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Parides aglaope callicles Parides aglaope callicles Parides tros tros Parides tros tros Parides tros tros Parides tros tros Papilio pericles Papilio pericles Battus philenor philenor Battus philenor philenor Cethosia myrina ribbei Cethosia myrina ribbei Morpho menelaus amathonte Morpho menelaus amathonte Atrophaneura kuehni Atrophaneura kuehni Battus crassus Battus crassus Battus belus belus Battus belus belus Amathuxidia plateni Amathuxidia plateni Kallima albofasciata Kallima albofasciata Morpho helenor anakreon Morpho helenor anakreon Morpho marcus marcus Morpho marcus marcus Coscinocera hercules Coscinocera hercules Coscinocera hercules Ennomos autumnaria Nyridela xanthocera Hasora anura Hasora anura Papilio androgeus epidaurus Isognathus excelsior Isognathus excelsior Junonia goudotii Amastus ochraceator Othorene verana Oeneis lederi Epiphora rectifascia Tajuria cyrillus Tajuria cyrillus Crinodes besckei Crinodes besckei Isanthrene perbosci Eupackardia calleta Eupackardia calleta Prepona escalantiana Prepona escalantiana Sumalia daraxa theoda Colotis ione Colotis ione Colotis antevippe zera Colotis ione Colotis ione Papilio polyxenes asterius Chlosyne gorgone Cercyonis pegala nephele Vanessa annabella Euptoieta claudia Cethosia myrina sarnada Cethosia myrina sarnada Cethosia myrina sarnada Chitoria ulupi Chitoria ulupi Chitoria ulupi Apaturina erminia papuana Apaturina erminia papuana Hylesia lineata Hylesia lineata Papilio bianor pinratanai Papilio bianor pinratanai Papilio bianor stockleyi Papilio bianor stockleyi Cymothoe caenis Cymothoe caenis Cymothoe caenis Cymothoe caenis Cymothoe herminia Cymothoe weymeri Bicyclus safitza Bicyclus safitza Aterica galene Aterica galene Athyma selenophora batilda Athyma selenophora batilda Athyma recurva Athyma recurva Athyma punctata Athyma punctata Athyma nefte subrata Athyma nefte subrata Athyma eulimene Papilio phorbanta Papilio desmondi Papilio desmondi Opsiphanes tamarindi

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