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03.09.2015 22:38, Leon Ortlieb: comment on photo #42621

Of course we could not help but making photo of them. It's not a retouching photo (better quality if you open it). I was glad to see how happy was my granddaughter when loosing butterflies.

03.09.2015 22:27, Leon Ortlieb: comment on photo #42619

I wanted to find something special for my granddaughter when she graduated first grade, something that could courage her interest for nature. I found a cage with zip and transparent cover so it was easy to observe. Then put there peacock eye and small tortoise-shell caterpillars. besides I made same present to my niece. Children were happy to receive such presents! Granddaughter told me that it ...

31.08.2015 12:09, Leon Ortlieb: comment on photo #42484

Peter, the questions that you can not answer, despite the fact that you are a biologist, are a sign of yellow? Many people firmly believed in the idea of ​​communism, but time has shown that it was a fantasy. We were taught the doctrines that fit existing then leadership. And all dissidents removed and destroyed, for example Vavilov and others like him.We are destroying people like ...

30.08.2015 15:45, Leon Ortlieb: comment on photo #42484

Peter, I understand your desire to receive adequate information. Otherwise, if you believe all the information can be printed and tales of Santa Claus to believe, and to consider the actual or delusions about Wallace and Darwin, and live with that. (However, we kind of touched on this subject, and colleagues asked then move and make a separate topic. I have not found where you moved.I am pleased ...

29.08.2015 22:33, Leon Ortlieb: comment on photo #42484

Then explain what kind of yellowness pozhalusta question! and what is "all but the pop nonsense." It looks like I missed the modern jargon of the Russian language. Previously, there was a class of people that without the mat-peremat could not speak Russian. Absolutely. But you're not one of those looks. But in plain Russian can be explained. Explain pozhalusta ..

29.08.2015 15:25, Leon Ortlieb: comment on photo #42484

Peter, about yellowness really leave. Taken so already yellow rapeseed sheet. And infoy, it is not clear that the site is interesting, what it is not. As in previous times, despite the fact that the site did not have Russian names a butterfly, I found NAME threw, and to this day the pale meadow joker without a name on the website .. I do not know what's ...

29.08.2015 0:43, Leon Ortlieb: comment on photo #42484

Like migrating birds, these butterflies migrate from North Africa and the Mediterranean to the far North flying thousands of kilometers. The British made the research "Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), and reported that back to the south returned 4 times as more than flew away to the North. There is too little feed in hot south climate, and the species have to migrate to ...

28.08.2015 23:10, Leon Ortlieb: comment on photo #42483

According to the determinant, in rare cases, ox eye 2 eye can have that here there ..

25.08.2015 17:17, Leon Ortlieb: comment on photo #42379

Lays an egg.

24.08.2015 15:20, Leon Ortlieb: comment on photo #42367

Question .. Last time I put the male Polyommatus icarus, is now female, and to the underside with an almost-open wings. It seems to me now represented in the collection are .. Do I need to, and whether it makes sense to put this kind of still on different food plants (like here on the daisy) and the next.visits to other plant species, (color), on which it feeds? Of course not meaning just sat ...

23.08.2015 14:49, Leon Ortlieb: comment on photo #42331

Nicholas, if you want to know those people in person, please visit the museum on the left side of the column, the word museum will add. Column Wissenschaftler, click and you'll see many Russian names. If they know, they talk more than I .. However, it must be so, internationally.And dividing by Pindos Pindos or is not present among normal individuals. This ...

23.08.2015 14:14, Leon Ortlieb: comment on photo #42331

Please use google translator and try to translate There is that 50 of the dead lepidepteriologov left their collections. Currently, watch over 30 scientists. (Part of the foreign guests). Many expeditions have been conducted on the territory of the former USSR. (and consequently there is in the collection). But you yourself read moving text.

23.08.2015 10:00, Leon Ortlieb: comment on photo #42333

Russian name was be- Pale meadow moth. (Not shown on the website).

23.08.2015 9:54, Leon Ortlieb: comment on photo #42333

Thank you, Alexander !!

23.08.2015 0:06, Leon Ortlieb: comment on photo #42330

So I boldly put, and genus and species .. Gluck which received .. Do not worry .. Basil, explain please, what boot here on the site as the pictures are losing? Loading 1000 pixels on the wide side, and the picture is reduced and the quality is lost .. Why so ??

