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05.07.2011 20:24, Svetlana Aminchikova: comment on photo #9557

This was female, cause after it there was a mass of eggs on the camomile stem and leaf. We put it to a flowerpot where along with hibiscus there were somehow wild strawberries also. Who knows, maybe there can be the next generation? Give me a clue, is it possible? I'm absolutely ignorant and shallow in raising butterflies...

04.07.2011 14:56, Svetlana Aminchikova: comment on Pericallia matronula

In early July this curiosity was found by us in the most that neither is on Asia - South Western Siberia, near the city of Prokopevsk Kemerovsoy area. That is, the habitat has changed? Global warming? She had behaved very sluggish and not aktivnichal, really like unearthly-who want to approach and look to take home.Wood was the usual deciduous -bereza / aspen, shady hill slope. Visiting more went ... international entomological community. Terms of use and publishing policy.

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