Malin silkworms, added information on new types of - silkworm Ussuri grassy , shelkopryadu notched gray and reddish silkworm notched .

27.03.2008 21:00, Peter Khramov: comment on Maintenance Pack lasiocampidae

List updated or newly added types: Lasiocampa trifolii Lasiocampa quercus Eriogaster neogena Eriogaster lanestris Eriogaster catax Eriogaster rimicola Poecilocampa populi .

26.03.2008 20:30, Peter Khramov: comment on New information on the Catocala and Malacosoma

Additives to the descriptions purple and blue sashes and ringed silkworm . New definitions Pyreinoye and Euphorbiaceae silkworms.

25.03.2008 21:00, Peter Khramov: comment on And about lasiocampidae (supraspecific taxa)

Addenda to certain types lasiocampidae: Moth fenestrated lasiocampidae pine lasiocampidae ringed . And a description of their supraspecific taxa: lasiocampidae Silkworm motley Silkworm hairy Silkworm fluffy Silkworm spineless lasiocampidae Silkworm raspberry Tolstotel Silkworm coniferous Silkworm cereal Silkworm ...

24.03.2008 20:50, Peter Khramov: comment on Lasiocampidae and other residues lentochnits

The remains: Catocala fulminea - yellow sash Catocala promissa - a small red ribbon lasiocampidae and others: Dendrolimus pini - Pine lasiocampidae Lasiocampa trifolii - lasiocampidae clover Macrothylacia rubi - lasiocampidae raspberries Lasiocampa quercus

21.03.2008 18:00, Peter Khramov: comment on Supplement to Catocala nupta

Catocala nupta .

26.02.2008 20:31, Peter Khramov: comment on Continuing the theme Catocala

Today, additions and updatings for species such as willow sash , blue sash , purple lentochnitsa , red and yellow sash , southern yellow sash , dark yellow sash , yellow sash .

22.02.2008 21:00, Peter Khramov: comment on Four Ribbons

Catocala pacta - pink ribbon Catocala promissa - small red ribbon Catocala sponsa - purple lentochnitsa Catocala dilecta - southern red ribbon.

21.02.2008 21:00, Peter Khramov: comment on Continued lentochnits

New definitions: poplar sash (Catocala elocata) , ivovaya sash (Catocala electa) . Editing old: lentochnitsa red (Catocala nupta) .

16.02.2008 21:00, Peter Khramov: comment on Ribbons

Home Topics sashes , corresponding subfamily lentochnits and the first several kinds: Catocala fraxini - a blue sash Catocala sponsa - purple lentochnitsy Catocala nupta - lentochnitsy red .

05.02.2008 0:00, Peter Khramov: comment on Nedoobnovlenie information

By trivia about forest pests. And other fruit trees.

04.02.2008 18:45, Peter Khramov: comment on Sennitsy

Sennitsa glitserion (Coenonympha glycerion) Sennitsa Gero (Coenonympha hero) Peat satyr (Coenonympha oedippus)

04.02.2008 12:45, Peter Khramov: comment on Continued Chernushkas

Erebia montana - Nigella goanta Erebia alberganus - Nigella Cato Erebia triaria - Alpine satyr Erebia stirius - Nerina Erebia pandrose - Lapland satyr Erebia epistygne - Nigella stigna

03.02.2008 18:50, Peter Khramov: comment on Ringlets

Today, the talk was about the glorious way Chernushkas. Thanks not modern, but quite capacious work K. Lampert, to update the description of the existing species and then add something new - t. E. Those for which the earlier descriptions on our site were not. So, the new information about the following types: Erebia tyndarus - Nigella Tindaro Erebia ligea - Nigella coffee ...

02.02.2008 18:45, Peter Khramov: comment on Hundreds of new pictures of butterflies

The site features many pictures of butterflies from the Vlad Proklova - a man not only versed in butterflies, but do not shoot them Lenya.

29.01.2008 19:00, Peter Khramov: comment on Descriptions additions - monarch and satire

Descriptions butterflies: A new Danaus chrysippus - Danaus Chrysippus Supplemented Pyronia tithonus - krupnoglazka yellow-brown Hyponephele lycaon - small krupnoglazka Maniola jurtina - ox eye Melanargia galathea - pestroglazka Galatea

11.01.2008 17:00, Peter Khramov: comment on 3 new scoops

New definitions of butterflies from the family of the scoop: Swiss scoops (Rhyacia helvetina) , своки-притворщицы (Rhyacia simulans) and big scoops zheltokryloy (Noctua pronuba) .

29.12.2007 19:00, Peter Khramov: comment on New definitions butterflies Nymphalidae

Recent updates to the description and the latest new description: Lentochnik Camilla Lentochnik poplar checkered avriniya checkered southern checkered red

24.12.2007 21:20, Peter Khramov: comment on Perlamutrovki. Checkered. Old. New.

