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Helophilus affinis Sericomyia lappona Sericomyia lappona Helophilus affinis Lejops inudatus Lejops inudatus Lejops inudatus Paragus tibialis Parhelophilus consimilis Parhelophilus consimilis Parhelophilus consimilis Eristalinus sepulchralis Colias hyale Colias Colias hyale Choreutis diana Donaciinae Donaciinae Rhagio tringarius Rhagio tringarius Zophomyia temula Zophomyia temula Oxycera trilineata Odontomyia argentata Oxycera trilineata Scotopteryx chenopodiata Scotopteryx chenopodiata Choreutis diana Haematopota pluvialis Haematopota pluvialis Lepidoptera Damophila deauratella Autographa gamma Coleoptera Psocidae Cyaniris semiargus Cyaniris semiargus Cyaniris semiargus Chrysomelidae Panorpa Agonum sexpunctatum Coleoptera Pterostichus melanarius Hippodamia tredecimpunctata Conops flavipes Conops flavipes Catocala Catocala Catocala Orgyia antiqua Aeshna grandis Acronicta alni Crambini Symphyta Symphyta Aeshna caerulea Lepturobosca virens Lepturobosca virens Gonioctena viminalis Cicindela sylvatica Euclidia glyphica Tabanini Tabanini Carabidae Leucorrhinia rubicunda Curculionidae Curculionidae Leptura aethiops Leptura quadrifasciata Pieridae Pieridae Euclidia mi Larentiinae Ematurga atomaria Ematurga atomaria Ematurga atomaria Ematurga atomaria Carterocephalus palaemon Coccinella quinquepunctata Coccinella quinquepunctata Chrysomela populi Chrysomela populi Elateridae Psychidae Psychidae Formica sanguinea Lasius niger Sepsidae Formica Formica sanguinea Archiearis parthenias Archiearinae Archiearinae Sympetrum danae Attagenus smirnovi Attagenus smirnovi Attagenus smirnovi Scoliidae Scoliidae Campsomerini

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