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Stichophthalma uemurai Stichophthalma uemurai Papilio memnon Papilio memnon Papilio ascalaphus Papilio ascalaphus Ectobiidae Lepidoptera Elateridae Psocodea Psocodea Podoscirtidae Podoscirtidae Galerucinae Tenebrionidae Tenebrionidae Tenebrionidae Tenebrionidae Blattodea Tenebrionidae Tenebrionidae Dinomyrmex Hemisphaerius typicus Hemisphaerius typicus Orthoptera Ectobiidae Lepidoptera Blattodea Phoridae Phoridae Lepidoptera Orthoptera Orthoptera Oecophylla smaragdina Lecithoceridae Amantis reticulata Amantis reticulata Arctiidae Cicadellidae Xylophagus ater Xylophagus ater Schiffermuelleria schaefferella Scaphisoma agaricinum Carabidae Stenus comma Stenus comma Ampedus praeustus Tortricidae Oxypselaphus obscurus Bembidion tetracolum Kateretes pedicularius Molophilus ater Molophilus ater Ormosia lineata Gonioctena viminalis Gonioctena viminalis Gonioctena viminalis Gonioctena viminalis Gonioctena viminalis Gonioctena viminalis Cicadellidae Cicadellidae Tachyerges Tachyerges Bruchus atomarius Dorytomus tortrix Dorytomus tortrix Ellescus bipunctatus Ellescus bipunctatus Tachyerges salicis Tachyerges salicis Necrodes littoralis Trachys minutus Dryocoetes autographus Dryocoetes autographus Scymnus Megatoma undata Glischrochilus grandis Harpalus signaticornis Aphodius Otiorhynchus Otiorhynchus Molorchus minor Byturus ochraceus Poecilus cupreus Chaetocnema picipes Enicmus histrio Philonthus lepidus Ulmicola spinipes Trogoderma versicolor Bothynoderes affinis Bothynoderes affinis Anostirus castaneus Ampedus pomorum Allophyes oxyacanthae Allophyes oxyacanthae Angerona prunaria Angerona prunaria Gastrodes abietum Phaeaphodius rectus

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