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Tribe Geniatini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Coleoptera suborder Polyphaga infraorder Scarabeiformia superfamily Scarabaeoidea family Scarabaeidae subfamily Rutelinae → tribe Geniatini Burmeister, 1844

Daughter taxa

Genera: 10 (0 illustrated). Species.

Evanos Laporte, 1840 [genus]

Evanos villatus

Leucothyreus Macleay, 1819 [genus]

Leucothyreus acanthurus, Leucothyreus acuminatus, Leucothyreus aeneiceps, Leucothyreus albertus, Leucothyreus albopilosus, Leucothyreus aloysius, Leucothyreus alvarengai, Leucothyreus amandus, Leucothyreus ambrosius, Leucothyreus anachoreta, Leucothyreus anaemicus, Leucothyreus baeri, Leucothyreus bakeri, Leucothyreus beckeri, Leucothyreus bohlsi, Leucothyreus calcaratus, Leucothyreus campestris, Leucothyreus camposseabrai, Leucothyreus cavifrons, Leucothyreus cayapo, Leucothyreus cephalotes, Leucothyreus chalceus, Leucothyreus chiriguanus, Leucothyreus chloroticus, Leucothyreus clemens, Leucothyreus clodius, Leucothyreus cominius, Leucothyreus conquisitor, Leucothyreus costatus, Leucothyreus cribratipennis, Leucothyreus crispinus, Leucothyreus cruralis, Leucothyreus cupripennis, Leucothyreus cuyabanus, Leucothyreus cyanescens, Leucothyreus damasus, Leucothyreus davisi, Leucothyreus decolor, Leucothyreus demetrius, Leucothyreus dispar, Leucothyreus dorsalis, Leucothyreus duplopunctatus, Leucothyreus eligius, Leucothyreus elongatus, Leucothyreus epipleuralis, Leucothyreus eschscholtzi, Leucothyreus femoralis, Leucothyreus femoratus, Leucothyreus fischeri, Leucothyreus flavidus, Leucothyreus flavipes, Leucothyreus florus, Leucothyreus fluminensis, Leucothyreus fuscescens, Leucothyreus fuscicollis, Leucothyreus gabinius, Leucothyreus garbei, Leucothyreus geminatus, Leucothyreus gregorius, Leucothyreus guadulpiensis, Leucothyreus hirtus, Leucothyreus hoffmanni, Leucothyreus homonychius, Leucothyreus horacioi, Leucothyreus humilis, Leucothyreus igneus, Leucothyreus insularis, Leucothyreus iridescens, Leucothyreus iridipennis, Leucothyreus jivarus, Leucothyreus josephus, Leucothyreus juanae, Leucothyreus kirbyanus, Leucothyreus kulzeri, Leucothyreus laticeps, Leucothyreus laticollis, Leucothyreus lazarus, Leucothyreus liberatus, Leucothyreus liborius, Leucothyreus limbifer, Leucothyreus lineicollis, Leucothyreus lividus, Leucothyreus luciae, Leucothyreus lucipetens, Leucothyreus lullus, Leucothyreus marginaticollis, Leucothyreus melchiades, Leucothyreus melzeri, Leucothyreus metallescens, Leucothyreus metallicus, Leucothyreus michaelisi, Leucothyreus microcephalus, Leucothyreus minutus, Leucothyreus modestus, Leucothyreus montanus, Leucothyreus mutatus, Leucothyreus narzissus, Leucothyreus nitidulus, Leucothyreus niveicollis, Leucothyreus noctivagus, Leucothyreus nolleti, Leucothyreus occipitalis, Leucothyreus opacipennis, Leucothyreus opacus, Leucothyreus pallefactus, Leucothyreus pallidipes, Leucothyreus pallidus, Leucothyreus parvulus, Leucothyreus paulista, Leucothyreus pereirai, Leucothyreus petropolitanus, Leucothyreus petrus, Leucothyreus phytaloides, Leucothyreus pilosellus, Leucothyreus pinchoni, Leucothyreus placidus, Leucothyreus politus, Leucothyreus proseni, Leucothyreus pruinosus, Leucothyreus pudicus, Leucothyreus punctulatus, Leucothyreus pygmaeus, Leucothyreus remigius, Leucothyreus ripicola, Leucothyreus rufipes, Leucothyreus sabinus, Leucothyreus saksi, Leucothyreus saparus, Leucothyreus saturninus, Leucothyreus semifuscus, Leucothyreus semipruinosus, Leucothyreus semitonsus, Leucothyreus serripes, Leucothyreus severinus, Leucothyreus similis, Leucothyreus sosthenes, Leucothyreus sparsepilosus, Leucothyreus spinifer, Leucothyreus spiridion, Leucothyreus spitzi, Leucothyreus splendidus, Leucothyreus stempelmanni, Leucothyreus stephanus, Leucothyreus stibentes, Leucothyreus subcoriaceus, Leucothyreus subcupreus, Leucothyreus sulcicollis, Leucothyreus suturalis, Leucothyreus synesius, Leucothyreus tibialis, Leucothyreus trichurus, Leucothyreus trochantericus, Leucothyreus trochanterinus, Leucothyreus variipes, Leucothyreus vayanus, Leucothyreus verticalis, Leucothyreus vincentiae, Leucothyreus virgilius, Leucothyreus viridiaeneus, Leucothyreus witti, Leucothyreus yuma, Leucothyreus zikani

Mimogeniates Martínez, 1964 [genus]

Mimogeniates margaridae


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