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15.07.2015 16:05, Evgeny Kotelevsky: comment on photo #36257

I guess it Actias selene

15.07.2015 9:12, Evgeny Kotelevsky: comment on photo #41398

Peter, I agree that it is a pity, but the road will lie down and wait for a precise definition

15.07.2015 9:11, Evgeny Kotelevsky: comment on photo #41398

Dmitri, in vague, so vague in order to exactly how we will understand. And you as genital differences define photo? If not mistaken, then this tie is necessary to keep in the hands of

14.07.2015 10:22, Evgeny Kotelevsky: comment on photo #41398

Dmitry, I'm not an entomologist, and the difference can not explain to you ... that's defined on the site - international entomological community. Terms of use and publishing policy.

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