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Insects photos at gallery, page 684

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Cochylimorpha alternana Clepsis siciliana Chrysoteuchia culmella Chrysoteuchia culmella Chrysodeixis chalcites Chrysodeixis chalcites Charaxes jasius Charaxes jasius Charaxes jasius Catocala nymphaea Cataclysta lemnata Caradrina morpheus Camptogramma bilineata Caloptilia robustella Calophasia lunula Calophasia lunula Calophasia lunula Callophrys rubi Callophrys rubi Callophrys rubi Euclidia mi Euclidia mi Cacyreus marshalli Cacyreus marshalli Cacyreus marshalli Cabera pusaria Bembecia ichneumoniformis Baptria tibiale Autographa gamma Autographa gamma Atolmis rubricollis Aristotelia ericinella Aristotelia ericinella Argyrotaenia ljungiana Argyrotaenia ljungiana Argyresthia brockeella Arctia caja Apotomis turbidana Apotomis betuletana Apomyelois ceratoniae Apomyelois ceratoniae Aphomia sociella Apamea scolopacina Antigastra catalaunalis Anthophila fabriciana Anthophila fabriciana Anthocharis cardamines Ancylolomia tentaculella Anarta myrtilli Anarta myrtilli Anarta myrtilli Amblyptilia acanthadactyla Alabonia geoffrella Agrotis lata Agriphila tristella Agriphila tristella Agriphila tristella Agriphila tristella Agriphila tristella Agriphila tristella Agriphila straminella Agriphila straminella Agriphila inquinatella Agriphila inquinatella Agriphila inquinatella Agriphila inquinatella Agriphila geniculea Agriphila geniculea Agriphila geniculea Agapeta zoegana Aethes margarotana Adela reaumurella Adela reaumurella Adela reaumurella Adela reaumurella Adela reaumurella Adela reaumurella Acronicta rumicis Acronicta psi Acronicta psi Acronicta psi Acontia lucida Acontia lucida Acleris variegana Acleris notana Acleris logiana Acleris logiana Acleris logiana Acleris literana Achyra nudalis Acherontia atropos Thymelicus lineola Thymelicus sylvestris Spilosoma lutea Pyrrhia umbra Pyrrhia umbra Polyommatus amandus Axylia putris Autographa excelsa Apatura iris

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