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Bombus Monochamus galloprovincialis Nabidae Tatianaerhynchites aequatus Tychius quinquepunctatus Psalidium maxillosum Orthotomicus proximus Crypturgus cinereus Anthonomus pomorum Ips duplicatus Pityogenes chalcographus Stegobium paniceum Tropinota hirta Callosobruchus Rhyzopertha dominica Tentyria nomas Holochelus aequinoctialis Pedinus femoralis Anisoplia agricola Platyscelis polita Tanymecus palliatus Rhynchites bacchus Omophlus proteus Ips sexdentatus Tenebrio molitor Syntomoides imaon Pararge aegeria Cacyreus marshalli Papilio dardanus Papilio bromius Papilio mechowianus Daphnis hypothous Clanis undulosa Cechenena lineosa Rothschildia lebeau Celastrina argiolus Gonepteryx rhamni Aglais io Lycaena phlaeas Euchloe ausonia Euchloe ausonia Nymphalis polychloros Macroglossum stellatarum Panolis flammea Pieris napi Celastrina argiolus Pieris rapae Nymphalis antiopa Nymphalis antiopa Lasiommata megera Pheosia gnoma Batrachedra praeangusta Epicallima formosella Pheosia gnoma Pheosia gnoma Drepana falcataria Lepidoptera Acleris forsskaleana Yponomeuta malinellus Cameraria ohridella Batrachedra praeangusta Eudemis porphyrana Yponomeuta evonymella Yponomeuta malinellus Enargia paleacea Anacampsis blattariella Enargia paleacea Cosmia trapezina Cosmia trapezina Cosmia trapezina Cosmia trapezina Heliothis viriplaca Caradrina clavipalpis Pyralis farinalis Cydia pomonella Cydia pomonella Yponomeuta evonymella Yponomeuta evonymella Amphipoea fucosa Acleris forsskaleana Amphipoea fucosa Amphipoea fucosa Amphipoea fucosa Amphipoea fucosa Acleris forsskaleana Phyllonorycter corylifoliella Acleris forsskaleana Acleris forsskaleana Aporia crataegi Cyaniris semiargus Melitaea athalia Ochlodes sylvanus Ochlodes sylvanus Ochlodes sylvanus Melitaea athalia Limenitis camilla Crambus pascuella Archips rosana Archips rosana Pandemis heparana

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