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04.06.2015 16:05, Alexander Kuzmin: comment on photo #27546

Erannis golda very variable, may be straight sling, can be curved. From E. jacobsoni different difficulty - marked narrowing of the edge sling from the top of the wing to the rear edge and strongly convex root sling. Here E. golda: But E. jacobsoni: Both definitions are checked. In my opinion, the photograph still E. golda.

11.03.2015 6:57, Alexander Kuzmin: comment on Scopula caricaria

The Keys to the insects of Russian Far East, is Viydaleppom for "Yu Hub., Prim., Yu Sib. Wed. band and SE Europe. H. - Wed Yu and Europe. - In steppe landscapes, and dry meadows." Why species not in the catalog in 2008 - a mystery.

29.04.2014 17:18, Alexander Kuzmin: comment on photo #28910

This species is identified correctly. international entomological community. Terms of use and publishing policy.

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