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Cerura vinula Erebia ligea Smerinthus caecus Melitaea diamina Abraxas sylvata Neptis sappho Xanthia icteritia Calamia tridens Spilosoma lubricipeda Diacrisia sannio Nymphalis antiopa Hypolimnas bolina Papilio demodocus Idea leuconoe Papilio polytes Papilio memnon Hypolimnas bolina Ochlodes sylvanus Troides rhadamantus Parthenos sylvia Papilio demoleus Papilio palinurus Pericallia matronula Lycaena dispar Boloria eunomia Gonepteryx rhamni Papilio machaon Lasiommata maera Polyommatus amandus Argynnis adippe Apatura iris Aporia crataegi Ochlodes sylvanus Aphantopus hyperantus Minois dryas Aglais urticae

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