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Colias myrmidone Colias myrmidone Undetermined species Eucinetus haemorrhoidalis Euchromius ocellea Scolopostethus decoratus Dyroderes umbraculatus Cyclommatus pulchellus Cyclommatus pulchellus Cyclommatus pulchellus Pyrrhocoris apterus Bupalus piniaria Artona octomaculata Zygaena niphona Tmesisternus anomalus Tmesisternus griseus Tmesisternus griseus Tmesisternus tessellatus Tmesisternus tessellatus Tmesisternus tessellatus Cyclommatus eximius Cyclommatus eximius Cyclommatus eximius Cyclommatus margaritae Cyclommatus margaritae Cyclommatus margaritae Cyclommatus weinreichi Cyclommatus weinreichi Cyclommatus weinreichi Nymphalidae Nymphalidae Pieridae Pieridae Pieridae Pieridae Danainae Danainae Pieridae Pieridae Pieridae Pieridae Undetermined species Undetermined species Danaus gilippus Danaus gilippus Biblis biblis Biblis biblis Paraepepeotes togatus Paraepepeotes togatus Paraepepeotes togatus Prosoplus flavoguttatus Prosoplus flavoguttatus Prosoplus flavoguttatus Mulciber linnei Mulciber linnei Tmesisternus bezarki Tmesisternus bezarki Aphrophora alni Notiophilus aquaticus Notiophilus aquaticus Cryphaeus albopilosus Cryphaeus albopilosus Cryphaeus albopilosus Neottiglossa pusilla Neottiglossa pusilla Carpocoris purpureipennis Corizus hyoscyami Corizus hyoscyami Calocoris roseomaculatus Calocoris roseomaculatus Mantis religiosa Mantis religiosa Mantis religiosa Mantis religiosa Mantis religiosa Mantis religiosa Mantis religiosa Mantis religiosa Oncotylus viridiflavus Oncotylus viridiflavus Oncotylus viridiflavus Elachiptera brevipennis Coccinella septempunctata Coccinella septempunctata Eurydema oleracea Eurydema oleracea Catocala helena Eugnorisma chaldaica Pieris napi Pieris napi Linnaemya vulpina Eristalis tenax Eristalis tenax Eristalis tenax Harpalus Harpalus Vespula vulgaris Vespula vulgaris Vespula vulgaris Dichrorampha

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