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Photo #23642: Atrophaneura alcinous


Atrophaneura alcinous

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Photo, and identified by: Yuri Semejkin. Image without retouching at the website

Date and time, location shooting/catching: 2013-09-22 00:00:00, Окрестности Владивостока

Photographer's comment: Гусеница и куколки неплохо устроились на обычном железе. Естественно всё это рядом с лианами Aristolochia manshuriensis и A. contorta

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25.10.2013 13:00, Yuri Semejkin

Biological research station on mountain taiga ", 2006, № 10 In this collection makes no mention of the fact that kirkazona pupae were taken. Here, as in others. References traditional approach-Braley caterpillars pupate, they give altsinoya.None of the search engine (in Russian) can not find any of information-either text or image, Where to mention, it shows images of dolls altsinoya on kirkazona. That someone taking pupae (not caterpillars) and not only kirkazona, but also others. Trees cultivated butterflies. .............. If someone saw a similar info, please, -Kinte link.Just please note - delete reference to cases of domestic cultivation. Since in this case, the caterpillars simply have no other choice but to pupate in a confined space on what is necessary, what to eat, that is, glass containers for food plants.

02.10.2013 0:00, Yuri Semejkin


30.09.2013 18:34, Irina Nikulina

Thank Ure. The network is not found, if You take in BPI, then will question)

30.09.2013 10:59, Yuri Semejkin

On kirkazona Alcina also noted. Here is a link Yuri! As far as I know, such a picture, as you write, that is, crawl and pupate who where there and zimuyut.Mogut and kirkazona crust. It observed Omelko MM Read his article about biology altsinoya in the book "Biological research station on mountain taiga", 2006, № 10, p.186. The library BPI He is - VA

25.09.2013 0:03, Yuri Semejkin

Sea question still awaits a response.

24.09.2013 22:02, Irina Nikulina

Thank Evgeniyu- clarified the situation. I wonder why they prefer to pupate anywhere except kirkazona?) It would seem so comfortable in the winter, you can get in the folds / convolutions huge vines, between the maze of trunks ...

24.09.2013 12:07, Yuri Semejkin

Il! Actually the first pupae found Slobodskoy. This is his first clues have been found pupae. It was only later found Lena and others. Various locations on the trees and objects.

23.09.2013 22:51, Irina Nikulina

Ure, wow! Here is the answer to the question of what to do with this crazy number (for this year) caterpillars altsinoya!) I remember going to look in the leaf litter) - and they won both are attached!) Love to see the entire series. Well, just "bunches" !! Valuable information you have extracted the weekend! I wish I had gone sooner, that would look at these wonders!)

22.09.2013 12:29, Yuri Semejkin

As seen in this and other. Images for the larvae and pupae are not necessarily the presence of leaves Aristolochia manshuriensis and A. contorta. They are quite happy and improvised plants and objects are near these plants.
With regard kirkazona then strangely enough, I never saw the pupae attached to these plants as they say in the literature.

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