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Geometra papilionaria Geometra papilionaria Geometra papilionaria Exaeretia allisella Evergestis pallidata Eupithecia veratraria Eupithecia succenturiata Eupithecia succenturiata Eupithecia exiguata Euphyia unangulata Euphyia unangulata Eulithis pyropata Eulithis pyropata Eulithis pyropata Eulithis pyropata Eulithis mellinata Eulia ministrana Endromis versicolora Emmelina monodactyla Emmelina monodactyla Ematurga atomaria Elophila nymphaeata Ecliptopera silaceata Electrophaes corylata Donacaula mucronella Venusia blomeri Dendrolimus pini Dendrolimus pini Dendrolimus pini Dendrolimus pini Deilephila porcellus Deilephila elpenor Deilephila porcellus Deilephila elpenor Cyclophora punctaria Cyclophora pendularia Cyclophora pendularia Cyclophora albipunctata Cyclophora albipunctata Cossus cossus Cossus cossus Cossus cossus Cossus cossus Cosmotriche lobulina Cosmorhoe ocellata Damophila trifolii Damophila trifolii Clepsis spectrana Cleora cinctaria Eupithecia lanceata Chrysoteuchia culmella Chiasmia clathrata Chiasmia clathrata Chiasmia clathrata Catoptria pinella Catoptria falsella Abraxas sylvata Cabera pusaria Cabera pusaria Biston betularia Biston betularia Ascotis selenaria Ascotis selenaria Argyresthia brockeella Archinemapogon yildizae Apotomis inundana Aplocera praeformata Aphomia sociella Thetidia smaragdaria Anticollix sparsata Anticollix sparsata Alcis repandata Agriphila selasella Agonopterix ocellana Agonopterix ocellana Miltochrista miniata Odice arcuinna Diacrisia sannio Autographa gamma Ostrinia nubilalis Mythimna impura Catoptria pinella Hypsopygia costalis Phragmatobia fuliginosa Celypha rufana Polyommatus icarus Vanessa atalanta Argynnis pandora Endothenia gentianaeana Pterostoma palpina Eucosma metzneriana Aglais urticae Aglais urticae Pammene regiana Pammene regiana Hedya salicella Endromis versicolora Egira conspicillaris Eriogaster lanestris Lithostege farinata

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