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Sauris eupitheciata Sauris contorta Lepidoptera Trotocraspeda divaricata Trotocraspeda divaricata Maxates thetydaria Lepidoptera Tanaorhinus viridiluteata Tanaorhinus reciprocata Pingasa alba Tanaorhinus viridiluteata Eucyclodes albisparsa Paramaxates spinivesica Paramaxates spinivesica Comostola laesaria Lophophleps triangularis Agathia codina Lepidoptera Lepidoptera Chrysocraspeda sanguinea Ziridava xylinaria Idaea craspedota Lepidoptera Metallaxis semipurpurascens Lepidoptera Ericeia amanda Lepidoptera Lepidoptera Comibaena attenuata Lepidoptera Mixochlora vittata Tanaorhinus viridiluteata Lepidoptera Lepidoptera Maxates inaptaria Lepidoptera Lepidoptera Lepidoptera Lepidoptera Comibaena albimarginata Protuliocnemis partita Lepidoptera Lepidoptera Arichanna melanaria Lepidoptera Ericeia amanda Scopula insolata Problepsis apollinaria Lepidoptera Lepidoptera Idaea macrospila Lepidoptera Lepidoptera Abaciscus tristis Gunda ochracea Risoba walshae Risoba walshae Lepidoptera Sinarella albeola Lepidoptera Claterna cydonia Targalla subocellata Episparis monochroma Sarbanissa transiens Sarbanissa longipennis Lepidoptera Nemophora paradisea Nemophora paradisea Sarbanissa transiens Lepidoptera Lepidoptera Lepidoptera Lepidoptera Lepidoptera Pterothysanus laticilia Nemophora paradisea Nemophora paradisea Lepidoptera Lepidoptera Lepidoptera Lepidoptera Acolutha pictaria Berta zygophyxia Autoba pectorora Atacira melanephra Atacira caesia Peridrome orbicularis Asota producta Asota plana Asota plaginota Asota heliconia Asota ficus Asota egens Argyrocosma inductaria Archaeobalbis cristata Apsarasa radians Aporandria specularia Anuga multiplicans Anuga multiplicans Anuga insuffusa

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