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Subtribe Isonychina

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Coleoptera suborder Polyphaga infraorder Scarabeiformia superfamily Scarabaeoidea family Scarabaeidae subfamily Melolonthinae tribe Macrodactylini → subtribe Isonychina Burmeister, 1855

Daughter taxa

Genera: 1 (0 illustrated). Species.

Isonychus Mannerheim, 1829 [genus]

Isonychus aenescens, Isonychus aequatorialis, Isonychus albicinctus, Isonychus albofasciatus, Isonychus albosignatus, Isonychus alienus, Isonychus angosturanus, Isonychus arbusticola, Isonychus argentinus, Isonychus arizonensis, Isonychus bahianus, Isonychus bimaculatus, Isonychus bistrigus, Isonychus bivittatus, Isonychus boliviensis, Isonychus braumeisteri, Isonychus bruchiformis, Isonychus burmeisteri, Isonychus callosipygus, Isonychus castaneus, Isonychus catharinae, Isonychus caudiculatus, Isonychus cervicapra, Isonychus cervinalis, Isonychus cervinodes, Isonychus cervinus, Isonychus chacoensis, Isonychus chiriquinus, Isonychus cinereus, Isonychus costaricensis, Isonychus crinitus, Isonychus denudatus, Isonychus discolor, Isonychus egregius, Isonychus elegans, Isonychus elongatus, Isonychus erectepilosus, Isonychus fasciatipennis, Isonychus fasciolatus, Isonychus flaviventris, Isonychus flavopilosus, Isonychus fraternus, Isonychus fraudulentus, Isonychus fulvescens, Isonychus fulvipennis, Isonychus fuscipennis, Isonychus gracilipes, Isonychus gracilis, Isonychus granarius, Isonychus granuliventris, Isonychus griseolus, Isonychus griseopilosus, Isonychus griseus, Isonychus guayanensis, Isonychus hiekei, Isonychus hirsutus, Isonychus kulzeri, Isonychus kuntzeni, Isonychus laevipygus, Isonychus leechi, Isonychus limbatus, Isonychus lindemannae, Isonychus lineatus, Isonychus lineola, Isonychus lituratus, Isonychus lojanus, Isonychus maculatus, Isonychus maculipennis, Isonychus marmoratus, Isonychus marmoreus, Isonychus microsquamosus, Isonychus minutus, Isonychus murinus, Isonychus mus, Isonychus mutans, Isonychus neglectus, Isonychus nigripes, Isonychus nitens, Isonychus nitidus, Isonychus nubeculus, Isonychus nubilus, Isonychus nudipennis, Isonychus obesulus, Isonychus oblongoguttatus, Isonychus oblongomaculatus, Isonychus obsoletus, Isonychus ocellatus, Isonychus ochraceus, Isonychus ohausi, Isonychus ornatipennis, Isonychus ovinus, Isonychus paganus, Isonychus paradoxus, Isonychus parallelus, Isonychus paranus, Isonychus parvulus, Isonychus pauloensis, Isonychus pavonii, Isonychus penai, Isonychus pereirai, Isonychus peruanus, Isonychus phlaeopterus, Isonychus pictus, Isonychus pilicollis, Isonychus pilosus, Isonychus piperitus, Isonychus podicalis, Isonychus politus, Isonychus prasinus, Isonychus psittacinus, Isonychus pulchellus, Isonychus religiosus, Isonychus rosettae, Isonychus rugicollis, Isonychus saltanus, Isonychus saylori, Isonychus schneblei, Isonychus scutellaris, Isonychus setifer, Isonychus similis, Isonychus simplex, Isonychus simulator, Isonychus soricinus, Isonychus squamifer, Isonychus squamulosus, Isonychus striatipennis, Isonychus striolatus, Isonychus submaculatus, Isonychus sulcicollis, Isonychus sulphureus, Isonychus suturalis, Isonychus tessellatus, Isonychus tomentosus, Isonychus unicolor, Isonychus unidens, Isonychus uniformis, Isonychus ursus, Isonychus varians, Isonychus variegatus, Isonychus variipennis, Isonychus ventralis, Isonychus vestitus, Isonychus vicinus, Isonychus vittatus, Isonychus vittiger, Isonychus vittipennis, Isonychus zikani


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