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Araschnia levana Limenitis camilla Hypenodes humidalis Crocallis elinguaria Limenitis camilla Aporia crataegi Lomographa bimaculata Lomographa bimaculata Lomographa bimaculata Chiasmia clathrata Carterocephalus silvicola Carterocephalus palaemon Thymelicus lineola Pterophorus pentadactyla Boloria selene Pieris napi Limenitis camilla Polygonia c-album Polygonia c-album Argynnis paphia Vanessa atalanta Elophila nymphaeata Pieris napi Catocala fraxini Thymelicus lineola Zygaena filipendulae Geometra papilionaria Crambus lathoniellus Pontia edusa Lycaena dispar Argynnis paphia Polyommatus icarus Lycaena dispar Ochlodes sylvanus Plebejus argus Carterocephalus silvicola Boloria selene Rheumaptera hastata Anania fuscalis Carterocephalus silvicola Aglais io Glaucopsyche alexis Aphantopus hyperantus Jodis lactearia Boloria selene Siona lineata Heteropterus morpheus Lycaena phlaeas Aglais io Lycaena dispar Euclidia glyphica Pleuroptya ruralis Spilosoma lutea Rivula sericealis Geometra papilionaria Boloria selene Lomographa temerata Carterocephalus silvicola Idaea biselata Miltochrista miniata Lomaspilis opis Macaria notata Lepidoptera Polyommatus icarus Pseudopanthera macularia Pieris napi

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