Melitaea athalia Boloria selene Boloria euphrosyne Brenthis ino Issoria lathonia Argynnis aglaja .

20.12.2007 14:20, Peter Khramov: comment on For more information about the authors

Today posted stories about the two of them - Vlade Proklova and Maxim Klepikova .

19.12.2007 1:30, Peter Khramov: comment on Perlamutrovki - old and new

Four types: large forest , adippa , Niobe , pandora .

18.12.2007 20:00, Peter Khramov: comment on Again couple

The addition to the description of pestrokrylnitsy and the beginning of a new specification - greenish perlamutrovki (Argynnis laodice) .

15.12.2007 23:00, Peter Khramov: comment on Again, a couple, and again - Nymphalidae

Complemented by the story of the two representatives of the family: painted lady and Admiral .

12.12.2007 20:10, Peter Khramov: comment on And a couple of Nymphalidae

hives with NYMPHALIS ANTIOPA < / a> head cycle to supplement the description of a family of butterflies Nymphalidae .

12.12.2007 19:10, Peter Khramov: comment on Now - the authors and years descriptions

Due to numerous requests / observations are now available for each type of author and year of description.

12.12.2007 18:18, Peter Khramov: comment on Another triple satyrinae

Today is Dryad (Minois dryas) , small krupnoglazka (Hyponephele lycaon) and ox eye (Maniola jurtina) .

12.12.2007 15:15, Peter Khramov: comment on Photo by Elena kenunen

The photos of the day and night butterflies from Elena kenunen. Among them: Thymelicus lineola , Spilosoma lutea , Pyrrhia umbra , Polyommatus amandus , Axylia putris , Autographa excelsa , willow perelivnitsa (Apatura iris) .

11.12.2007 23:05, Peter Khramov: comment on Brizeida and buharnikovaya satyrinae

A couple of lines in addition to the description of the types: satyrinae buharnikovaya , brizeida .

11.12.2007 17:00, Peter Khramov: comment on Several dozen new photos Maxim Klepikova

Thanks to Maxim Klepikov, the site appeared the following picture of butterflies. Teleiodes proximella Teleiodes luculella Teleiodes alburnella Satyrium w-album - theclinae Elm Pyralis regalis Pterostoma palpina Pseudotelphusa scalella Pseudophilotes vicrama Polypogon tentacularia Polyommatus semiargus - ...

10.12.2007 20:30, Peter Khramov: comment on Once again Semel

Additions: H. semele .

07.12.2007 15:00, Peter Khramov: comment on Snapshot tracks Aporia crataegi

congregation of caterpillars Aporia Crataegi shot Thank Ivushkin.

06.12.2007 13:00, Peter Khramov: comment on Lucyna

Actually ... Hamearis lucina .

02.12.2007 22:12, Peter Khramov: comment on Circe

Additive. Circe .

30.11.2007 21:20, Peter Khramov: comment on Sennitsy. Different. 3 pieces

Actually: Coenonympha glycerion - Sennitsa glitserion , Coenonympha arcania - Sennitsa Arkania , Coenonympha pamphilus - Sennitsa ordinary .

29.11.2007 19:35, Peter Khramov: comment on Traditional Quartet satyrs

Galatea ( Melanargia galathea ), velvet ( Lasiommata maera ), shrew ( Lasiommata megera ), Egeria ( Pararge aegeria ).

28.11.2007 21:15, Peter Khramov: comment on Rhode Erebia

In the following example of its representatives: Erebia aethiops - Ethiopian , Erebia medusa - jellyfish , Erebia ligea - League , Erebia euryale - Euryale .

26.11.2007 20:10, Peter Khramov: comment on And again, and again - copper-butterfly

Continuing the theme Lycaenidae . The descriptions of new species, editing old ones. In general, as usual. Lycaena alciphron - ducat purple Lycaena hippothoe - ducat sorrel Lycaena dispar - ducat unpaired Lycaena virgaureae - scarce copper Lycaena tityrus - ducat chernopyatnisty Lycaena helle - ducat bluish Lycaena phlaeas - ducat ...

25.11.2007 20:02, Peter Khramov: comment on And a beautiful copper-butterfly

So it called. « copper-butterfly beautiful ». Polyommatus bellargus .

25.11.2007 19:40, Peter Khramov: comment on Kratenko of tolstogolvkah

Description of a new species - tolstogolovki Morpheus (Heteropterus morpheus) and supplements to the two old - tolstogolovke ezhegolovnikovoy (Erynnis tages) and krepkogolovke Palemon (Carterocephalus palaemon) .

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