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Subtribe Adoretina

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Coleoptera suborder Polyphaga infraorder Scarabeiformia superfamily Scarabaeoidea family Scarabaeidae subfamily Rutelinae tribe Adoretini → subtribe Adoretina Burmeister, 1844


Daughter taxa

Genera: 5 (2 illustrated). Species.

Adoretus Dejean, 1833 [genus]

Adoretus abdolrezagharibi, Adoretus abyssinicus, Adoretus acniceps, Adoretus aculeatus, Adoretus adustus, Adoretus aegrotus, Adoretus aeneopiceus, Adoretus aenescens, Adoretus aeneus, Adoretus aeniceps, Adoretus aeruginosus, Adoretus affinis, Adoretus afghanus, Adoretus agnatus, Adoretus albolineatus, Adoretus albomitratus, Adoretus alocopygus, Adoretus amitinus, Adoretus amoenus, Adoretus ampliatus, Adoretus andrewesi, Adoretus angustus, Adoretus aquilonis, Adoretus areatus, Adoretus ariel, Adoretus arrowi, Adoretus asperopunctatus, Adoretus atiqi, Adoretus aurantiacus, Adoretus avitus, Adoretus bakeri, Adoretus baquari, Adoretus bechuanus, Adoretus bechynei, Adoretus beiranus, Adoretus bengalensis, Adoretus bernhardi, Adoretus bhutanensis, Adoretus bicaudatus, Adoretus bicolor, Adoretus bidenticeps, Adoretus bilobatus, Adoretus bimarginatus, Adoretus birmanus, Adoretus bombinator, Adoretus boops, Adoretus borbonicus, Adoretus borneensis, Adoretus bottegoi, Adoretus brachypygus, Adoretus braeti, Adoretus brahmanus, Adoretus breviunguiculatus, Adoretus cachecticus, Adoretus caliginosus, Adoretus calvus, Adoretus capicola, Adoretus capito, Adoretus cardoni, Adoretus carinilabris, Adoretus celebicus, Adoretus celogaster, Adoretus cephalotes, Adoretus chascoproctus, Adoretus chinchonae, Adoretus ciliatus, Adoretus cirroseriatus, Adoretus claustrifer, Adoretus clypeatus, Adoretus cochinchinensis, Adoretus compressus, Adoretus congoensis, Adoretus consularis, Adoretus convexicollis, Adoretus convexus, Adoretus coronatus, Adoretus corpulentus, Adoretus costalis, Adoretus costipennis, Adoretus costopilosus, Adoretus costulatus, Adoretus cribratus, Adoretus cribricollis, Adoretus cribrosus, Adoretus cristatus, Adoretus cupreus, Adoretus curtulus, Adoretus cylindricus, Adoretus cyrtopygus, Adoretus debilis, Adoretus deccanus, Adoretus decorsei, Adoretus delkeskampi, Adoretus densepunctatus, Adoretus denticrus, Adoretus denticulatus, Adoretus depilatus, Adoretus depressus, Adoretus digennaroi, Adoretus dilleri, Adoretus discoidalis, Adoretus discolor, Adoretus disparilis, Adoretus dissidens, Adoretus distinguendus, Adoretus divergens, Adoretus diversicolor, Adoretus djallonus, Adoretus drescheri, Adoretus drurei, Adoretus dulcis, Adoretus duplicatus, Adoretus duvauceli, Adoretus elongatus, Adoretus emarginatus, Adoretus epipleuralis, Adoretus ermineus, Adoretus erythrocephalus, Adoretus evelynae, Adoretus exasperans, Adoretus excisiceps, Adoretus excisus, Adoretus exiguus, Adoretus exitialis, Adoretus exsculptus, Adoretus exsecatus, Adoretus faccai, Adoretus fairmairei, Adoretus falciungulatus, Adoretus fallaciosus, Adoretus fascicularis, Adoretus fatehi, Adoretus feminalis, Adoretus femoratus, Adoretus flaveolus, Adoretus flavilabris, Adoretus flavipennis, Adoretus flavipes, Adoretus flavohumeralis, Adoretus flavomaculatus, Adoretus flavus, Adoretus formosanus, Adoretus