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Other questions. Insects threads at

Other Insects threads not subject to the previous sections. Travels, links to interesting (media) sources, species IDs made on other websites, questions aka “I found a larva in my backyard” and so on.

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Help with identification please! 11.03.2018 15:24 Jolynn van Duffelen

Picture taken today, March 11 2018 in Qatar. [img][/img]

11.03.2018 15:26 Jolynn van Duffelen, Help with identification please!

What's it (help with a beetle identification) 13.07.2017 2:52 Valentina Ezhova

Please, help with identification! 25 Jun 2017, The Volga river, around Cheboksary city (Russia).

13.07.2017 19:11 Valentina Ezhova, What's it (help with a beetle identification)

Vasily, thank you! Next time I'll try and change size of the photos before uploading them.


Нашли личинки белого цвета на окне. Эти личинки периодически появляются и на домашних растениях. Недавно были обнаружены и оранжевые ...


Помогите с научным описанием тропических бабочек и жуков 23.05.2017 13:48 Tetyana Monosiuk

Здравствуйте! В фонд краеведческого музея поступила коллекция тропических бабочек и жуков. Все насекомые определены, но для ...

24.05.2017 11:17 Tetyana Monosiuk, Помогите с научным описанием тропических бабочек и жуков

Простите, но загрузить фото не смогу. Надеялась, что по примеру ботанических определителей, ...

Помогите определить жука)) 15.05.2017 23:57 Rostislav Oleinik

Помогите определить вид жука, очень похож на Жужелицу Лопатина, но не уверен. Цвет спинки переливающийся синий с зеленым, брюшко ...

24.05.2017 7:53 Vasiliy Feoktistov, Помогите определить жука))

Новороссийск. Ростислав уже написал под этим фото (оно и в галерее есть):

Entomological toolkit: useful links on lepidoptera and more 31.01.2011 10:49 Vasiliy Feoktistov

We happen to need such for identifying stuff. So I open this special subj where we may share ours (what's found somewhere).

06.04.2017 12:17 Vasiliy Feoktistov, Entomological toolkit: useful links on lepidoptera and more

Ресурс в одночасье стал платным (( Стоит теперь удовольствие пользоваться 50 евро в ...

Куплю 17.11.2016 10:14 Elena Balueva

Куплю образец Libellula depressa. Пишите, пож., на почту

17.11.2016 10:14 Elena Balueva, Куплю

Куплю образец Libellula depressa. Пишите, пож., на почту

Нашествие мух на даче 14.09.2016 12:51 Waleri Lebedeva

Помогите разобраться с огромным количеством мух на втором и третьем этажах дома. Стены-кирпич с отделкой,окна-дубовые со ...

15.09.2016 22:21 Shamil Murtazin, Нашествие мух на даче

У нас один год на даче на зимовку в евровагонку забились. Когда начали олифить фасад - вот ...

Домашнее разведение 30.08.2016 13:26 Vadim Strykalo

Недавно у меня дома начали появляться жуки-долгоносики. Я стал их собирать и выкидывать, а потом решил их разводить. Держу в небольшом ...

30.08.2016 13:35 Evgeny Komarov, Домашнее разведение

Вадим, в Волгоградской области мне известно 306 видов, реально не менее 400 видов долгоносиков. ...

СРОЧНО!!! Помогите, пожалуйста, найти!!! 13.08.2016 12:19 Elena Balueva

Очень прошу поймать зкземпляры древоточцев. Нужно для приготовления гомеоп. лекарства. Нужны живые экземпляры Cossus cossus или Lamellocossus ...

13.08.2016 17:55 Peter Khramov, СРОЧНО!!! Помогите, пожалуйста, найти!!!

Василий, ты уже помогал как-то по этой тематике. Подмагнешь еще разок?

Помогите определить мотылька 23.06.2016 3:55 sanches 76

Помогите пожалуйста определить, что за насекомое, мотылек. Очень интересно, никогда таких не видел Найден: Усть-Илимск Иркутской обл. ...

24.06.2016 3:48 Yuri Semejkin, Помогите определить мотылька

Да тут вообще ничего не видать, одни контуры. Не надо такие кидать сюда.

