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Photo #27446: Hypena nigrobasalis


Hypena nigrobasalis

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Base gallery. Upperside. Alive insect.

Photo, and identified by: Yuri Semejkin. Image without retouching at the website

Date and time, location shooting/catching: 2013-06-15 00:00:00, Владивосток, Ботанический сад-институт ДВО РАН

Comments on this image

14.02.2014 12:56, Alexandr Zhakov

When identifying by pic, mistakes can be done, all we're doing here is just share our suppositions about species, the more approximate the more similar and close in colour species are. I have a great respect to Matov, still identifying by pics gives just a supposition about species, and that's basically good. Moved. Doubts kept though :)

14.02.2014 12:49, Alexandr Zhakov Corrected data.

Hypena stygiana / Irina Nikulina Hypena nigrobasalis / Yuri Semejkin.

14.02.2014 12:25, Yuri Semejkin

Alexandr, the ID was done by pic. What confuses you?. I know that Kononenko is known as a best in Far Eastern noctuids and I keep in touch with him, though not regularly as he's often out of the city. If you do want, I'll give him this pic as he's back here, hopefully he'll reply. What's so confusing in Matov's ID? He knows the region quite well and often collaborates with Kononenko. Once ago some pro in your Western noctuids wrote me that Matov was one of the best experts here.

14.02.2014 11:42, Alexandr Zhakov

Yury, did he identify by photo? One more question, you've got in Vladivostok a pro in Siberian noctuids, Vladimir Kononenko, why don't you ask him for help? I've just checked his book where both two species are described, feeling confused, can't choose by pics. The species are similar, alive moths though look kinda different. If no chance to ask Kononenko, we'll move.

14.02.2014 8:11, Yuri Semejkin

Hypena nigrobasalis (Heiz). Identified by A. Y. Matov, Zoological Institute RAS.

08.02.2014 20:49, Alexandr Zhakov Corrected data.

Not identified Hypena stygiana / Confidently identified / Irina Nikulina.

08.02.2014 17:15, Irina Nikulina

I think this is Bomolocha stygiana (Butler, 1878)
Here it's called Hypena most probably.

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