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Lucilia sericata Lucilia sericata Lucilia sericata Platystoma Anthomyia quinquemaculata Lymantria monacha Lymantria monacha Vanessa cardui Vanessa cardui Vanessa cardui Vanessa cardui Vanessa cardui Vanessa atalanta Vanessa atalanta Vanessa atalanta Polyommatinae Satyrinae Satyrinae Satyrinae Satyrinae Chorthippus Tettigonia caudata Satyrinae Satyrinae Satyrinae Satyrinae Colias Amata Photo #67123 (Undetermined species) Photo #67122 (Undetermined species) Photo #67121 (Undetermined species) Oedipoda Photo #67119 (Undetermined species) Photo #67118 (Undetermined species) Photo #67117 (Undetermined species) Photo #67116 (Undetermined species) Photo #67115 (Undetermined species) Melitaea Satyrinae Satyrinae Melanoplinae Protaetia interruptecostata Coptosoma capitatum Coleoptera Coleoptera Coleoptera Coleoptera Nematus miliaris Tropidothorax cruciger Tropidothorax cruciger Tropidothorax cruciger Coptosoma chinense Lepidoptera Lepidoptera Lepidoptera Poecilus versicolor Euchalcia inconspicua Euchalcia inconspicua Poecilus schamsiensis Poecilus schamsiensis Pseudotaphoxenus parvulus Pseudotaphoxenus reichardti Pseudotaphoxenus reichardti Dolichus halensis Dolichus halensis Carabus cicatricosus Carabus cicatricosus Poecilus versicolor Tessellana tessellata Tessellana tessellata Tessellana tessellata Syritta pipiens Syritta pipiens Anthidium florentinum Anthidium florentinum Anthidium florentinum Anthidium florentinum Formicidae Iphiclides feisthamelii Evergestis aenealis Tettigoniidae Tettigoniidae Scopula immorata Scopula immorata Tephritidae Chrysotoxum Tephritidae Tephritidae Hymenoptera Diptera Tephritidae Tephritidae Diptera Diptera Diptera Stratiomyidae Stratiomyidae Stratiomyidae Terebrantes Terebrantes

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