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Chlosyne ehrenbergii Dactylotum bicolor Chlosyne ehrenbergii Eueides isabella Hamadryas februa ferentina Adelpha basiloides Anartia fatima Anartia fatima Diaethria anna anna Lepidoptera Sphenarium purpurascens Taeniopoda eques Siproeta epaphus Neoponera villosa Glycyphana fulvistemma Glycyphana fulvistemma Gametis jucunda Gametis jucunda Xanthogramma pedissequum Oxythyrea funesta Apoderus coryli Ampedus sanguineus Cicadella viridis Coccinella magnifica Alosterna tabacicolor Parnara guttatus Lycaena phlaeas Vanessa indica Eurema hecabe Eurema hecabe Polygonia c-aureum Polygonia c-aureum Parnara guttatus Parnara guttatus Tenthredo mesomela

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