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Insects photos at gallery, page 617

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Gastropacha quercifolia Driopa mnemosyne Parnassius apollo Morpho peleides Acherontia atropos Milionia philippinensis Morpho aega Polyura delphis Anteos menippe Battus madyes Battus madyes Pronophila unifasciata Pronophila unifasciata Papilio maackii Papilio blumei Papilio xuthus Lycaena virgaureae Orgyia antiqua Orgyia antiqua Scoliopteryx libatrix Caligo memnon Troides rhadamantus Papilio polytes Idea leuconoe Idea leuconoe Chionarctia nivea Zygaena ephialtes Tyria jacobaeae Parthenos sylvia Papilio palinurus Papilio palinurus Papilio palinurus Papilio palinurus Papilio palinurus Papilio palinurus Papilio memnon Papilio machaon Noctua janthe Maniola jurtina Malacosoma franconica Chionarctia nivea Chrysiridia rhipheus Euthrix potatoria Euthrix potatoria Smerinthus planus Lycaena dispar Catocala nupta Anthocharis cardamines Araschnia levana Adscita statices Phragmatobia fuliginosa Phragmatobia fuliginosa Zeuzera pyrina Atolmis rubricollis Miltochrista miniata Hemaris tityus Hemaris tityus Araschnia levana Araschnia levana Proserpinus proserpina Euthrix potatoria Eupithecia innotata Egira conspicillaris Egira conspicillaris Dypterygia scabriuscula Diaphora mendica Diaphora mendica Diaphora mendica Proterebia afra Macdunnoughia confusa Euchloe ausonia Zegris eupheme Troides rhadamantus Morpho peleides Archaeoprepona demophon Papilio thoas Papilio memnon Papilio memnon Papilio memnon Morpho peleides Morpho peleides Morpho peleides Morpho peleides Graphium agamemnon Papilio thoas Archaeoprepona demophon Ornithoptera priamus Ornithoptera priamus Prioneris thestylis Prioneris sita Precis octavia Papilio androgeus Papilio anchisiades Morpho peleides Morpho helenor Morpho epistrophus Morpho didius Mechanitis lysimnia Limenitis arthemis Limenitis arthemis

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