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Zygaena exulans Zerynthia cerisy Watsonalla cultraria Vanessa cardui Thaumetopoea solitaria Syngrapha ain Spialia sertorius Sesamia nonagrioides Sesamia nonagrioides Saturnia pavoniella Sabra harpagula Polyploca ridens Polyploca ridens Polygonia egea Plebejus glandon Pheosia gnoma Pararge aegeria Pararge aegeria Pararge aegeria Papilio alexanor Oxicesta chamoenices Oxicesta chamoenices Orgyia recens Orgyia recens Ophiusa tirhaca Ophiusa tirhaca Odonestis pruni Odonestis pruni Noctua comes Mythimna conigera Mormo maura Melanargia arge Malacosoma alpicola Limenitis reducta Lasiommata megera Lasiommata megera Jodia croceago Hyphantria cunea Hipparchia fagi Hipparchia hermione Hipparchia hermione Hemaris croatica Helicoverpa armigera Euchloe ausonia Erebia triarius Erebia triarius Erebia melampus Erebia alberganus Epipsilia grisescens Epipsilia grisescens Epipsilia grisescens Epipsilia grisescens Epicallia villica Dysgonia algira Dysgonia algira Dysgonia algira Dysauxes famula Spiris striata Coscinia cribraria Coscinia cribraria Coscinia cribraria Coscinia cribraria Colobochyla salicalis Cidaria fulvata Chrysodeixis chalcites Charaxes jasius Charaxes jasius Charaxes jasius Celonoptera mirificaria Carcharodus lavatherae Brithys crini Aricia nicias Argynnis aglaja Agrius convolvuli Agrius convolvuli Agrius convolvuli Agrius convolvuli Acronicta psi Zygaena fausta Papilio machaon

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