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Insects photos at gallery, page 596

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Caradrina terrea Caradrina clavipalpis Caradrina albina Caradrina albina Epiblema grandaevana Atethmia centrago Schoenobius gigantella Anarta trifolii Anarta trifolii Anarta trifolii Lathronympha strigana Morophaga choragella Anarta dianthi Anarta stigmosa Conisania literata Conisania arterialis Eublemma pannonica Eublemma pannonica Eublemma minutata Cucullia naruenensis Tholera decimalis Tholera decimalis Cucullia santonici Cucullia lactea Euclidia glyphica Euclidia munita Euclidia mi Clytie gracilis Acantholipes regularis Deilephila porcellus Deilephila porcellus Elachista maculicerusella Gymnancyla hornigii Gymnancyla hornigii Ypsolopha lucella Synanthedon myopaeformis Donacaula mucronella Platytes alpinella Euchromius ocellea Euchromius bella Eurytides agesilaus Scotopteryx chenopodiata Polyommatus icarus Chiasmia clathrata Thymelicus sylvestris Lepidoptera Catoptria falsella Aglais io Aglais urticae Agrochola circellaris Agriphila selasella Pyrausta purpuralis Cataclysta lemnata Macroglossum stellatarum Vanessa cardui Cauchas fibulella Acrolepiopsis assectella Blastodacna atra Blastodacna atra Blastodacna atra Yponomeuta malinellus Yponomeuta malinellus Yponomeuta malinellus Deuterogonia pudorina Mompha sturnipennella Mompha sturnipennella Mompha sturnipennella Mompha raschkiella Mompha raschkiella Mompha raschkiella Mompha idaei Mompha idaei Mompha idaei Eurytides dioxippus Eurytides leucaspis Orgyia antiquoides Scoliopteryx libatrix Simyra dentinosa Acontia trabealis Phyllophila obliterata Pieris brassicae Orgyia antiquoides Catoptria permutatellus Mimoides pausanias Mimoides xynias Papilio garamas Cressida cressida Euryades corethrus Euryades corethrus Euryades corethrus Graphium angolanus Graphium delessertii Spilosoma urticae Papilio antimachus Pharmacophagus antenor Bhutanitis lidderdalii Autographa gamma Catocala fraxini Parectropis similaria Parectropis similaria

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