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Tribe Colobotheini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Coleoptera suborder Polyphaga infraorder Cucujiformia superfamily Chrysomeloidea family Cerambycidae subfamily Lamiinae → tribe Colobotheini Thomson, 1860


Daughter taxa

Genera: 12 (1 illustrated). Species.

Colobothea Lepeletier & Audinet-Serville, 1825 [genus]

Colobothea aleata, Colobothea amoena, Colobothea andina, Colobothea appendiculata, Colobothea assimilis, Colobothea berkovi, Colobothea bicuspidata, Colobothea biguttata, Colobothea bilineata, Colobothea bisignata, Colobothea bitincta, Colobothea brullei, Colobothea caramaschii, Colobothea carneola, Colobothea cassandra, Colobothea centralis, Colobothea chemsaki, Colobothea chontalensis, Colobothea cincticornis, Colobothea colombiana, Colobothea crassa, Colobothea decemmaculata, Colobothea declivis, Colobothea delicata, Colobothea denotata, Colobothea destituta, Colobothea discicollis, Colobothea dispersa, Colobothea distincta, Colobothea dostalbergeri, Colobothea elongata, Colobothea emarginata, Colobothea erythrophthalma, Colobothea eximia, Colobothea fasciata, Colobothea fasciatipennis, Colobothea femorosa, Colobothea fibrosa, Colobothea flavimacula, Colobothea flavoguttata, Colobothea flavomaculata, Colobothea forcipata, Colobothea geminata, Colobothea grallatrix, Colobothea grisescens, Colobothea guatemalena, Colobothea guttulata, Colobothea hebraica, Colobothea hirtipes, Colobothea hondurena, Colobothea humerosa, Colobothea juncea, Colobothea lateralis, Colobothea leucophaea, Colobothea lineatocollis, Colobothea lucaria, Colobothea lunulata, Colobothea macularis, Colobothea maculicollis, Colobothea meleagrina, Colobothea mimetica, Colobothea mosaica, Colobothea musiva, Colobothea naevia, Colobothea naevigera, Colobothea nigromaculata, Colobothea obconica, Colobothea obtusa, Colobothea olivencia, Colobothea ordinata, Colobothea osculatii, Colobothea parcens, Colobothea passerina, Colobothea paulina, Colobothea peruviana, Colobothea pictilis, Colobothea picturata, Colobothea pimplaea, Colobothea plagiata, Colobothea plebeja, Colobothea pleuralis, Colobothea poecila, Colobothea propinqua, Colobothea pulchella, Colobothea punctata, Colobothea pura, Colobothea ramosa, Colobothea regularis, Colobothea rincona, Colobothea roppai, Colobothea rubroornata, Colobothea sahlbergi, Colobothea schmidtii, Colobothea scolopacea, Colobothea securifera, Colobothea sejuncta, Colobothea seminalis, Colobothea septemmaculata, Colobothea seriatomaculata, Colobothea sexagglomerata, Colobothea sexmaculata, Colobothea sexualis, Colobothea signatipennis, Colobothea signativentris, Colobothea simillima, Colobothea sinaloensis, Colobothea socia, Colobothea sordida, Colobothea strigosa, Colobothea styligera, Colobothea subcincta, Colobothea sublunulata, Colobothea subtessellata, Colobothea tristis, Colobothea unilineata, Colobothea varia, Colobothea varica, Colobothea vidua, Colobothea viehmanni, Colobothea wappesi

Colobothina Hovore, 1989 [genus]

Colobothina perplexa

Hilobothea Monné & Martins, 1979 [genus]

Hilobothea caracensis, Hilobothea latevittata

Nodubothea Monné & Monné, 2008 [genus]

Nodubothea nodicornis, Nodubothea zapoteca

Priscilla Thomson, 1864 [genus]

Priscilla hypsiomoides


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