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31.08.2014 17:12, Alexander Boldyrev: comment on photo #14223

I see this is not oculea but some Amphipoea (looking at that specific spot)... All mine A. oculea have that dark "eye" spot whilst others amidst the species have no any or just some ordinary spot. Anyone please comment that dark "eye" spot in the middle round spot in oculea.

31.08.2014 16:59, Alexander Boldyrev: comment on photo #32829

In my view, the definition of Basil - true. A. oculea differs from other larger (relative to the size of the wing) and more rounded kidney-shaped spot. Also, the shape of the wings - shorter and wider than the other species. The site types Amphipoea defined Matov AY from photographs.

28.08.2011 14:54, Alexander Boldyrev: comment on photo #2045

"...Also, Sungaya is Alexandr Boldyrev who is one of authors. Hope, he will make it clear". Personally, I can't make it clear cause I'm not a pro either don't know why it's signed as griseata, or the shot location. If we're talking about this species and if it can be in Moscow region, as far as I know from special sources I've got, there can be only comae in Moscow region. So ... international entomological community. Terms of use and publishing policy.

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