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Photo #68290 (Undetermined species) Photo #68129 (Undetermined species) Stenurella bifasciata Pontia edusa Lycaena phlaeas Lampides boeticus Polyommatus icarus Scolia Helicoverpa armigera Hymenoptera Mantodea Lestes barbarus Heteroptera Xylocopa Dysgonia algira Macroglossum stellatarum Helicoverpa armigera Papilio machaon Macroglossum stellatarum Mantodea Hymenoptera Hecatera cappa Autographa gamma Pieris Orthetrum coerulescens Dytiscidae Cupido Pieris rapae Argynnis pandora Issoria lathonia Coleoptera Diptera Colias Maniola jurtina Epicallia villica Sympetrum meridionale Vanessa cardui Pieris Heliothela wulfeniana Celastrina argiolus Lycaena phlaeas

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