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Euconocephalus incertus Badamia exclamationis Badamia exclamationis Diptera Diptera Hemiptera Hemiptera Hemiptera Phalera grotei Phalera grotei Cosmopolites sordidus Cosmopolites sordidus Trigonodes disjuncta Agathia hemithearia Agathia hemithearia Lepidoptera Lepidoptera Lepidoptera Chilkasa falcata Chilkasa falcata Chilkasa falcata Argyrocosma inductaria Argyrocosma inductaria Argyrocosma inductaria Aloa collaris Nannoarctia dentata Nannoarctia dentata Sycanus collaris Sycanus collaris Endocrossis flavibasalis Eupterote lineosa Eupterote lineosa Eupterote lineosa Eupterote geminata Eupterote geminata Eupterote geminata Eupterote geminata Eupterote geminata Apis florea Ctenoplusia placida Arasada albicosta Phalera combusta Phalera combusta Phalera combusta Phalera combusta Phalera combusta Araeopteron proleuca Miltochrista gratiosa Kamalia kandyia Kamalia kandyia Kamalia kandyia Kamalia kandyia Nausinoe perspectata Acria ceramitis Acria ceramitis Ropalidia Ropalidia Ropalidia Ropalidia Ropalidia Lepidoptera Lepidoptera Lepidoptera Autoba abrupta Diaphania indica Micronia aculeata Acherontia Hulodes caranea Sarbena lignifera Acherontia lachesis Acherontia lachesis Acherontia lachesis Acherontia lachesis Masalia galatheae Masalia galatheae Masalia galatheae Egnasia ephyrodalis Egnasia ephyrodalis Westermannia superba Ricania Agathia angustilimes Ecliptopera dissecta Ecliptopera dissecta Cyclothea disjuncta Pingasa ruginaria Marumba indicus Marumba indicus Flatidae Chrysops Ascalaphidae Vestalis gracilis Crocothemis servilia Crocothemis servilia Pantala flavescens Orthetrum pruinosum Parantica aglea Lampides boeticus Leptosia nina

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