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Photo #27902: Boloria dia


Boloria dia

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Base gallery. Lateral/Underside. Alive insect.

Photo: Alexsandr Martukov. Image without retouching at the website. Identified by: Sergei Kotov

Date and time, location shooting/catching: 2012-08-23 00:00:00, Вологодская обл., Великоустюгский р-н., Орловское поселение, правый берег реки Лузы, д. Обрадово, лужайка у храма Василия Великого.

Photographer's comment: Непонятно окрашенный экземпляр, с размытиями цвета и узора на исподе. Точка на оранжевой перевязи едва проступает. Три пятна, отличающие вид от selene на нижних крыльях отсутствуют или сильно размыты... Эфросина или Селена? Полезно бы сравнить с эталонными образцами.

Comments on this image

06.03.2014 21:33, Alexsandr Martukov

In any case, thank you!) I have butterflies rented only three years. Dia in the "underside" I did not come across as well as in private collections gained a new copy!)

06.03.2014 21:17, Alexsandr Martukov

Not so straightforward ... The region from west to east stretches over 650 kilometers ... We were influenced by the Urals, and Babaevo - Baltic! Not Hilo, yes!
Interestingly, the list Sineva - Maturna, Adippa, Niobe, Admiral absent from us, but in fact they are! Pafiya should be on the list, but we have not yet come across!

06.03.2014 15:45, Sergei Kotov

Boloria dia in the Vologda region has unambiguously.

06.03.2014 15:33, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Alexander sent to the mailbox specified in the profile.

06.03.2014 15:21, Alexsandr Martukov

Thank you! It is necessary to list! Wait understand "field trips" over the last two seasons!)

06.03.2014 14:58, Vasiliy Feoktistov

According to the list Sinev had to check. If it is not: I can send :)

06.03.2014 14:44, Alexsandr Martukov

Once I Diu rejected and did not check, I thought in our region is not found ...

06.03.2014 13:20, Vasiliy Feoktistov Corrected data.

Boloria euphrosyne / Alexsandr Martukov Boloria dia / Sergei Kotov.

06.03.2014 12:54, Sergei Kotov

Neither one nor the other. Boloria diait.

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