Just an interesting shot 22.02.2016 23:58 Shamil Murtazin

29.05.2016 15:33 Shamil Murtazin, Just an interesting shot

Continuing the theme! =) From yesterday night fishing. I noticed that revelers very comfortable with the transition to the hand (when he calmed down and sat down on the ...

Books about insects 14.08.2015 11:17 Yuri Semejkin

Basil ! There infa for you. Come to Andrei Lobanov in the news section of 08/14/15 there was invited to book ML Danilevsky. 2014 Beetles-horned beetles (Coleoptera, Cerambycoidea) of Russia and neighboring countries. Part 1 Kind of like your ...

03.05.2016 11:00 Yuri Semejkin, Books about insects

The site is offered ZIN Atlas determinant SV Pushkin mёrtvoedy beetles (Coleoptera, Silphidae) Russia. In the form of a PDF file. ...

может кто знает? 25.03.2016 22:34 Mrhail Kruglov

Somewhere in the 70 small rest in Odessa, in the holiday house "Lighthouse". And he saw an insect: they represented a wasp about 7-10 cm with rudimentary wings.. I saw it almost every day (I like the insects, specifically went to see). Then I read ...

27.03.2016 20:38 Peter Khramov, может кто знает?

We have to go and look again; -)

Помощь в определении видов бабочек на почтовых марках 27.01.2016 0:19 Mihail Voronkov

The question formulated in the title of the theme: on postage stamps showing species of butterflies are often unsigned name of the species, but in this issue and need assistance. Original Source: unspecified types:

30.01.2016 21:04 Alexander Belousov, Помощь в определении видов бабочек на почтовых марках

The FB has lived and replenished such a topic, why not here to do? You can ...

Что это за органы на лапках у птицекрылок? 18.12.2015 22:24 Vassiliy Zakharchenko

It looks like brushes for antennas. On both front legs (males and females).

18.12.2015 22:24 Vassiliy Zakharchenko, Что это за органы на лапках у птицекрылок?

It looks like brushes for antennas. On both front legs (males and females).

Чем нынче модно травить гусениц, вредящих на яблонях? 14.11.2015 16:47 Peter Khramov

Gardening question. There are some interesting thread of know-how in this area?

16.11.2015 17:58 Evgeny Komarov, Чем нынче модно травить гусениц, вредящих на яблонях?


It is interesting 07.11.2015 2:30 Yuri Semejkin

Estimate of the number of species of insects of the Far East of Russia on orders Coleoptera- the most numerous group of insects in the world (360 000 species, of Bouchard et al., 2009) and the Palaearctic (100 000 species, of Konstantinov et al., ...

08.11.2015 17:22 Shamil Murtazin, It is interesting

If the same kind of spread in regions like butterflies on the blue, all these tables are obtained automatically;)

Butterflies and moths breeding 22.07.2015 6:37 Alexander Belousov

Friends help advice or send to those who help! :-) Demolished female@@Parnassius apollo@@ssp. merzbacheri. What to do with eggs. How to store. Week hanging in the cage can be dried up? How to determine the "viability" of the material? I would be ...

22.07.2015 17:32 Alexander Belousov, Butterflies and moths breeding

Thank you for your participation, but how to bring up and bring to the adult stage, I know. I have a specific case - Apollo. With him I was not the case. Here advice is ...

Does anyone have extra Loxostege sticticalis? 11.07.2015 13:45 Peter Khramov

If there is or will be, then there man needs one or two pieces. Zanebesplatno. In Moscow. Mail vinita_91 # (@ instead of #) Galina.

16.07.2015 10:02 Vasiliy Feoktistov, Does anyone have extra Loxostege sticticalis?

Lasiocampidae course (moth sometimes colloquially referred to). Euthrix potatoria, of course)))

Determine the type of 04.08.2013 14:11 Qshka Jah

In the courtyard saw a huge caterpillar black, oily, long, at the end of the blue spike. flat snout, hairless body. what is it? We live in Novosibirsk. Thank you

28.06.2015 19:42 Vasiliy Feoktistov, Determine the type of

In uploading the picture. In this phrase: "Whatever you did not download the photo, be sure to read basic requirements for photographs on our website ."

Checklists by regions. 17.12.2014 22:43 Dmitriy Pozhogin

Is there a list moths Far East Russia?