22.08.2015 21:37, Leon Ortlieb: comment on photo #42331

I think that this kind of tvarinka Udea, but the Internet did not find closer .. Go to the Witte Museum in Munich, where he collected 10 million moths nor desire nor makes no sense .. (There many leading lepidopterist country dying bequeathed their collections.) And it is very far to go to Munich .. And I want to know what it is .. Can anyone help?

20.08.2015 23:02, Leon Ortlieb: comment on photo #42307

He arrested her and planted tomato sheets in a cell. Maybe someday it hatches. Like the caterpillar of garden shovels? Or anyone else that sees to the caterpillar?

20.08.2015 9:22, Leon Ortlieb: comment on photo #42292

Thanks Basil! I know. Only, perhaps, different subtypes? Or?

19.08.2015 22:10, Leon Ortlieb: comment on photo #42291

Not a healthy interest in sex ... (Spider looks out from under the sheet).

17.08.2015 0:49, Leon Ortlieb: comment on photo #42229

"Scientists do not obstinacy, and the search for the truth :)" And you humorist but ..

17.08.2015 0:33, Leon Ortlieb: comment on photo #42229

I agree that the name does not come from biologists. Although sometimes in a particular area by biologists NAME You just do not understand who or what it is. We in Asia are (biologists and biology) called Siberian ibex tekami and not otherwise. Ask an ordinary hunter of Capricorn, and the majority of whom do not understand it.So with scaly Osman whom the people called trout. I have never ...

16.08.2015 19:50, Leon Ortlieb: comment on photo #22543

Basil Alexander, now convincing.

16.08.2015 14:01, Leon Ortlieb: comment on photo #22543

Asked to search Chetone phyleis, clicked pictures, nothing like that has popped up. In another case, otherwise. It would be useful to see the site and the page where you take the Old, and why are you in such a particular conclusion was ....

14.08.2015 23:33, Leon Ortlieb: comment on photo #42208

Gore, of course it loudly. Just a couple of hundred meters. For local farmers that fancies a mountain, and for the guys from the Tian Shan, a mountain that is the navel ..

12.08.2015 21:55, Leon Ortlieb: comment on photo #42173

Wikipedia is that after the investigations conducted by Bellmann, despite NAME in Latin Butterfly nothing to do with birch has no .. caterpillars feed on various plum (blackthorn, plum). In addition, Tolman and Lewington claim that doll "coddling" or her care ants Lasius niger (Black Garden Ant). Who knows about more?

11.08.2015 23:14, Leon Ortlieb: comment on photo #42155

The Germans gave the revelers NAME pigeon's tail. Perhaps there is something ..

10.08.2015 15:59, Leon Ortlieb: comment on photo #42102

Goodness! Simple and Research in quotes .. Okay. I can perefotat German determinant table, no question. Something to translate if necessary. But of course, these tables can not be exhibited here, and it is necessary to make your own. And with improvements. If you need to give the address of Internet - shop where the determinant of the day butterflies there.

10.08.2015 13:49, Leon Ortlieb: comment on photo #42102

Peter, "2. pop" unscientific. "" Let's replace the word for amateur determinant for fans. I forgot to say that under these tables reference is made to page 60, where there is also a lively Belyanko photo, close up. (On page 59 is a description of the form. 2 form (their description) on one page.) And normally, the tables are guided, then you check the description of the indicated page .. .

07.08.2015 17:21, Leon Ortlieb: comment on photo #42102

Dmitri, in this case, yes. But it is also self and between species. If you do a real determinant, to date, the only way, and applying for comparing similar close - (Kie) species. This will be the determinant of demand and a bookshelf. And it will be clear to all amateurs, without what it takes to teach anatomy and spets.zhargon butterflies ..Those couple of hundred butterflies Palearctic, it ...

07.08.2015 10:12, Leon Ortlieb: comment on photo #42102

Peter raised the issue of the determinant site. I support, I think that's somewhere around so it should look .. The differences illustrate the differences in the photo and arrows and circles to identify those specified area. How could a Belyanko. Type "inner corner of the upper wing Belyanko step" etc ..And especially important with similar views .. This is coupled with the description of the ...

04.08.2015 16:13, Leon Ortlieb: comment on photo #42076

It got so bad, apparently frayed, and after one fotovystrela fall .. But similar to those Ph other butterflies, the Portuguese, who would like to put more, not yet. Is there still tolstogolovka. But it is not in the bill. Main European butterfly (Charaxes jasius), the biggest, has failed to see .. What a pity.But he saw another, no less ...

