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Insects photos at gallery, page 615

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Orthotaenia undulana Pieris napi Pieris napi Pieris napi Pieris napi Spilosoma lutea Spilosoma lutea Apatura iris Diachrysia stenochrysis Eversmannia exornata Arctia caja Archiearis parthenias Hyles gallii Aglais io Aglais io Aglais urticae Lepidoptera Lepidoptera Lepidoptera Lepidoptera Cerura felina Cucullia asteris Ivela ochropoda Acronicta rumicis Amata germana Eulithis testata Satyrium eximius Catocala nupta Cyclophora packardi Xanthia icteritia Erannis golda Zygaena minos Melanargia russiae Aphantopus hyperantus Ochlodes venatus Rhyparioides amurensis Anania hortulata Miltochrista miniata Paracolax tristalis Diaprepesilla flavomarginaria Clepsis pallidana Melanargia galathea Junonia almana Hyphantria cunea Zygaena loti Iphiclides podalirius Iphiclides podalirius Eustroma reticulata Thetidia albocostaria Geometra valida Pyralis regalis Herminia tarsicrinalis Jankowskia athleta Idaea nitidata Ectomyelois pyrivorella Hydraecia micacea Clostera albosigma Datanoides fasciata Datanoides fasciata Datanoides fasciata Hecatera dysodea Lepidoptera Sideridis rivularis Hada plebeja Cervyna cervago Euclidia triquetra Eublemma rosea Eublemma minutata Anarta trifolii Anarta trifolii Anarta trifolii Diachrysia stenochrysis Diachrysia stenochrysis Cucullia santonici Cucullia santonici Cucullia xeranthemi Cucullia xeranthemi Cucullia asteris Craniophora pontica Craniophora pontica Craniophora ligustri Conistra rubiginosa Conistra erythrocephala Colocasia coryli Colobochyla salicalis Hadena bicruris Chilodes maritima Helotropha leucostigma Helotropha leucostigma Crambus lathoniellus Cosmia trapezina Cosmia trapezina Lomographa temerata Limenitis populi Limenitis populi Limenitis populi Apatura iris Apatura ilia Colias croceus Ochlodes sylvanus

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