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Photo #16644: Cosmia unicolor


Cosmia unicolor

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Base gallery. Upperside. Alive insect.

Photo, and identified by: Yuri Semejkin. Image redone at the website

Date and time, location shooting/catching: 2012-09-14 00:00:00, Vladivostok, the Academic town.

Comments on this image

13.02.2014 0:32, Alexandr Zhakov

It seems to me, the definition of a photo anyone not offended when corrected, can be no doubt, there may be errors on either side, when there is a very good business disskusiya. and usually born truth (as it may be). Far East, for me, the dark forest, Kononenko and to help me.:) And the definition of the photos ?, I justify all who do it, wrong everything. :) Need to be error-tolerant. truth will prevail :)

13.02.2014 0:23, Irina Nikulina

Alexander completely! Agree about the difficulties of determining the photo and of course, about the "everyone can make mistakes")! (Just today, you corrected me again)) I'm not in any way want to point out a mistake, just saw the photo hanging in the debate, but even then you did not mind the definition of haze.

13.02.2014 0:16, Alexandr Zhakov Corrected data.

Cosmia camptostigma / Alexandr Zhakov Cosmia unicolor / Yuri Semejkin.

13.02.2014 0:15, Alexandr Zhakov

Irina, everyone can make mistakes, I am very often determined by online resources, and there, too, there is always the possibility of error. As he wrote, I also appeal to the mat, for help in determining Dumb complex species. But we should always remember that the definition is on the photos . Other, when the matter is determined by hand, you can see the lower wings, the back side is visible size can be welded. I was a year ago was not opposed to the transfer. Now I bear itself :). And at the moment to accept a particular mats.

12.02.2014 23:14, Irina Nikulina

Alexander, there was such a long discussion not on the particular photo, it seems to me, it has been forgotten that gave her a start) A imenno- doubt in determining the residence foto.Ya think there really Cosmia unicolor, instead camptostigma. Revised weight Cosmia with Asian sites, determining the current If you need to, then I'll write links.

31.01.2013 10:26, Viktor Kolesnikov

Petr, thanks! I see the website is progressing and improving! what's great! I just used to have daily discussions on, and here instead few day breaks occur when nothing happens. :) Sure, each has its own specifics, and butterflies require meticulousness and diligence.

29.01.2013 16:48, Peter Khramov

Thread continuing in part there:

28.01.2013 23:39, Peter Khramov

As for distinctions between species, there is even a special section to add the info on the species description page, not very popular though, not many fill this out. If it can be designed another way, more handy, please tell me and I'll try to think it over.
As for discussions, so they get risen when someone has something opposite to what's said or something to add to the preceding message. Or she/he put a question like why decided like this or that. Species get IDs easily, one just name it without long consideration and explanations. Good that species get IDs whatsoever. Still some questions stay unanswered, for one a few from Lev who has been quite active as of late asking about photos, but he usually gets no reaction or little, and this all goes to Open case, and so on...
"You've got a new comment" mail feature will be enabled later. Now My subscriptions just appeared, so it's a short way to My mails.
If something left uncovered, feel free to continue the thread.

28.01.2013 11:40, Viktor Kolesnikov

Good day! So I read it through and want to say something too. I'm not a professional biologist nor even a collector of butterflies or flowers, just an ordinary amateur photographer and thus I'm interested much more in the story of my pic and its value as well as that very butterfly or moth I shot. Erst I was curious too about why discussions were brief if ever happened, usually just one phrase informing that the photo got moved. Removals, for one, never discussed. Yury mentioned where I'm as well engaged as possible. There the identification process and discussions are way more open and closer to people, local guys as are ready to argue as to explain, they give links and even guide you through identification keys, not to mention that you've got special message of that the discussion starts. Not to judge you, just wanted to encourage Yury :)

28.01.2013 10:16, Yuri Semejkin

"Yury, why not to talk this over on the very species photo page"
Petr! I don't object discussions on the species photo page (when you know the thing you talk about), but there is plenty of lepidoptera (not necessarily mine) that actually have no any discussions about. Would be great to have so-called collage or summary to have distinctions clearly seen, even elaborated in this specific vernacular language of entomologists. Who wants, can find some additional info on the web.

28.01.2013 0:56, Peter Khramov

Yury, why not to talk this over on the very species photo page or on the taxon one? The final info may be added to species descriptions what's already enabled as a feature. In case this doesn't seem convenient, what will be better then? Let's consider and I'm ready to make necessary changes.

26.01.2013 10:48, Yuri Semejkin

"Yury, why not to pose questions from amateurs to pros right now, what does the website lack?"
Petr! I'd like at times to know something more of taxonomy, to understand the core of a certain ID, to have some clear photo (drawing) explaining the thing.
It comes often that not only I can't identify the specimen but may even confuse families, like with this moth, which I deemed tortrix before Alexandr identified it like one of a different family. It might be easy for someone deeply involved, but for others who just have a casual interest like hobby, this may be rather tough thing. Anyway, would be great to fill this gap at least a bit.

25.01.2013 12:56, Alexandr Zhakov

Yury, I myself apply to Matov in difficult cases. What you suggest is already realized on,, where they got discussions and somewhat non classified images by group. Here instead everything's classified, dicussions are separated though.

25.01.2013 11:59, Peter Khramov

Yury, why not to pose questions from amateurs to pros right now, what does the website lack?

25.01.2013 10:22, Yuri Semejkin

There do exist websites with such discussions already, but with cuts amidst you all (first, taxonomists), maybe we should engage amateurs with their dilettante questions, why not? Besides, some realized and use that. Truth should be sought.

25.01.2013 10:11, Yuri Semejkin

Why, this may depend on how good one knows a certain group. There is an Eastern proverb "Teacher grows being learned from everybody". We might create kind of plantarium website where amateurs can talk to pros (which are, in fact, few on here). Sure, pros don't have much time, but at least some things get answered, and many people will be able to know more... Maybe, things get better in Russia with that.

24.01.2013 19:49, Alexandr Zhakov

ID by photo can be a wrong thing, whilst I compared this one to pics on other websites, Matov has at hand the WHOLE collection of the Zoological Institute RAS, obviously, he should know better :)

24.01.2013 2:22, Yuri Semejkin

A. Y. Matov from the Zoological Institute RAS has different opinion, I cite him below, with his consent:
"I deem this moth is Cosmia unicolor (Staudinger,1892), a close relative of the trans-palearctic C. affinis (which is in Primorye too), from which the first one differs with pattern and colour. Cosmia camptostigma looks a little bit different (also larger in average).
All the best,

12.01.2013 21:32, Peter Khramov

Moved just as #16645.

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