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Subtribe Hopliina

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Coleoptera suborder Polyphaga infraorder Scarabeiformia superfamily Scarabaeoidea family Scarabaeidae subfamily Melolonthinae tribe Hopliini → subtribe Hopliina Latreille, 1829

Daughter taxa

Genera: 1 (1 illustrated). Subgenera: 1 (0 illustrated). Species.

Hoplia Illiger, 1803 [genus]

Hoplia advena, Hoplia africana, Hoplia albisparsa, Hoplia albomaculata, Hoplia amoena, Hoplia anatolica, Hoplia angulata, Hoplia argentata, Hoplia argentea, Hoplia argenteola, Hoplia argyritis, Hoplia asperula, Hoplia asteria, Hoplia attilioi, Hoplia aulica, Hoplia aurantiaca, Hoplia aurata, Hoplia aureola, Hoplia aurifera, Hoplia auriventris, Hoplia auromicans, Hoplia aurotincta, Hoplia bakeri, Hoplia bezdeki, Hoplia bilineata, Hoplia bioscae, Hoplia biplagiata, Hoplia bisignata, Hoplia bituberculata, Hoplia bomiensis, Hoplia borneensis, Hoplia bowringi, Hoplia brastagiensis, Hoplia breviceps, Hoplia brevipes, Hoplia brevis, Hoplia bruchoides, Hoplia brunnescens, Hoplia brunnipes, Hoplia bucharica, Hoplia caffra, Hoplia caucasica, Hoplia chinensis, Hoplia chlorophana, Hoplia choui, Hoplia ciliata, Hoplia cincticollis, Hoplia ciscaucasica, Hoplia citrea, Hoplia citrinella, Hoplia clotildae, Hoplia coerulea, Hoplia coeruleosignata, Hoplia coffeae, Hoplia colchica, Hoplia colini, Hoplia coluzzii, Hoplia communis, Hoplia concolor, Hoplia convexicollis, Hoplia corallipes, Hoplia corniculata, Hoplia corporaali, Hoplia cretacea, Hoplia cupulosa, Hoplia cyanosignata, Hoplia cylindrica, Hoplia davidis, Hoplia detrita, Hoplia diana, Hoplia digitifera, Hoplia dilutipes, Hoplia disparilis, Hoplia divina, Hoplia djukini, Hoplia dombrovskii, Hoplia dubia, Hoplia egregia, Hoplia elegantula, Hoplia elongata, Hoplia endroedii, Hoplia errata, Hoplia ertli, Hoplia euphratica, Hoplia excellens, Hoplia farinosa, Hoplia festiva, Hoplia fiorii, Hoplia fissa, Hoplia fissipes, Hoplia flavipes, Hoplia flavomaculata, Hoplia forsteri, Hoplia freudei, Hoplia freyi, Hoplia fukiensis, Hoplia fulgida, Hoplia fuliginosa, Hoplia fulvipennis, Hoplia fulvofemorata, Hoplia gabonica, Hoplia gibbicollis, Hoplia golovjankoi, Hoplia gracilis, Hoplia graminicola, Hoplia grisea, Hoplia griseonebulosa, Hoplia griseosparsa, Hoplia griseosquamosa, Hoplia griseovestita, Hoplia guatemalensis, Hoplia gyirongensis, Hoplia hakonensis, Hoplia harpagon, Hoplia hauseri, Hoplia hayashii, Hoplia herminiana, Hoplia hirsuta, Hoplia hirticollis, Hoplia hofmanni, Hoplia horrida, Hoplia huettenbacheri, Hoplia hungarica, Hoplia hyrcana, Hoplia imitatrix, Hoplia imparilis, Hoplia indica, Hoplia ingrata, Hoplia inops, Hoplia inornata, Hoplia iridescens, Hoplia jacobsoni, Hoplia jalapana, Hoplia javana, Hoplia jucunda, Hoplia kamerunica, Hoplia klapperichi, Hoplia korbi, Hoplia koreana, Hoplia kunzei, Hoplia kunzii, Hoplia laconiae, Hoplia laetitiae, Hoplia lama, Hoplia latesuturata, Hoplia limbata, Hoplia lindiana, Hoplia lineata, Hoplia lishana, Hoplia lurida, Hoplia luzonica, Hoplia maculifera, Hoplia magnifica, Hoplia mahayana, Hoplia malaccensis, Hoplia malaisei, Hoplia manowensis, Hoplia maremmana, Hoplia marginata, Hoplia mausonensis, Hoplia medana, Hoplia mediocris, Hoplia mexicana, Hoplia mina, Hoplia minuscula, Hoplia minuta, Hoplia moerens, Hoplia montana, Hoplia monticola, Hoplia moultoni, Hoplia mulleri, Hoplia nakanei, Hoplia nebulosa, Hoplia nengkaoshana, Hoplia nepalensis, Hoplia niasana, Hoplia nigrina, Hoplia nigromaculata, Hoplia nigrosetosa, Hoplia nigrosparsa, Hoplia nitidipunctata, Hoplia oblonga, Hoplia ochracea, Hoplia ochraceoscutellata, Hoplia ochreata, Hoplia opalescens, Hoplia paganettii, Hoplia parvula, Hoplia paupera, Hoplia pentheri, Hoplia peroni, Hoplia peronii, Hoplia philanthus, Hoplia philippinensis, Hoplia pilifera, Hoplia pisicolor, Hoplia platyca, Hoplia plebeja, Hoplia polita, Hoplia pollinosa, Hoplia pontica, Hoplia potanini, Hoplia prasina, Hoplia praticola, Hoplia pseudophilanthus, Hoplia pubicollis, Hoplia pulchella, Hoplia pulchra, Hoplia puncticollis, Hoplia reinii, Hoplia reitteri, Hoplia rossica, Hoplia rotunda, Hoplia rufocuprea, Hoplia rufopicta, Hoplia rungsi, Hoplia sabatinellii, Hoplia sabraechatilae, Hoplia sabulicola, Hoplia salaama, Hoplia scheibei, Hoplia scheini, Hoplia schereri, Hoplia schuberti, Hoplia schultheissi, Hoplia scutellaris, Hoplia semenowi, Hoplia semicastanea, Hoplia setifera, Hoplia setosella, Hoplia shimomurai, Hoplia shirakii, Hoplia shirozui, Hoplia sibuyana, Hoplia signata, Hoplia simillima, Hoplia simplex, Hoplia siningensis, Hoplia sobrina, Hoplia sordida, Hoplia spectabilis, Hoplia squamacea, Hoplia squamifera, Hoplia squamigera, Hoplia squamiventris, Hoplia stenolepis, Hoplia subcostata, Hoplia subnuda, Hoplia sulcicollis, Hoplia surata, Hoplia susiana, Hoplia taipeiensis, Hoplia taiwana, Hoplia taliensis, Hoplia tangana, Hoplia teapensis, Hoplia tenebrosa, Hoplia tesari, Hoplia testudinis, Hoplia thibetana, Hoplia tuberculicollis, Hoplia tuberculifera, Hoplia uniformis, Hoplia usambarica, Hoplia ushijima, Hoplia validipes, Hoplia ventricosa, Hoplia versicolor, Hoplia vestita, Hoplia vicina, Hoplia vidua, Hoplia virginioi, Hoplia viridisignata, Hoplia viridissima, Hoplia viridula, Hoplia vittata, Hoplia walterrossii, Hoplia waterstradti, Hoplia zaitzevi, Hoplia zaragozai

Hopliina photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Hopliina sp. (large size).

Hopliina sp. Hopliina sp.


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