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Nabis Severinia turcomaniae Severinia turcomaniae Severinia turcomaniae Hydria cervinalis Exochomus nigromaculatus Cyphon coarctatus Messor denticulatus Messor denticulatus Proterebia afra Zegris eupheme Heliothis feildi Heliothis feildi Heliothis feildi Phlogophora meticulosa Periphanes delphinii Periphanes delphinii Odontelia arenicola Odontelia arenicola Noctua interposita Mythimna vitellina Metoponrhis Metoponrhis Conisania luteago Heliothis incarnata Haemerosia Haemerosia Eublemma ostrina Eublemma debilis Drasteriodes limata Drasteriodes limata Drasteriodes limata Drasteria picta Drasteria picta Drasteria picta Drasteria saisani Drasteria saisani Drasteria saisani Drasteria flexuosa Drasteria christophi Drasteria christophi Cucullia boryphora Cucullia boryphora Cucullia boryphora Cucullia boryphora Ctenoceratoda khorgossi Calophasia opalina Armada panaceorum Cryptocephalus octopunctatus Cryptocephalus octopunctatus Anisodactylus binotatus Armada clio Armada clio Armada clio Anumeta fractistrigata Anumeta dentistrigata Anumeta cestis Anarta stigmosa Anarta actinobola Aegle subflava Orthosia miniosa Diorhabda elongata Diorhabda elongata Monotoma inseriata Monotoma inseriata Olibrus bisignatus Olibrus bisignatus Oxymirus cursor Zekelita ravulalis Euthrix potatoria Tomares callimachus Euchloe daphalis Euchloe daphalis Apostates solitaria Apostates solitaria Pogonus luridipennis Pangus scaritides Cucullia boryphora Singilis flavipes Singilis flavipes Clivina ypsilon Clivina ypsilon Cymindis picta Cymindis picta Harpalus terrestris Hemiaulax morio Pseudophilotes panope Pseudophilotes panope Pseudophilotes panope Ramulus bituberculata Ramulus bituberculata Ramulus bituberculata Glaresis beckeri Glaresis beckeri Ochodaeus cornifrons Ochodaeus cornifrons Trigonoscelis muricata Trigonoscelis muricata Sternoplax echinata Tentyria gigas

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