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Graphium megarus Graphium megarus Acraea egina Acraea egina Danaus chrysippus Danaus chrysippus Antheraea larissoides Antheraea larissoides Megalopyge lanata Megalopyge lanata Megalopyge lanata Euchromia lethe Euchromia lethe Eacles barnesi Eacles barnesi Pseudacraea warburgi Pseudacraea warburgi Colotis euippe Colotis euippe Acraea egina Acraea egina Erasmia pulchella Erasmia pulchella Papilio nephelus Papilio nephelus Polygonia c-aureum Polygonia c-aureum Papilio polytes Papilio polytes Papilio polytes Papilio polytes Graphium angolanus Graphium angolanus Graphium weiskei Graphium weiskei Morpho uraneis Morpho uraneis Morpho theseus Morpho theseus Papilio delalandei Papilio delalandei Stichophthalma uemurai Stichophthalma uemurai Papilio memnon Papilio memnon Papilio ascalaphus Papilio ascalaphus Pharmacophagus antenor Pharmacophagus antenor Papilio lormieri Papilio lormieri Morpho helenor Morpho helenor Morpho polyphemus Morpho polyphemus Morpho polyphemus Morpho polyphemus Morpho menelaus Morpho menelaus Papilio anchisiades Papilio anchisiades Marpesia zerynthia Marpesia zerynthia Papilio bianor Papilio bianor Cyrestis thyodamas ishigakina Cyrestis thyodamas ishigakina Lexias pardalis Lexias pardalis Noreppa chromus Noreppa chromus Euxanthe eurinome Euxanthe eurinome Kallima albofasciata Kallima albofasciata Polyura jalysus Polyura jalysus Coenophlebia archidona Coenophlebia archidona Papilio epycides Papilio epycides Dercas verhuelli Dercas verhuelli Delias belladonna Delias belladonna Coenophlebia archidona Euploea sylvester Euploea sylvester Graphium chironides Graphium chironides Tirumala hamata Tirumala hamata Pachliopta aristolochiae Pachliopta aristolochiae Papilio agestor Papilio agestor Papilio slateri Papilio slateri Charaxes bernardus Charaxes bernardus

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