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Photo #71517 (Undetermined species) Favonius quercus Lasiommata megera Photo #71308 (Undetermined species) Maniola jurtina Camptogramma bilineata Pararge aegeria Epirrhoe tristata Amata nigricornis Issoria lathonia Photo #70474 (Undetermined species) Pararge aegeria Issoria lathonia Issoria lathonia Agrius convolvuli Carcharodus Grammodes stolida Spiris Spiris Helicoverpa armigera Spialia orbifer Scotopteryx Xanthorhoe quadrifasiata quadrifasciata Chiasmia clathrata Chiasmia clathrata Scotopteryx chenopodiata Lasiommata maera Lasiommata maera Aphantopus hyperantus Aphantopus hyperantus Aphantopus hyperantus Melitaea didyma Melitaea phoebe Hydria undulata Geometridae Geometridae Geometridae Geometridae Geometridae Erebia aethiops Erebia aethiops Tyta luctuosa Rhodostrophia discopunctata Rhodostrophia discopunctata Acontia lucida Acontia lucida Acontia lucida Evergestis frumentalis Acontia lucida Evergestis frumentalis Evergestis frumentalis Pleurota pyropella Pleurota pyropella Aspitates ochrearia Nomophila noctuella Nomophila noctuella Myelois circumvoluta Aspitates ochrearia Lepidoptera Epirrhoe alternata Epirrhoe alternata Nematopogon Erynnis tages Pieridae Pieridae Pieris Satyrium acaciae Lycaenidae Larentia clavaria Larentia clavaria Aeshna mixta Aeshna mixta Aeshna mixta Autographa gamma Autographa gamma Autographa gamma Gnophos sartata Orthoptera Hipparchia pellucida Mythimna congrua Mythimna congrua Mythimna congrua Mythimna congrua Aspitates ochrearia Aspitates ochrearia Aspitates ochrearia Argynnis paphia Autographa gamma Timandra comae Diasemia reticularis Coenonympha pamphilus Xanthorhoe spadicearia Noctua fimbriata Scotopteryx chenopodiata Anthocharis cardamines Mythimna congrua Mythimna congrua Mythimna congrua Vanessa atalanta Vanessa atalanta

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