franzi, Adoretus fraterculus, Adoretus fraudator, Adoretus fraudulentus, Adoretus freudei, Adoretus fruhstorferi, Adoretus fulvus, Adoretus fumatus, Adoretus furcifer, Adoretus furutai, Adoretus fusciceps, Adoretus fuscoseriatus, Adoretus fuscovittatus, Adoretus fusculus, Adoretus gaillardi, Adoretus gandolphei, Adoretus ganganus, Adoretus garamas, Adoretus gazella, Adoretus gemmifer, Adoretus geyri, Adoretus ghanaensis, Adoretus ghindanus, Adoretus giganteus, Adoretus goniopygus, Adoretus goudoti, Adoretus graniceps, Adoretus granulifrons, Adoretus gressetti, Adoretus gressitti, Adoretus griseosetosus, Adoretus grisescens, Adoretus guttulatus, Adoretus gymnotopus, Adoretus hainanensis, Adoretus hanoiensis, Adoretus hanstroemi, Adoretus hassoni, Adoretus hexagonus, Adoretus hirasawai, Adoretus hirsutus, Adoretus hirticollis, Adoretus hirticulus, Adoretus hirtipennis, Adoretus hispidus, Adoretus hoplioides, Adoretus horticola, Adoretus hybogeneius, Adoretus hypudaeus, Adoretus ibanus, Adoretus ictericus, Adoretus iftikhari, Adoretus illitus, Adoretus imitator, Adoretus impurus, Adoretus inconditus, Adoretus incongruens, Adoretus incurvatus, Adoretus indutus, Adoretus inexpectatus, Adoretus infans, Adoretus inglorius, Adoretus inornatus, Adoretus inseparabilis, Adoretus interruptus, Adoretus irakanus, Adoretus ismaili, Adoretus jarkandus, Adoretus javanus, Adoretus jipensis, Adoretus juengeri, Adoretus kahlei, Adoretus kamberanus, Adoretus kanarensis, Adoretus kaszabi, Adoretus khartumensis, Adoretus khasmarensis, Adoretus kiarai, Adoretus kindiae, Adoretus klossi, Adoretus kororensis, Adoretus kulzeri, Adoretus lacustris, Adoretus lacuus, Adoretus ladakanus, Adoretus lajoyi, Adoretus lamaisoni, Adoretus langsonicus, Adoretus laosensis, Adoretus laoticus, Adoretus lasiopygus, Adoretus lasius, Adoretus laticeps, Adoretus latirostris, Adoretus latissimus, Adoretus latiusculus, Adoretus lemniscus, Adoretus leo, Adoretus lepus, Adoretus limbatus, Adoretus lineatus, Adoretus lithobius, Adoretus lobiceps, Adoretus loeffleri, Adoretus longiceps, Adoretus lopezi, Adoretus luridus, Adoretus luteipes, Adoretus lutescens, Adoretus lutosipennis, Adoretus machatschkei, Adoretus macrops, Adoretus maculatus, Adoretus maculicollis, Adoretus madibirensis, Adoretus malaccanus, Adoretus maniculus, Adoretus manyaraensis, Adoretus marahnus, Adoretus marshalli, Adoretus mashunus, Adoretus matsumotoi, Adoretus mauritianus, Adoretus mavis, Adoretus melanesius, Adoretus melvillensis, Adoretus meo, Adoretus merkli, Adoretus metasternalis, Adoretus meticulosus, Adoretus minutus, Adoretus mizusawai, Adoretus monticola, Adoretus morosus, Adoretus moultoni, Adoretus murinus, Adoretus mus, Adoretus musillus, Adoretus myodes, Adoretus naeemi, Adoretus nagyi, Adoretus nanshanchianus, Adoretus nasalis, Adoretus nasutus, Adoretus nathani, Adoretus neghellianus, Adoretus nephriticus, Adoretus nietneri, Adoretus niger, Adoretus nigrifrons, Adoretus nigritarsis, Adoretus nigrofuscus, Adoretus nitens, Adoretus nitidus, Adoretus nossibeicus, Adoretus nubilus, Adoretus nudocostatus, Adoretus nyassicus, Adoretus obscurus, Adoretus obsti, Adoretus occultus, Adoretus ochraceus, Adoretus ohausi, Adoretus ohmomoi, Adoretus opeticus, Adoretus ovalis, Adoretus ovampoensis, Adoretus ovatoides, Adoretus