09.01.2015 4:56 Yuri Semejkin, Checklists by regions.

Regarding extra. volume. Keys to insects of the Far East of Russia. Additional volume. Analysis of Fauna and general index nazvaniy. Vladivostok: Dal'nauka, 2011.-552 .. In ...

Legend floors 06.12.2014 14:16 Yuri Semejkin

In some sources there are graphic symbols males (circle up arrow) and females (down arrow icon). Along with this more common letter of the U. What does it mean?

07.12.2014 0:36 Fedor Ovechkin, Legend floors - found here is short.

Butterfly alphabet 16.01.2014 10:18 Shamil Murtazin

Spotted a post of the letters on lepidoptera wings. Somebody took pains and collected the whole alphabet :) Would be great to know also the species...

26.05.2014 17:36 Peter Khramov, Butterfly alphabet

It is possible that different types of the same figures may be, and within species variation itself is quite uncommon. In general, yes, indicating the species would be nice ...

The structure of the wing Arctia caja 13.05.2014 20:29 Shamil Murtazin

Hello! Spreads last a long time pressed bear Kaya. On the front there is a mechanism of the wings of the spring return of the wing: the hook on the wing and body stiff bristles, which is for the hair clings. Who can tell us about that moment or ...

16.05.2014 19:02 Vasiliy Feoktistov, The structure of the wing Arctia caja

The front wing hook called "Yugum" and rear recess beneath it, the wings are engaged with each other in flight and work synchronously, but it is only at many raznousyh ...

Is there somewhere a list of parts of a butterfly's wing, which is applicable to the characteristics of "color"? 03.03.2014 2:10 Peter Khramov

Ie that is used in the qualifiers or it would be reasonable to use them with TZ colors? For example: wing background, color stains, sling veins. Continue pliz, if anyone can. Or please poke source if somewhere it is written.

04.03.2014 17:08 Peter Khramov, Is there somewhere a list of parts of a butterfly's wing, which is applicable to the characteristics of "color"?

No, the determinant, of course, fail. Ie technically nothing prevents, but ...

Help to get some dried specimens of micromoths in Gelechiidae and other families 04.12.2012 20:10 Sangmi Lee

Dear all, I am currently a collection manager at the Hasbrouck Insect Collection at Arizona State University, USA. During the past over 15 years I have been working on systematic research on Gelechiidae. I need to get some help to borrow some ...

07.01.2014 2:35 Peter Khramov, Help to get some dried specimens of micromoths in Gelechiidae and other families

Comments only now translated from the English version (, ...

Nice to meet you) support novice, please. 10.12.2013 11:34 Anna Gerasimova

I am newbie. I thought that would be, to say to all, "Hello." It so happens that I live in Southeast Asia (India, Nepal). Butterflies here very much, began to take pictures, and then determine on Internet resources and now I can not stop))) I hope ...

10.12.2013 23:16 Anna Gerasimova, Nice to meet you) support novice, please.

Thank you for your hospitality! and a tip to "first aid kit" special ...

In Tai ... 30.10.2013 15:55 Svetlana Shchavelina

And I'm in the middle of November in Tai (for, though ...) Fly away! I hope, bring you some photos. And another friend of Ty said that where she lives, in May, is the invasion of butterflies all around them plastered. Here I think now as I would ...

30.10.2013 20:27 Sergei Kotov, In Tai ...

Have a good trip! Get plenty of interesting species, good pictures and ...

Sphinx ligustri pupa 24.02.2013 16:01 Boris Lariushin

Hello everybody! So I am a photographer and post photos on this website. I've got Sphinx ligustri pupa for already second winter. The pupa is alive. I took it with my hand and put it to the light to make a shot and it started budging, made me ...

25.02.2013 15:47 Vasiliy Feoktistov, Sphinx ligustri pupa

Yeah..... They all appeared in time or even earlier. Didn't see another.

Butterflies and tattoos 04.09.2012 20:34 Olga Averyanova

So I incidentally spotted this gorgeous, imo, artwork, a t-shirt pattern that can be used as a tattoo design. It's not that I like to damage my skin, just each person is on his/her own as well the very ...

06.09.2012 22:21 Lev Bely, Butterflies and tattoos

Awesome sketch.

