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Photo #34854: Lymantria dispar


Lymantria dispar

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Base gallery. Upperside. Alive insect.

Photo, and identified by: Olga Titova. Image without retouching at the website

Place of shooting/catching: Сахалинская область, Холмский район,окраина города Холмск

Photographer's comment: Определить помогли в Интернете, до этого ни разу не встречали непарного шелкопряда. Осенью в газете "Советский Сахалин" была заметка, что бабочку завезли с лесом с материка на Сахалин. Как узнать, что правда: завезли или живет на Сахалине непарный шелкопряд?

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06.11.2014 13:58, Peter Khramov

Well, yes, do not zabyvaaem that on our website you can watch the Old by regions out of the blue in a more comfortable manner and without jumps books. For example, to Sakhalin:[]=38

06.11.2014 10:26, Alexandr Zhakov

Olga, if true, all the determinants of DV are on the same site, and the blue of the directory there should be more. :)

06.11.2014 9:33, Olga Titova

Shamil and Basil, many thanks. Downloaded guide Sineva indeed present n. moth in our region. So it is possible to start new issues, new discoveries. A guide to the Far East who can throw?

06.11.2014 8:39, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Sinev catalog in a format djvu put here:
Program - viewer for this format can be downloaded here:
Fifth volume to the insects DV I, unfortunately not (

06.11.2014 7:42, Shamil Murtazin

Olga, Sinev only in book form =)
Lymantria dispar in the region 38 (Sakhalin) on Sinev present.

06.11.2014 5:13, Olga Titova

I read that in the Primorye Territory, too, periodic outbreaks of gypsy moth and newspapers cry about his importation. Perhaps and Sakhalin. Friends, tell me, who have an electronic version to the insects of the Russian Far East is 5 and the catalog of Lepidoptera (Lepidoptera) of Russia. Ed. SY Sinev. St. Petersburg .; M.: Association of Scientific Publications KMK 2008.

05.11.2014 16:51, Alexandr Zhakov

He lives with you. :) Probably as elsewhere periodically gives mass flashes and start talking about the importation. They brought it to North America. :)

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