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Pammene ignorata Pammene ignorata Blastobasis lacticolella Blastobasis lacticolella Coleophora lineolea Epermenia chaerophyllella Clepsis senecionana Spuleria flavicaput Eriocrania cicatricella Eriocrania cicatricella Eriocrania cicatricella Dyseriocrania subpurpurella Dyseriocrania subpurpurella Dyseriocrania subpurpurella Nemophora degeerella Cydia coniferana Cydia coniferana Caloptilia rufipennella Tinea semifulvella Glyphipterix fuscoviridella Coleophora serratella Adaina microdactyla Adaina microdactyla Adaina microdactyla Coleophora peribenanderi Coleophora albicosta Damophila mayrella Coleophora alticolella Coleophora alticolella Coleophora alticolella Coleophora alticolella Coleophora taeniipennella Coleophora sternipennella Coleophora saxicolella Coleophora argentula Coleophora serratella Coleophora serratella Coleophora serratella Coleophora juncicolella Coleophora pyrrhulipennella Coleophora gryphipennella Coleophora laricella Coleophora laricella Coleophora laricella Damophila frischella Damophila frischella Coleophora gryphipennella Coleophora gryphipennella Coleophora pyrrhulipennella Coleophora pyrrhulipennella Merrifieldia leucodactyla Emmelina monodactyla Emmelina monodactyla Hellinsia lienigianus Hellinsia lienigianus Gillmeria pallidactyla Amblyptilia punctidactyla Amblyptilia acanthadactyla Stenoptilia millieridactyla Ectoedemia albifasciella Ectoedemia decentella Dyseriocrania subpurpurella Micropterix calthella Micropterix aruncella Micropterix aureatella Acrolepiopsis betulella Acrolepiopsis betulella

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