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  1. Amphimallon solstitiale (Linnaeus, 1758) [species]
  2. Amphimallon solstitiale dalmatinum Brenske, 1894 [subspecies]
  3. Amphimallon solstitiale grossatum Reitter, 1902 [subspecies]
  4. Amphimallon solstitiale matutinale Nonveiller, 1963 [subspecies]
  5. Amphimallon solstitiale pictum Kraatz, 1902 [subspecies]
  6. Amphimallon solstitiale setosum Brenske, 1902 [subspecies]
  7. Amphimallon solstitiale sibiricus Reitter, 1902 [subspecies]
  8. Amphimallon solstitiale silvestrii Schatzmayr, 1936 [subspecies]
  9. Amphimallon solstitiale simplicissimus Müller, 1902 [subspecies]
  10. Amphimallon solstitiale solstitiale (Linnaeus, 1758) [subspecies]

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