Butterfly identification 23.08.2012 20:34 Alex Dumchus

Dear community. I uploaded 4 photos. The first one from above is probably Ch.paradoxa??? Since its wing cut-out looks much similar to other Chilias. Below is Euploea mulciber. Then I added its large photo and undersides, and Euploea undersides.

25.08.2012 19:06 Peter Khramov, Butterfly identification

Alexandr, photos uploaded, check the comments when you get online. Guys, ...

Photo of undersides 24.07.2012 11:28 Alex Dumchus

I've added all photos of undersides you asked for.

25.07.2012 15:59 Peter Khramov, Photo of undersides

Right, uploaded them to the gallery.

The link to the Euploea crameri photo for Vasily Feoktistov. 18.05.2012 20:06 Alex Dumchus

19.05.2012 0:09 Vasiliy Feoktistov, The link to the Euploea crameri photo for Vasily Feoktistov.

Ok, Petr, that's worth doing indeed to have it near at hand when ...

Micropterigidae 25.03.2012 15:27 Michael Kurz

I´m engaged in revisionary work of non-ditrysian lepidoptera, especially Micropterigidae (see: Since our knowledge of Micropterigidae from all parts of the former Soviet Union is ...

25.03.2012 15:27 Michael Kurz, Micropterigidae

I´m engaged in revisionary work of non-ditrysian lepidoptera, especially ...

Butterflies identifying 15.02.2012 21:04 Galina Sokolova

Thanks a lot for your help in identifying butterflies. Just one remark, some brown butterfly is named here as the Dusky Meadow Brown (@@Hyponephele lycaon@@) while there is no such things in our neck of the woods since it's kind of hot for them to ...

16.02.2012 1:22 Peter Khramov, Butterflies identifying

Galina, the Synev catalogue says that H. lycaon is rather possible to meet ...

Request 23.11.2011 22:15 Evdokia Alexandrova

I rather have a request a little bit different) How can I get my photos would be seen to all?

23.11.2011 22:58 Peter Khramov, Request

Photos which you add to the website are not published automatically. First ...

Request 23.11.2011 22:13 Evdokia Alexandrova

Dear community, please, help me to identify species I added!

23.11.2011 22:55 Peter Khramov, Request

After you having published your photos at the website, people can comment ...

Noctuidae 12.11.2011 16:10 Andrey Ponomarev

Whoa, whoa. Added 130 Noctuidae photos 1280 pix on the long side. Petr, there might be some errors, I'll fix that if you notice. Also, big thanks to all those who assisted in species identifying. Huge regards, Andrey, or even just Gennad'iych for ...

12.11.2011 21:27 Peter Khramov, Noctuidae

Fine! I see pics, no failures. Hopefully, I will publish these the soonest ...

Extra Laothoe populi pupa 31.10.2011 10:16 Peter Khramov

If anybody needs one (in Saint Petersburg), please, take it out not to get lost. Connect by e-mail ("at" instead of "sharp"). The contact person is Fedosov Y. V.

31.10.2011 10:16 Peter Khramov, Extra Laothoe populi pupa

If anybody needs one (in Saint Petersburg), please, take it out not to get ...

Please, help to identify a butterfly and a caterpillar. 19.06.2011 9:54 Nina Zagarskikh

Added shots of a butterfly and a caterpillar. Please, help to identify. Very curious. Thanks.

19.06.2011 18:44 Peter Khramov, Please, help to identify a butterfly and a caterpillar.

So, there are answers: and ...

Russian name. 10.03.2011 13:49 Alexandr Zhakov

Please Semeykin to Yuri, duplicate their Russian names butterflies Latin. And in almost every Russian-language source of the name for the DV butterflies. Prokomentirujte what kinds you mean under such names: Kraeglazka Eastern, Chinese satyrinae, ...

10.03.2011 13:49 Alexandr Zhakov, Russian name.

Please Semeykin to Yuri, duplicate their Russian names butterflies Latin. ...

Note on Polyommatus blues 27.01.2011 20:34 Andrey Sazykin

28.01.2011 0:29 Andrey Sazykin, Note on Polyommatus blues

Basil, in this case I'm talking about myself - that I should see the ...

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