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Photo #73374 (Undetermined species) Photo #73373 (Undetermined species) Geometridae Geometridae Ectropis crepuscularia Emmelina monodactyla Plebejus idas Macdunnoughia confusa Polyommatus icarus Lepidoptera Issoria lathonia Oncocera semirubella Lythria purpuraria Lycaena tityrus Acontia trabealis Papilio machaon Anania hortulata Scopula decorata Staurophora celsia Euclidia mi Celastrina argiolus Lepidoptera Lepidoptera Polyommatus icarus Perconia strigillaria Polyommatus icarus Oeneis tarpeia Protoschinia scutosa Lepidoptera Thisanotia chrysonuchella Heliomata glarearia Lepidoptera Scopula tessellaria Aplocera plagiata Chiasmia clathrata Chiasmia clathrata Euclidia mi Coenonympha pamphilus Pleurota pyropella Lycaena phlaeas Scopula ornata Nemophora congruella Siona lineata Heliomata glarearia Scolitantides orion Scolitantides orion Polyommatus icarus Polyommatus icarus Polyommatus icarus Aplocera plagiata Lasiommata maera Olethreutes arcuella Aphantopus hyperantus Polyommatus icarus Coenonympha pamphilus Minois dryas Brenthis ino Brenthis ino Plebejus argus Pontia edusa Thymelicus lineola Lithostege farinata Boloria dia Melitaea phoebe Melitaea didyma Melitaea didyma Melitaea britomartis Lepidoptera Neptis rivularis Plebejus argus Parnassius apollo Coenonympha pamphilus Coenonympha pamphilus Polyommatus amandus Ochlodes sylvanus Catastia marginea Euphydryas maturna Parnassius apollo Aglais io Parnassius apollo Synanthedon formicaeformis Euphydryas maturna Aporia crataegi Boloria roddi Pontia edusa Arethusana arethusa Lythria purpuraria Polyommatus thersites Chazara heydenreichi Coenonympha pamphilus Lepidoptera Melanargia russiae Neolycaena rhymnus Siona lineata Melitaea britomartis Argynnis adippe Erebia theano Melanargia russiae Heteropterus morpheus Melitaea cinxia

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