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Catopsilia pyranthe Gandaca harina Pieris canidia Danaus chrysippus chrysippus Mycalesis perseus Mycalesis adamsoni Danaus genutia Kallima inachus Kallima inachus Athyma inara Abrota ganga Abrota ganga Ypthima huebneri Tirumala limniace Spodoptera litura Nygmia epirotica Calliteara angulata Omiodes indicata Thosea sinensis Spodoptera litura Eurema brigitta Amata sperbius Spoladea recurvalis Creatonotos transiens Junonia lemonias Sarangesa dasahara Sarangesa dasahara Charaxes kahruba Himala argentea Gazalina chrysolopha Zizeeria karsandra Zizeeria karsandra Junonia orithya Junonia orithya Junonia atlites Curetis bulis Curetis bulis Euthalia aconthea Euthalia aconthea Hypolimnas bolina Rapala nissa Rapala pheretima Zizina otis Prosotas nora Prosotas dubiosa Spialia galba Spialia galba Heliophorus epicles Parantica aglea Lethe chandica Zographetus satwa Comibaena cassidara Creatonotos gangis Pseudoblabes oophora Nyctemera adversata Nyctemera adversata Lampides boeticus Lampides boeticus Colias fieldii Doleschallia bisaltide Doleschallia bisaltide Junonia lemonias Junonia almana Junonia atlites Calliteara horsfieldii Papilio alcmenor Papilio nephelus Eterusia aedea Cyana coccinea Cnaphalocrocis medinalis Vindusara moorei Tirumala limniace Chersonesia risa Abisara fylla Parantica aglea Parantica aglea Lethe confusa Lethe confusa Nymphalis canace Orsotriaena medus Mycalesis perseus Mycalesis perseus Junonia iphita Pseudozizeeria maha Pseudozizeeria maha Nyctemera adversata Nyctemera adversata Heliophorus sena Melanitis leda Melanitis leda Ypthima huebneri Ypthima huebneri Melanitis leda Melanitis leda Vanessa cardui Lampides boeticus Catopsilia pyranthe Nymphalis caschmirensis Heliophorus epicles

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