ovatus, Adoretus pachysomatus, Adoretus paiensis, Adoretus palawanus, Adoretus pallens, Adoretus pallidus, Adoretus paolii, Adoretus parviceps, Adoretus patrizii, Adoretus patruelis, Adoretus pauliani, Adoretus peregrinus, Adoretus perrieri, Adoretus persicus, Adoretus petrovitzi, Adoretus peyerimhoffi, Adoretus piciventris, Adoretus picticollis, Adoretus pictipennis, Adoretus piscator, Adoretus pitaulti, Adoretus plebejus, Adoretus pleuralis, Adoretus pliciventris, Adoretus plumbicollis, Adoretus polycanthus, Adoretus popei, Adoretus postfoveatus, Adoretus posticalis, Adoretus progrediens, Adoretus prudens, Adoretus pruinosus, Adoretus puberulus, Adoretus pubipennis, Adoretus pudicus, Adoretus pullus, Adoretus pulverulentus, Adoretus pumilio, Adoretus punctipennis, Adoretus punjabensis, Adoretus pusillus, Adoretus quadridens, Adoretus quadripunctatus, Adoretus radicosus, Adoretus ranunculus, Adoretus reichenbachi, Adoretus renardi, Adoretus rhamphomorius, Adoretus rhodophilus, Adoretus rondoni, Adoretus rosettae, Adoretus rothkirchi, Adoretus rubenyani, Adoretus rufifrons, Adoretus rufulus, Adoretus rufus, Adoretus rugosohirtus, Adoretus rugosus, Adoretus runcinatus, Adoretus rusticus, Adoretus saetipennis, Adoretus saïgonensis, Adoretus saitoi, Adoretus saleemi, Adoretus sandakanus, Adoretus scabious, Adoretus sciurinus, Adoretus scutellaris, Adoretus sebakuensis, Adoretus semperi, Adoretus senatorius, Adoretus senegallius, Adoretus senescens, Adoretus senohi, Adoretus seriegranatus, Adoretus seriesetosus, Adoretus serratipes, Adoretus serridens, Adoretus setifer, Adoretus sexdentatus, Adoretus seydeli, Adoretus siemsseni, Adoretus siganus, Adoretus sikorae, Adoretus silfverbergi, Adoretus silonicus, Adoretus similis, Adoretus simplex, Adoretus simulans, Adoretus simulatus, Adoretus sincerus, Adoretus singhalensis, Adoretus sinicus, Adoretus sistanicus, Adoretus somalinus, Adoretus sorex, Adoretus sparsesetosus, Adoretus speculator, Adoretus sterbae, Adoretus stoliczkae, Adoretus striatus, Adoretus subaenescens, Adoretus subcostatus, Adoretus subguttatus, Adoretus sucki, Adoretus sudanicus, Adoretus sulcirostris, Adoretus sumbanus, Adoretus sundaicus, Adoretus suturalis, Adoretus suturellus, Adoretus tananus, Adoretus tener, Adoretus tenimbricus, Adoretus tenuimaculatus, Adoretus tessulatus, Adoretus testaceus, Adoretus tetracanthus, Adoretus tibialis, Adoretus tigrinus, Adoretus timidus, Adoretus timoriensis, Adoretus tonkinensis, Adoretus transvaalensis, Adoretus trichostigma, Adoretus tricolor, Adoretus tsavoensis, Adoretus tuberculiventris, Adoretus tufaili, Adoretus turkanus, Adoretus ubonensis, Adoretus umbilicatus, Adoretus umbrosus, Adoretus uncifer, Adoretus ungulatus, Adoretus uniformis, Adoretus vagepunctatus, Adoretus variegatus, Adoretus velutinus, Adoretus versutus, Adoretus vestitus, Adoretus vethi, Adoretus victoriae, Adoretus vietnamensis, Adoretus vigillans, Adoretus villicollis, Adoretus villosicollis, Adoretus villosus, Adoretus vingerhoedti, Adoretus vitalisi, Adoretus vitticauda, Adoretus vittiger, Adoretus vittipennis, Adoretus vulpeculus, Adoretus wallacei, Adoretus xanthomerus, Adoretus zavattarii, Adoretus zumpti

Adoroleptus Brenske, 1893 [genus]

Adoroleptus lanatus


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