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Stenocranus hokkaidoensis Stenocranus hokkaidoensis Stenocranus hokkaidoensis Stenocranus hokkaidoensis Coenagrion lanceolatum Coenagrion lanceolatum Oxyna stackelbergi Oxyna stackelbergi Mermitelocerus annulipes Pidonia puziloi Leptura aethiops Eurydema dominulus Clostera anastomosis Clostera anastomosis Clostera anastomosis Clostera anastomosis Capnodis tenebrionis Cnemidanomia lugubris Cnemidanomia lugubris Saigona ussuriensis Saigona ussuriensis Saigona ussuriensis Anthrenus scrophulariae Anthrenus scrophulariae Thaumastopeus nigritus Choreutis sexfasciella Ommatophora fulvastra Ommatophora fulvastra Ommatophora fulvastra Palorus depressus Oedemera croceicollis Cyllodes ater Paromalus parallelepipedus Mycetophagus quadriguttatus Hypophloeus unicolor Omophlus lepturoides Omophlus lepturoides Omophlus lepturoides Trox sabulosus Trox sabulosus Urganus chosenensis Oncopsis flavicollis Oncopsis flavicollis Oncopsis flavicollis Mocis latipes Euploea core Euploea core Cryptocephalus Cryptocephalus Aelia Aelia Somatochlora exuberata Somatochlora exuberata Lepidoptera Lepidoptera Malachiini Duvalius virginiae Duvalius pennisii Duvalius andreuccii Duvalius cirocchii Chrysotoxum intermedium Pseudalosterna elegantula Xanthogaleruca Xanthogaleruca Photo #78996 (Undetermined species) Adomerus Adomerus Adomerus Galerucida bifasciata Galerucida bifasciata Galerucida bifasciata Necrobia violacea Rhinoncus jakovlevi Rhinoncus jakovlevi Rhinoncus jakovlevi Deserticossus consobrinus Deserticossus consobrinus Spiris striata Spiris striata Nedyus quadrimaculatus Nedyus quadrimaculatus Cassida piperata Cassida piperata Cassida piperata Cassida piperata Cupido osiris Cupido osiris Photo #78971 (Undetermined species) Lixus iridis Photo #78969 (Undetermined species) Photo #78968 (Undetermined species) Photo #78967 (Undetermined species) Parasemia plantaginis Dorcadion scopolii Carabus zawadzkii Lethrus apterus Anaspis flava Margarinotus merdarius Platysoma compressum

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