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Polygonia c-album Polygonia c-album Nymphalis polychloros Melitaea cinxia Melitaea cinxia Melitaea cinxia Melitaea cinxia Limenitis populi Limenitis populi Euphydryas aurinia Araschnia levana Brenthis hecate Brenthis hecate Boloria eunomia Boloria eunomia Boloria eunomia Boloria eunomia Boloria aquilonaris Boloria aquilonaris Apatura iris Apatura ilia Apatura ilia Eutelia adulatrix Calliteara pudibunda Calliteara pudibunda Calliteara pudibunda Euproctis chrysorrhoea Euproctis chrysorrhoea Zekelita antiqualis Simplicia rectalis Paracolax tristalis Idia calvaria Herminia tenuialis Herminia tarsipennalis Hypena rostralis Hypena proboscidalis Polypogon tentacularia Herminia tarsicrinalis Herminia grisealis Hypena crassalis Euclidia mi Lygephila pastinum Eublemma minutata Eublemma purpurina Catephia alchymista Minucia lunaris Lygephila craccae Eublemma ostrina Eublemma parva Exophyla rectangularis Dysgonia algira Apopestes spectrum Phycita coronatella Bradyrrhoa trapezella Catocala sponsa Catocala promissa Catocala nupta Catocala hymenaea Catocala fulminea Catocala fraxini Catocala fraxini Catocala electa Catocala nymphagoga Catocala dilecta Thumatha senex Rhyparia purpurata Spiris striata Diacrisia sannio Phragmatobia fuliginosa Parasemia plantaginis Euplagia quadripunctaria Diaphora mendica Diaphora mendica Diacrisia sannio Diacrisia sannio Hyphoraia aulica Cybosia mesomella Callimorpha dominula Atolmis rubricollis Hyphantria cunea Setina roscida Eucharia festiva Epicallia villica Amata nigricornis Lithosia quadra Miltochrista miniata Pericallia matronula Arctia caja Lithosia quadra Arctia caja Eriogaster lanestris Eriogaster lanestris Eilema lurideola Eilema deplanum Eilema deplanum Pelosia obtusa Eilema sororcula Eilema griseola Spilosoma lubricipeda

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