04.08.2015 13:12, Leon Ortlieb: comment on photo #42071

Maybe for Spain it is? From the point to the border of Spain 30 kilometers if the air ..

03.08.2015 23:45, Leon Ortlieb: comment on photo #42072

I think that it's some other Portuguese beauty, but what else is out there and fly, I do not know ..

03.08.2015 23:39, Leon Ortlieb: comment on photo #42070

Thank you! The task is complicated .. On the third .. Just a couple of seconds and put!

03.08.2015 23:05, Leon Ortlieb: comment on photo #42049

Basil, I'm sorry. I copied and sent to the search. Why double the link was not clear .. Oh well ..

03.08.2015 13:15, Leon Ortlieb: comment on photo #42049

Vasily that opened: Http:// Page Not Found Try searching for desired material, starting from the home page. Those others do not zygaenidae, try to unearth the evening ..

03.08.2015 10:42, Leon Ortlieb: comment on photo #42049

Basil, and is there and the curator of the Portuguese species? I still have a couple of obscure evening cleared, find lay ..

02.08.2015 9:54, Leon Ortlieb: comment on photo #42042

The most unpleasant thing is that I have, download and went to sleep ..

30.07.2015 16:54, Leon Ortlieb: comment on photo #41983

Here he is! No idea how to find his mom and dad ..

30.07.2015 16:29, Leon Ortlieb: comment on photo #41976

Thank you! I've got another beautiful beast (reprimand with the Portuguese accent). But can anyone help me or tell me, among some of the family .. Now look zapostchu!

30.07.2015 15:15, Leon Ortlieb: comment on photo #41976

The only picture I have of this kind in the archive .. Soon there will perefotat .. Made in Portugal last night vacation ....

30.07.2015 10:35, Leon Ortlieb: comment on photo #41952

Peter is just the theory of evolution - is faith. About scientific it is not out of the question! One of the tenets of science states that "Any experiment must be possible to repeat the check." The theory of evolution is not repeated, and it is not possible to verify. Therefore the theory (or rather some fantasy).

30.07.2015 10:08, Leon Ortlieb: comment on photo #41952

Basil is very interesting history of the origin of the theory of evolution. Seen the movie .. English Field biologist Alfred Russel Wallace on the instructions of the British Crown was 4 years on the islands of the Malay Archipelago. He studied the flora and fauna.For example, he would shoot any animal, remove the skin and sends it to England, he describes his appearance and newfound fame is ...

29.07.2015 19:49, Leon Ortlieb: comment on photo #40400

What was there? I encountered the same thing here, in the cherry. Also it looked interesting. I found it Yponomeuta evonymella, bird cherry mole was. Somewhere in the archives of the past years should be a photo of the gusennits. What have you been?

29.07.2015 19:32, Leon Ortlieb: comment on photo #40400

I hope you saved the situation in your city? Come and identified tracks?

29.07.2015 19:13, Leon Ortlieb: comment on photo #40400

If you know what galls on the leaves, the cooler you are already candidates of science!

29.07.2015 18:17, Leon Ortlieb: comment on photo #40400

Again I lost my koment. Dmitry come anyway! Let lovers will appreciate the graduate spices. I will tell the true story, and you will appreciate .. Spring was Altyn Emel reserve. It was assigned to us in accordance with the order (2 and / machine) the guide, the candidate of biological sciences And ...When he began to show in the galls on the leaves and explain that in this way multiplies ...

29.07.2015 16:41, Leon Ortlieb: comment on photo #40400

The ark built amateurs, the Titanic experts .. Dmitri, why did you decide that it is a shame when a person without a diploma called the expert? Do all dealt with a diploma? or tomorrow holders of diplomas sell ice cream? The knowledge available, and many fans are classified sometimes broader or in a narrow sector is stronger than the owners of diplomas.Once upon a time, when the pictures to ...

29.07.2015 10:07, Leon Ortlieb: comment on photo #41947

"What kinds of photos that exhibit full on the site?" It was clear to me. But without points on the map, perhaps, too little sense. It was understandable, with hope for the future .. What date is realized, and for what hours?

29.07.2015 9:40, Leon Ortlieb: comment on photo #41947

Thank you Alexander! There is another question .. Why is it necessary to specify the time of shooting the common species here on the site where the mass? I am afraid that in addition to the moderator, this one does not pay attention ... And a photo of ordinary species, few treats. Or am I wrong ??

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